Alrosa Diamonds Unearths Fascinating Fish-shaped Crystal

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August 2

Check out this fascinating fish-shaped diamond crystal unearthed by Alrosa Diamonds of Russia; it's an incredible addition to our gallery of unique crystals.

As you can see, this is a rare catch! This fish-shaped diamond crystal was recently 'caught' by the Alrosa Mining Group of Russia. How amazing is that?

If you look closely enough, you'll be able to see the in-depth crystal formation. Notice how it creates a fish scale effect that complements the overall shape perfectly.

Rare Fish-shaped Rough Diamond Crystal from Alrosa Mining Group, Russia.

Fish-shaped Rough Diamond, Alrosa Mining.

In effect, the natural pattern of the diamond crystal contributes to our perception that this is a fish. The purple background passing through the white fish-shaped crystal creates dark spots that add contrast.

The contrast brilliance created by the fish-shaped crystal is similar to light reflecting through a polished diamond.  The varying degrees of purple and white contrasting colors enables us to appreciate its beauty.

High degrees of optical precision creates a similar effect in hearts and arrows diamonds. The difference in how light reflects off the pavilion main and lower girdle facets creates the depth of field that dazzles our senses.

Cool Diamond Crystals:

Fancy Color Diamonds Ring Designs Brian Gavin.

Fancy Color Diamonds from Brian Gavin.

I would have loved to have been around to hear the fish stories about this one! As you can see it’s pretty large for a diamond crystal. However, it's probably little more than the size of a goldfish in real life.

I wonder how much something like this is worth?  I wonder whether Alrosa Diamonds intends to keep this diamond as part of their private collection or sell it at auction? 

From my perspective, the value is clearly visible in that nature perfectly crafted this fish-shaped diamond crystal. However, I imagine that not everybody will see it this way.

In fact, there are probably some people that look at this type of thing and don't see a fish at all. How sad for them.

Although this may be true, I like to think that rare finds like this fish-shaped diamond crystal captivate the imaginations of most people. In hopes that you have a vivid imagination, I'd like to invite you to see the cool diamond crystals we've captured throughout the years. You can see the entire gallery in our article on Diamond Clarity Characteristics.

Everybody Loves A Good Fish Story:

All things considered, this has to be the most unique diamond crystals that I've ever seen. For the most part, we only see interesting formations of crystals within other diamonds. However, in this instance, the larger diamond crystal happens to be the coolest thing ever.

Yakut River Russia.

Yakut River Russia.

Which is incredible enough by itself, but becomes even more interesting in light of Alrosa's environmental effortsEcologists from Alrosa plant fish in the Yakut rivers region where they conduct mining operations.

The company recently released hundreds of thousands of little Siberian whitefish into the Svetlinskoe and Vilyuy River reservoirs. In October, they intend to stock the region with valuable Siberian Broad whitefish.

These actions help to maintain populations of fish in the Yakutia region where the Company conducts mining operations.

Speaking of mining operations, I wonder what kind of cool diamond crystals Alrosa will find next? The company has a history of finding interesting shaped crystals like this fish. They also seem to have a talent for landing whoppers like this 105-carat diamond crystal.

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