Crafted by Infinity Mind-Blowing 3-stone Diamond Ring

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February 10

"I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while now Todd, and certainly appreciate the diamond buying advice that you provide people like me. I’m in the research phase of planning what I hope will be a mind-blowing Crafted by Infinity three stone diamond engagement ring.”

"So feel free to respond via blog if you think that doing so will help other people, it is the least that I can do to thank you for your time! I don’t intend to actually buy a ring for three or four months because I’m waiting for an investment to mature, but what do you think about this 2.038 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamond, set in the three stone Swan setting by D. Vatche? And what ratio of side stones to center stone would you recommend?”

D. Vatche Swan Crafted by Infinity 3-stone Diamond Ring:

D. Vatche Swan 3-stone engagement ring.

D. Vatche Swan 3-stone engagement ring.

Back in the day when Nice Ice sold diamonds direct to the public, we were an authorized dealer for D. Vatche and the three stone Swan setting from D. Vatche is definitely one of my favorite three stone diamond engagement ring designs! It is elegant and classic, with detail that flows from one end of the ring to the other.

No doubt that the combination of three Crafted by Infinity super ideal cut round diamonds set in the three stone Swan setting from D. Vatche will be mind-blowing! The fact of the matter is that any ring set with this 2.038 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity super ideal cut round diamond is going to be mind-blowing 😉 this ring is going to leave her absolutely speechless!

For like two seconds… she’ll be absolutely speechless for like two seconds, and then there is going to be a lot of screaming, things like !!! OMG !!! OMG !!! OMG !!! Followed by what might look an awful lot like a virtual orgasm, and then crying… lots of crying… tears of joy… tears of happiness… and then the whole cycle of emotion will probably start all over again. It’s going to be a long night, a long, long night! And probably a pretty good night too!

How to Make Your Proposal More Special:

Hearts Pattern Exhibited by Crafted by Infinity Diamond.

Crafted by Infinity Diamonds Hearts' Pattern.

Pay attention and follow the advice that I give you in The True Significance of a Diamond Engagement Ring about how to make the ring that you give her even more special…

Get out of your head, and into your heart, and give special meaning to each of the eight magnificent hearts exhibited by the Crafted by Infinity diamond that you select for your bride, she will remember this forever… and I suspect that you will also!

And by this, I mean that if you present her with this ring from your heart, that she will be equally mesmerized by its beauty and all that it represents. Have you ever been mesmerized by something? Diamonds are fascinating.

Crafted by Infinity diamond review: AGS 104069206005

Crafted by Infinity Diamonds Review

Crafted by Infinity Super Ideal Cut Diamonds.

Take this 2.038 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity super ideal cut round diamond as an example, it is truly spectacular! I would definitely put this diamond in the category of "Mind-Blowing” because virtually every Crafted by Infinity diamond is a masterpiece; because the virtual facets of this diamond,

Those are the internal reflections of light, created by the overlapping of facets polished on to the surface of the diamond; appear to be larger in size, due to their commitment to 360 degree optical precision, which is the consistency of facet shape and alignment, that actually results in the production of that crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows pictured above.

Optical Precision Is the Key to Sparkle Factor:

The degree of optical precision required to produce that crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows, combined with just the right proportions, creates sparkle (flashes of light) that are bolder and more intense than most diamonds are capable of producing…

This diamond exhibits the kind of sparkle that creates spontaneous explosions of colored light that excite our senses and captures the attention of people across the room… It’s easy to get lost in a diamond that looks like this, to become fascinated with how it sparkles, so much so that I recently helped a woman select a pair of matching diamond earrings from High Performance Diamonds.

She found herself mesmerized by the diamond earrings worn by another client of mine, as she crossed in front of her at a restaurant; she got up from her table, followed my client into the bathroom, and asked where she could buy a pair of diamond earrings that sparkled like that… "Nice Ice of course, Crafted by Infinity of course, buying the right diamond could not be easier, just ask Todd to help you pick the right one!”

I Love My Clients!

The reason why those Crafted by Infinity diamond earrings caught her attention so spontaneously, is because Super ideal cut round diamonds, such as this 2.038 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity super ideal cut round diamond, actually exhibit a higher volume of light return, more brilliance, and more dispersion, and more flashes of colored light and fire, than standard ideal cut diamonds; because the larger virtual facets created by the higher degree of optical precision, act like large mirrors that reflect back more light, and produce broad-spectrum sparkle that is bolder, and more intense than what other ideal cut diamonds can produce.

We’re talking pure spectral bliss… broad flashes of pure reds, blues, greens, yellows, and other colors too! Diamond clarity photographs and diamond video just doesn’t do diamonds like this justice, because our human eyes clip color much differently than a camera lens, you just have to see it to believe it.

