Has Enchanted Diamonds cast a spell on Nice Ice?

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I’ve made peace with Enchanted Diamonds of New York City. I know, I know what you’re thinking… “Isn’t Enchanted Diamonds the company that YOU awarded an F minus in your review of the Enchanted Diamonds web site a little more than a year ago?!?! The online diamond vendor that YOU linked to and then proceeded to highlight the link address with the comment <==== Definitely NOT an Affiliate Link ====> to emphasize the fact that you weren’t recommending them as an online diamond vendor?” That is actual commentary from another affiliate who I work with and I can see why they are concerned about my recent alliance with Enchanted Diamonds.

Notice: this article was written before Enchanted Diamonds declared bankruptcy on June 20, 2019.

What did Enchanted Diamonds do to earn my respect?

Don't tread on me, first amendment protections for blog posts, journalismIf you’ve read my original review of the Enchanted Diamonds web site, then you might imagine that the nature of the conversations which followed that review were a bit heated… to say the least. I seem to recall “Bite me” being an actual response to their request for me to remove their review from this web site; I’m not exactly proud of that moment, but I’m a firm believer in the First Amendment of the United States which protects my right to express my personal opinion about a variety of things.

So while Enchanted Diamonds might not have appreciated my initial review of their web site, there wasn’t a lot that they could do about it that was going to be productive… except to ask me about what they could do to change my opinion of their web site.

Lion feeding on a zebra, reflections of my initial review of the Enchanted Diamonds web siteAsking me for advice on how the Enchanted Diamonds web site could be improved was a smart move because it appealed to my Leo nature, it didn’t exactly make me feel bad about ripping Enchanted Diamonds apart in my initial review after all zebra meat can be quite tasty, but everybody deserves a second chance… So we talked, and talked, and talked, and to be perfectly honest, I discovered that Joshua and Jonathan of Enchanted Diamonds shared a lot of my feelings about what makes a really nice looking diamond, and they were quite willing to improve their site and policies.

Step One: Gut the Enchanted Diamonds web site

The first thing that Enchanted Diamonds did was gut their entire web site, they also fired the original web designer who had implemented a few “traffic generating ideas” that I happened to object to… like I said in my initial review of their web site, it’s not that they were doing anything wrong per se, it’s just that I personally didn’t like the approach that they were taking to generate traffic and develop consumer trust.

How accurate is the Enchanted Diamonds cut score?The new Enchanted Diamonds web site is much easier to navigate and is much more visually appealing, and most importantly is much easier to search for diamonds of all shapes and sizes. One of the things that I find quite helpful when conducting a search for diamonds on the Enchanted Diamonds web site, is the option to sort the results by Cut Score, which is based upon the proportions of the diamonds. I have to admit that I was most pleasantly surprised to discover that the algorithm that Enchanted Diamonds uses to sort diamonds by Cut Score seems to coincide with the same range of proportions that I base my own selection criteria upon, thus I find the results to be quite accurate.

Using Enchanted Diamonds Cut Score to select the best diamond:

The ability to rank search results by Cut Score make it much easier to select diamonds that are going to be top performers from the Enchanted Diamonds web site, you can use this link to search Enchanted Diamonds inventory by cut score, the link is encoded with the search criteria that I use when searching for diamonds on behalf of my clients.

The range of quality encoded into the link provided above includes a range of carat weight between 1.00 – 1.49 carats, D-color to I-color, SI-1 and higher in clarity, which are round brilliant in shape, and graded by either the GIA, AGS, or HRD gemological laboratories with overall cut grades of Excellent or Ideal; you can adjust the range of characteristics easily to conform to your desired range by clicking on the Additional Search Criteria tab that is located at the bottom of the column located to the left of the page.

The diamonds offered by Enchanted Diamonds which score between 96.9 – 100% seem to fit my preferred selection criteria best. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for ideal cut diamonds is that they are produced in a range of proportions in an attempt to appeal to a wider range of people… I tend to prefer round brilliant ideal cut diamonds that produce a high volume of light return with a virtual balance of brilliance (white sparkle) and dispersion (colored sparkle) and flashes of light / sparkle which are larger in size, and very bold and bright; however there are a lot of people who prefer diamonds that exhibit a bit more brilliance or dispersion, or which exhibit smaller flashes of light which are more like pin-fire; and this is where understanding which combinations of crown and pavilion angle, as well as the effect of different lower girdle facet lengths have upon the visual performance of a diamond.

Enchanted Diamonds offers ideal cut diamonds in a variety of proportions parameters in an attempt to be able to provide you with a diamond that fits your personal preferences… Feel free to take advantage of my free diamond concierge service if you would like help figuring out which of the diamonds offered by Enchanted Diamonds is the best option, there is no direct cost involved in using my diamond concierge service, the fees are paid by Enchanted Diamonds, and your price on the diamond does not change; in fact, I can even send you an exclusive coupon code that will provide you with some serious savings on any setting ordered from Enchanted Diamonds!

