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Crafted by Infinity vs High Performance Diamonds


High-Performance Diamonds Crafted by Infinity:

“Hey Todd, I’ve got a question for you. Is it better to purchase a Crafted by Infinity diamond from High Performance Diamonds online, or from one of their retail partners? I’m shopping for a Crafted by Infinity super ideal cut diamond weighing between 1.70 – 2.00 carats. From what I’ve read online, it seems like a combination of VS-2 clarity and G-H color is going to face-up eye clean and white. Do you agree with this assumption? There are four diamonds currently available in this range of quality. Would you mind looking over the details and letting me know your thoughts? And finally, do you think it is safe to buy a Crafted by Infinity diamond online from HPD? I’ll pay by wire transfer if you think it is safe to do so, the 5% discount for payment via cash / wire transfer adds up to substantial savings. Crafted by Infinity does not have an authorized retailer in my state, but there is one a few hours away if you think that is a better option.”

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Crafted by Infinity vs High Performance Diamonds:

Crafted by Infinity Diamonds of Antwerp, Belgium used to produce super ideal cut diamonds for the Nice Ice private label. They are one of my favorite diamond producing companies of all time… The entire organization operates from the premise that every authorized dealer is family. Even though I am no longer directly involved in the high volume purchase and sale of Crafted by Infinity diamonds, they still make me feel like family. Which says a lot about the organization as a whole. The Crafted by Infinity Team is in it for the long haul. The relationships that they create with their dealers and their customers, are intended to last a lifetime.

Paul Slegers, Crafted by Infinity meet the diamond cutter eventThis is why owners of Crafted by Infinity diamonds are invited to annual reception, roundtable-type “meet the cutter” events which are hosted by Crafted by Infinity dealers located throughout the United States and Europe. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase your Crafted by Infinity online from Wink at High Performance Diamonds, or from an authorized CBI retailer, you’re invited if you own a Crafted by Infinity diamond. Wink from High Performance Diamonds can provide you with additional details, times, and locations. Paul Slegers, the principle diamond cutter for Crafted by Infinity appears left, using a 10x diamond grading loupe to examine the Crafted by Infinity diamond in a clients engagement ring at a meet the cutter event.

Search Brian Gavin Signature DiamondsHearts & Arrows, AGS-Ideal-0 Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

That Guy Wink from High Performance Diamonds:

I’ve known Wink from High Performance Diamonds for as long as I can remember… which is more or less the end of last week. Despite his ripe old age of “older than I am” he’s still in touch with his faculties. Wink swears that we’ve known each other longer than one week. According to him, our friendship goes back to like 1996.

Arguably, that makes sense. Because we launched in February of 1996 and quickly became Public Enemy #1 throughout the diamond and jewelry industry. We were actually sued by 50 members of a trade organization for “Disclosure of proprietary information to the public, and disparagement of an entire industry.” Admittedly, I’m rather proud of that last part… Disparagement of the ENTIRE industry!

Like it was our fault that “they” didn’t know the first thing about diamond cut quality or light performance. And that they weren’t smart enough to harness the power of the internet as a marketing tool after it was fully commercialized in the U.S. after NSFNET was decommissioned in 1995. What happened? Their prunes puckered up and shriveled to dust upon being served with a response from the first amendment lawyers that we retained to represent us… Doh! The 1st Amendment, who’d have thunk it? Rumor has it that a lot of jewelers are familiar with the 2nd amendment, but aren’t so up to speed on the first. (3,2,1)

Now where was I? Oh yea, that guy Wink of High Performance Diamonds. He was smart enough to hop on the internet and market his diamond business online. At that time, the few diamond dealers conducting business online were openly exchanging ideas on a public diamond forum. Long story short, most of us got kicked off that forum for speaking out against the suspension of another well-known dealer… According to Wink, he was the first to get kicked off, but that’s not how I remember it. Eventually we both found ourselves buying diamonds from Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity. That was bound to happen since there are very few companies producing hearts and arrows diamonds of exceptional cut quality.

My experience with High Performance Diamonds:

Wink and I were competitors for many years, and we became great friends… I can’t put enough emphasis on the reality of that statement, but let me tell you about the kind of person Wink happens to be. I’m going to get even more real and personal for a moment, because I don’t know any other way to demonstrate kind of guy that Wink is without doing so.

After my wife committed suicide in 2005, I found myself “frozen in time” during seven years of litigation brought on by her family. They sued me, the company, and the estate for everything. Thankfully justice prevailed, and I eventually won the lawsuit. But for the duration of the legal proceedings, I was prohibited from operating the web site. And of course, they “papered me to death” with legal pleadings to the extent that I wouldn’t have been able to work anyplace else.

Search Brian Gavin Signature DiamondsHearts & Arrows, AGS-Ideal-0 Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

Todd Gray of Nice Ice, left, Wink Jones of High Performance Diamonds, rightWink and the Crafted by Infinity Team saw a mutually beneficial opportunity. They brought me on to help promote the newly launched High Performance Diamonds web site. This screenshot off of the High Performance Diamonds web site pictures me looking at a diamond through a GIA Gem Scope on the left, and Wink Jones examining a diamond through a loupe on the right.

