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    Is K Color Diamond Too Yellow? (Secret Ways to Save BIG)

    K-color diamond

    K color diamond engagement rings offer great value if you know how to pick diamonds for light performance and sparkle factor. In this in-depth review of Brian Gavin Signature K-color, super ideal cut diamonds, I help a client select the best K-color diamond for an engagement ring.

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    Fancy Colored Diamonds Buying Tips

    Brian Gavin Yellow Diamond

    Fancy color diamonds are becoming more popular and provide colorful alternatives to traditional white diamonds. Discover what to look for in a fancy color diamond and how to select the best.

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    French Set Halo Ritani vs Brian Gavin Anita in 2019 (which Sparkles more)

    French Halo Settings.

    The French Set Halo by Ritani and Anita Halo setting by Brian Gavin are both extremely popular. Discover the differences between these halo settings and which one you should choose. Plus! All the guidance you need to buy a diamond with incredible sparkle!

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    James Allen vs Brian Gavin Diamonds (Updated 2019)

    James Allen vs Brian Gavin, hearts and arrows diamond reviews

    Trying to decide which brand of hearts and arrows diamond to buy? This bout between James Allen vs Brian Gavin will teach you what to look for in a hearts and arrows diamond. What a proper hearts and arrows pattern should look like, and what is not quite hearts and arrows.

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    April is Diamond Month (and other shocking revelations)

    April is Diamond Month. Download the Little Black Book of Diamonds by Brian Gavin.

    April is Diamond Month! That means that the birthstone for April is Diamond. And that means that special savings off of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds (hidden herein like an Easter Egg) for you to find!

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    Brian Gavin vs Crafted by Infinity vs Victor Canera (agony)

    Brian Gavin vs Crafted by Infinity vs Victor Canera hearts and arrows diamonds

    Follow along as I help this client pick the best Hearts & Arrows diamond from Brian Gavin, Crafted by Infinity, and Victor Canera. Given the reputation of these companies, I know this is going to be an agonizing decision.

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    Big Diamond Rings that Light Up the Room! (8+ carats)

    Big Diamond Rings, 810 Collection by Brian Gavin reviews, cool shots

    Big Diamond Rings! 8+ carats of mind blowing light performance! Discover what proportions and factors to consider when buying big diamond rings. Plus, you get to feast your eyes on some really big diamond rings! And learn a ton about diamonds in the process!

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    Princess Cut Diamond (Amazing ways to Rock her world 3X)

    Princess cut diamond rings, GIA Excellent and Brian Gavin Signature

    Do you know what to look for in a Princess Cut Diamond? It’s not possible to predict light return in a princess cut diamond in the same way as you can with a round. Discover the effect of chevron facets upon princess cut light performance, as well as the best place to buy!

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    810 Collection Build Your Dream Ring (in 5 Easy Steps!)

    810 Collection from Brian Gavin, build your dream engagement ring in 5 easy steps

    You’ve got to try the 810 Collection Ring Builder by Brian Gavin! It is so much fun to play with! Custom design your engagement ring online in just a few clicks of your mouse. Mix and match ring shanks, head configurations and styles to create your dream ring.

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    Diamond earrings! (incredible sparkle in 3 easy steps)

    Tips & Tricks for Buying Incredible Diamond Earrings. There are 3 Critical Components that ensure your success when buying diamond stud earrings. Everything you need to know to ensure Jaw Dropping Sparkle in 10 minutes or less.

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