Enchanted Diamonds revamps their customer service policies:

Enchanted Diamonds gives site a make overOne of the things that I absolutely hated about Enchanted Diamonds when I first reviewed their web site was that they featured a lot of diamonds which were being offered without a return policy. Read: All sales final! Which seemed absurd to me since I tend to be very detail oriented, and wouldn’t dream of buying something as substantial as a diamond without a return policy! Enchanted Diamonds now offers 30 day returns on the majority of diamonds!

There is a small number of diamonds offered by Enchanted Diamonds that are not covered under their 30 day return policy, but you’ll only run across those if you happen to check the option box to include final sale diamonds in the search results.

Available search options for Enchanted Diamonds reviewAdditional options available to fine-tune your search results include the ability to only search for diamonds with photographs; diamonds which are available to be viewed in their New York office; diamonds which exhibit hearts and arrows patterns; diamonds which are accompanied by ASET scope images; and diamonds which are accompanied by Ideal Scope images. The challenge is that when I checked on all the boxes except for the one to include final sale diamonds in the search results, my search of Enchanted Diamonds yielded no results.

When I adapted the search parameters and ran a search for Enchanted Diamonds which exhibited hearts and arrows patterns, and which were accompanied by ASET scope and Ideal scope images, but which were not available to be viewed at their New York office, several options were available… When I mentioned this to Joshua and Jonathan from Enchanted Diamonds, they indicated that more and more diamonds will be available within this new set of search parameters.

Enchanted Diamonds Goes The Extra Mile!

So the other day I was working with a client who lives in the United Kingdom, who indicated that he only wanted to buy a diamond from Blue Nile, because he felt that their U.K. division would reduce the hassle of importing a diamond into England; it’s not a valid concern from my perspective, but it was an important factor in the decision of who to buy from for him…

When I looked up the diamond details on Blue Nile, noticed that it was not a Blue Nile Signature diamond and therefore it should be available to other dealers via the multiple listing service that is available to the trade by subscription… I looked up the diamond on the MLS and located it within a few seconds, the thing with Blue Nile is that a lot of the diamonds that they offer are from virtual inventory, but those diamonds do not appear on the inventory of other vendors like Enchanted Diamonds, because Blue Nile has negotiated the right to exclusive listing of the diamonds on their web site.

Anyway, that’s not really the point, it’s just a little background on how things work in the online world of diamonds… the point is that when I looked up the diamond on the MLS, I realized that the diamond company who owned the diamond was located just a few doors down from Enchanted Diamonds.

I sent Joshua from Enchanted Diamonds a message via Skype and asked whether he’d be willing to do me a favor… I explained that I had a client who lived in the U.K., who was interested in buying a diamond from Blue Nile and only Blue Nile, and that there was no way they were going to be able to sell the diamond to my client, but that I would really appreciate it if he could walk down the hall and take a look at the diamond for me… Joshua said “no problem” and surprised me a few minutes later with a full set of photographs of the diamond, including a clarity photograph, an ASET image, an Ideal Scope image, and a photograph of the Hearts and Arrows pattern (which wasn’t so great).

It was at this point that I realized that Joshua and Jonathan of Enchanted Diamonds are truly great guys, who I’m pleased to have developed an excellent working relationship with… they’re the type of guys who seem willing to go the extra mile to do what it takes to provide for the needs of my clients, regardless of whether they are going to benefit from that specific sale or not. It’s the same approach that I try to take with the people who contact me for diamond buying advice via my diamond concierge service, so I’m happy to be able to recommend them to you.

Enchanted Diamonds Discount Coupons:

As mentioned earlier, I’ve arranged for a special discount on settings ordered from Enchanted Diamonds for clients of Nice Ice, so be sure to contact me for the Enchanted Diamonds discount code and coupon if you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring.

I also recommend that you work with me to select the best diamond from the extensive inventory of diamonds offered by Enchanted Diamonds, because I can look over the diamond grading reports and reflector scope images in a matter of minutes, and explain the differences between the available options, so that you can decide which diamond best suits your needs and preferences.

Of course you can also work with Joshua and Jonathan from Enchanted Diamonds directly, they’ve got a pretty good handle on the type of diamonds that I recommend to my clients and can help you select those options from their inventory. While I haven’t had an opportunity to work with her directly, I’ve received several very nice comments from clients who have worked with Meredith from Enchanted Diamonds, who is their on staff gemologist, so you should feel free to reach out to her directly as well.

