Cyber Monday Deals Enchanted Diamonds, save on diamonds and engagement rings!

Good news! If you missed the opportunity to take advantage of the special savings being offered by Enchanted Diamonds for Black Friday, they extended the offer for Cyber Monday!

  • Enter Cybermonday14 to Save 2% off Loose Diamonds at Enchanted Diamonds*
  • Enter Cybermonday14 to Save 15% off Jewelry at Enchanted Diamonds*

And of course, I’ll be around most of the day to help you select the best options if you want to send me a note via my Diamond Concierge Service.

Notice: this article was written before Enchanted Diamonds declared bankruptcy on June 20, 2019.

* Note that if you’ve already signed up for an account with Enchanted Diamonds, that the Cyber Monday Deals Enchanted Diamonds discount is automatically applied and will show up in the pricing, so prices will be slashed automatically and what you see is what you get! But if you’re visiting the site for the first time, be sure to enter the “Cybermonday14” Cyber Monday coupon code to receive special pricing from Enchanted Diamonds!

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