The Ratio of Accent Diamonds to Center Stone Size:

One of the most common questions that I receive from people who are shopping for a three stone diamond engagement ring, is how to determine the best ratio of accent diamond to center stone size.

The most popular combination of diamond sizes for a three-stone ring is a center stone that is approximately twice the size of the center stone, which in this case would be about one carat each, since the center stone that you’ve inquired about is this 2.038 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity super ideal cut round diamond.

However this does not mean that you necessarily want diamonds that are half the size of the center stone, and this is where the conversation between you and the jeweler making the ring can get a bit confusing; unless you know how to accurately describe the ratio of the center stone to accent diamond that you find most visually pleasing. In order to know this, you’ll need to know…

How to calculate the average diameter of a diamond:

Take the measurements for the center diamond, which in the case of the 2.038 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity super ideal cut round diamond, are stated as being 8.16 x 8.20 x 4.99 millimeters. The first two measurements represent the Length x Width of the diamond, as measured across the stone from north to south, and east to west; the last measurement is the depth of the diamond, which you can forget about for this purpose.

Add the length and width measurements of the diamond together, and then divide that number by two in order to determine the average outside diameter of the diamond, so 8.16 + 8.20 = 16.36 / 2 = 8.18 millimeters becomes the average outside diameter measurement that we are looking for…

Assuming that you like the sense of balance created by combining accent diamonds that are about half the size of the center stone, we should look for a matched pair of one carat round, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamonds… unfortunately they don’t have a matched pair at the moment, but we can use this 1.023 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity super ideal cut round as an example of how to determine the ratio of accent diamonds to center stone for a three-stone ring.

According to the diamond grading report,this 1.023 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity super ideal cut round measures 6.49 x 6.51 x 3.99 mm. Simply add 6.49 + 6.51 = 13.02 / 2 = 6.51 mm is the average outside diameter of this diamond.

Now to determine the ratio between the center stone and accent diamonds that would be created by this combination of Crafted by Infinity diamonds, all you have to do is divide the average diameter of the accent diamond (6.51 mm) by the average diameter of the center stone (8.18 mm) and the ratio of accent diamonds to center stone is 0.795 which we’ll just round right up to 80%.

And if all of this seems confusing at first, simply realize that when people talk about the size of the diamonds in a three-stone ring, you tend to describe the diamonds by carat weight, from the perspective of what you are seeing laid out in the ring… but as jewelers and professionals in the diamond industry, we build diamond three stone rings based upon the ratio of the outside diameter of the diamonds. Not by the carat weight, and this perhaps will explain some of the confusion that people might experience when trying to buy diamonds online without the help of a seasoned professional. The good news is that you don’t have to! 

Use my free Diamond Concierge Service:

My help is free for the asking, regardless of whether you intend to buy a diamond online from one of my preferred vendors like Wink of High Performance Diamonds, or another online diamond dealer, or even your local jewelry store, I’m happy to help!

Why? Because I’m paid to write about diamonds, paid to share everything that I’ve learned about diamonds, during what is coming on 30 years working as a professional diamond buyer for the trade; and with a little luck, you’ll buy the diamond of your dreams, from one of the vendors who I work with…

However the reality is that there are are plenty of loyal readers like yourself, who buy diamonds from the companies that I feature in my articles, and many times the nature of your inquiry provides me with the basis for an article such as this; so I’m happy to help everybody who seeks out my advice as to how to buy a diamond, regardless of whether you intend to buy from one of my preferred vendors or not.

Here's a Thought:

Sometimes I wonder why people would buy a diamond from a vendor who I don’t work closely with, since I’ve obviously chosen each vendor for a reason… Have you ever stopped to wonder why I don’t write about some of those other companies, who seem to offer diamonds of similar cut quality and optical precision, which also offer affiliate programs, and yet they aren’t featured here on Nice Ice? Even though they seem to have a really large following on the internet… Hmmm, now why is that, I wonder as I sit here letting my words wander through cyberspace!

Anyway, that perhaps is the subject for another article, another time, but for now, if you’d like the benefit of almost 30 years of professional diamond buying experience, just a moment to send me a note with the important details:

  • The price range you are working with – it’s important!
  • Preference of diamond shape.
  • The range of carat weight you are considering.
  • Range of clarity, e.g. SI-1 / VS-2, or VS-2 +, etc.
  • Color range, e.g. D – G, or possibly I-color;
  • Diamond fluorescence, e.g. negligible, or up to strong blue;
  • Your preference for broad-spectrum, or pin-fire type sparkle;
  • Links to any diamonds that you might be considering;
  • Diamond grading report numbers, etc.

Then just sit back, relax, and unwind, because I’ll do all the heavy lifting when it comes to helping you find the right diamond! It really is that easy!

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