Final Thoughts on Enchanted Diamonds 2.0

While my initial review of Enchanted Diamonds was not exactly complimentary, I feel that it did accurately reflect the nature of their web site at that particular point in time… But I measure the nature of a company and the people who stand behind it, by their ability to learn from their mistakes and correct the problem.

I find the people at Enchanted Diamonds to be extremely easy to work with and eager to provide my clients with an exceptional level of customer service… they’ve told me about several exciting new features that they are developing for the web site, which will make it much easier to shop for fancy shape diamonds.

I’m so excited about one of the new features being beta tested by Enchanted Diamonds that I’m really looking forward to helping my clients search for fancy shape diamonds from Enchanted Diamonds, because it gives me an excuse to play with it… possibly break it… and help them fine tune it so that it provides you with an exceptional search engine for fancy shape diamonds in the very near future!

They are also in the process of making it easier and faster to view high-resolution diamond grading reports of the diamonds which are reflected as part of their inventory, it drives me nuts to have to download a copy of a diamond grading report when I should just be able to click a link and have it pop up on my screen… I expect they’ll have that issue sorted out shortly.

Enchanted Diamond Reviews, Lion Cat playing with mouseSo whereas I gave the Enchanted Diamonds web site an F- just a little more than one year ago, I’m happy to report that Enchanted Diamonds has shown dramatic improvement and I rank them in the A- category at the moment… I was almost inclined to give them a B+ just to see how much further I could push them to develop cool tools for my clients to use, but that would be synonymous to playing with my food in an endless game of cat and mouse.


Knowing full well that the moment I publish this Enchanted Diamonds review, that I’m going to receive a phone call from Joshua and Jonathan of Enchanted Diamonds asking me what it’s going to take to push their web site into the A+ category, this is what it is going to take for Enchanted Diamonds to become one of the all time greats of online diamond sales:

  • High resolution clarity images for every diamond.
  • High resolution 3D video for every diamond.
  • ASET Scope images for every diamond.
  • Ideal Scope image for every diamond.
  • Hearts and Arrows images for H&A diamonds.
  • 30 day returns on all diamonds.
  • Elimination of EGL / IGI graded diamonds from inventory.

Now I happen to know that Enchanted Diamonds is already in the process of eliminating EGL International graded diamonds from their inventory listing, but I’d really like to see them focus their efforts on diamonds which are graded by either the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory, the American Gem Society (AGS) Laboratory, or the HRD Belgium gemological laboratory, since I find the grading standards of those three gemological laboratories to be consistent for diamond carat weight, diamond clarity, diamond color, diamond fluorescence, diamond polish and diamond symmetry grades; and while the proportions criteria for each laboratory differs slightly, all of them provide the data required for me to develop an accurate assessment of the probable visual performance and sparkle factor of each diamond.

And I don’t think that it will take much effort for Enchanted Diamonds to add the clarity photographs and scope images to their diamond details pages, because they’ve managed to quickly provide those images for me upon request… I’m really looking forward to watching Enchanted Diamonds grow into one of the power players of the online diamond industry, please be sure to share your experience of buying a diamond from Enchanted Diamonds with me.

About the Author Todd Gray

Todd Gray is a professional diamond buyer with 30+ years of trade experience. He loves to teach people how to buy diamonds that exhibit incredible light performance! In addition to writing for Nice Ice, Todd "ghost writes" blogs and educational content for other diamond sites. When Todd isn't chained to a desk, or consulting for the trade, he enjoys Freediving! (that's like scuba diving, but without air tanks)

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DiAnn Bengoechea says June 19, 2015

Since I wrote that comment I spoke with one of the owners. He is great, knows his stuff, gets right on things. So I went ahead with the order. If you work with an owner they’re awesome but if you try to work with one of their workers…..that would be a disaster.

    Todd Gray says June 20, 2015

    I’m glad to hear that you had a better experience working with the Jonathan or Joshua, the owners of Enchanted Diamonds, they are the only people who I have had experience working with… Thank you for keeping me posted!

DiAnn Bengoechea says June 18, 2015

I am shocked that you gave them high marks for customer service! My experience with them on live chat has been horrible from 2 different people (however one was particularly bad) I was ready to do business with them but I just couldn’t get past the horrible customer service. And I asked about them in another diamond forum and my experience was not an exception. I wish I could feel confident in them, but hounding them to get something done is not the experience I’m looking for!

    Todd Gray says June 19, 2015

    Thank you for your comment, obviously my experience with Enchanted Diamonds is different than your own, and quite a few of my clients are thrilled with their experience, however there are times when things do not go well, and those provide companies with the opportunity to improve.

    Please tell me more about your experience with Enchanted Diamonds, can you tell me who you chatted with, and what specifically is horrible about their customer service? What information were you trying to obtain?

    Feel free to take advantage of my Diamond Concierge Service if you are still looking…

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