Is it safe to buy a diamond from High Performance Diamonds, and pay for it by wire transfer? I can personally attest that it is safe for you to do so. I’ve got first hand experience working with Wink Jones of High Performance Diamonds and the entire Crafted by Infinity team. They’re so rock solid, so confident in the quality of the diamonds that they sell, that they offer a trade-up and buyback policy that is absolutely out of this world!

Buy Crafted by Infinity from HPD or in-store?

The fact is that I know most of the authorized Crafted by Infinity dealers throughout the world personally. We’ve rubbed elbows and sat side-by-side each other at the annual Crafted by Infinity diamond cut symposium. These meetings are intended to build stronger cooperative relationships between CBI dealers, and provide an educational platform where we can all further expand our passion for diamonds of extremely fine make.

I had the privilege of sitting next to Peter Yantzer, Director of the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) at the last CBI diamond cut symposium that I attended. It was kind of funny when the MC looked out over the room and realized that we were sitting next to each other… “Oh great!” he exclaimed “I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but somehow Peter Yantzer of the AGS Laboratory and Todd Gray of Nice Ice figured out how to sit next to each other… So we’ve got the Wizard of Diamond Light Performance, sitting next to our resident Diamond Snob.”

There was some murmuring about the odds of our being able to keep quiet during the presentations, to which we promised to do our best to keep quiet. Honestly that didn’t work out so well, but for the record… we really, really tried! But there were so many interesting, state-of-the-art topics being discussed, and Peter just couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and HE kept getting US in trouble. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. That video camera footage has been tampered with!

Search Brian Gavin Signature DiamondsHearts & Arrows, AGS-Ideal-0 Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

While I probably shouldn’t have a preference as to where you buy your Crafted by Infinity diamond, the fact of the matter is that I’d love it if you’d buy from High Performance Diamonds online. The experience I’ve had working with Wink over the years has provided me with the confidence of knowing that you’re going to have a wonderful diamond buying experience.

One of the best indicators of who Wink Jones is as person, is the fact that he promotes Crafted by Infinity as a brand, beyond the scope of his own personal gain. What am I talking about? The list of “my colleagues” prominently featured on the front page of High Performance Diamonds under the heading “See In Your City” which provides a directory of authorized Crafted by Infinity diamond dealers. Seriously. Who does that? A person of the highest integrity, who sees the world as bigger than himself, and who wants you to enjoy the experience of owning one of the world’s finest crafted diamonds, beyond his own personal gain provided by selling the diamond to you himself. That’s who.

Search Brian Gavin Signature DiamondsHearts & Arrows, AGS-Ideal-0 Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

Crafted by Infinity High Performance Diamond Reviews:

Crafted by Infinity vs High Performance Diamonds hearts and arrowsI looked over the details for the four Crafted by Infinity round hearts and arrows diamonds currently offered by High Performance Diamonds, weighing between 1.70 – 2.00 carats, in the G-H color, and VS-2 clarity range. All four of them meet my selection criteria 100%. This is typical of Crafted by Infinity diamonds, which is why they were one of the primary suppliers of diamonds for the Nice Ice private label. All of the diamonds have an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 and exhibit exceptional optical precision. The reflector scope images for all four of the diamonds look fantastic. The hearts patterns are crisp and complete. The hearts patterns are A+ Excellent by my standards. The ASET and Ideal Scope images are spot-on, indicating a high volume of light return and reflections of light which are evenly distributed throughout the diamonds. Regardless of which Crafted by Infinity diamond you choose to buy from Wink at High Performance Diamonds, I know you are going to be thrilled beyond belief.

Be sure to tell Wink from High Performance Diamonds that you read about him on Nice Ice. There is a 15% discount available on settings ordered from High Performance Diamonds in conjunction with a Crafted by Infinity diamond weighing more than 0.40 carats.

Nice Ice Diamond Concierge ServiceTake advantage of 30+ years diamond buying experience for free!

The Nice Ice Diamond Concierge Service:

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article about Crafted by Infinity vs High Performance Diamonds. If you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring and would like assistance selecting the best of the best diamonds available within your price range and desired characteristics, please take advantage of my free Diamond Concierge Service.

Todd Gray, the mad scientist of diamond cut quality, nice ice diamond concierge serviceYou get the benefit of my 30+ years experience as a professional diamond buyer. No need to guess about how the diamonds you are considering are going to look… Everything that I suggest to you will exhibit the highest volume of light return and a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion. Diamond Buying is a Science. I’m rather well known as the Mad Scientists of Diamond Cut Quality. Crafted by Infinity affectionally referred to me as their resident diamond snob, but the diamond cutters have also called me Golden Child and Diamond Nazi due to the fierce nature of my selection criteria.  If I recommend a diamond, it’s going to be spectacular, no doubt about it. So that’s what’s in it for you… What’s in it for me? When you buy a diamond using one of the links provided, the vendors pay me a small commission for assisting you. The really cool part is that your price on the diamond is exactly the same, regardless of whether you use my link to buy the diamond or not. It’s a win / win for everybody.


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