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Are Twinning Wisps in Diamond Good or Bad? (Alarming Insight)

What are twinning wisps within a diamond? Should you buy a diamond with twinning wisps? Can twinning wisps make a diamond look cloudy or milky? Learn more about twinning wisps within diamonds and get answers to all your diamond buying questions.

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Diamond Color Charts – is your perception accurate?

Diamond Color Charts - test your perception of diamond color.

Thousands of people buy diamonds online every day, and the vast majority will choose a diamond color based upon an inaccurate perception of diamond color. Reading this article will dramatically improve your understanding and perception of diamond color.

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GIA Excellent versus AGS Ideal-0 cut, which diamond grading report is best?

The American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Gem Trade Laboratory (GIA-GTL) set the standard by which all other gemological laboratories are compared, but are the two gemological laboratories truly equal when it comes to the standards by which they grade diamonds? Both the AGSL and the GIA are Heavy […]

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Save BIG by buying a slightly smaller diamond! Crafted by Infinity Hearts and Arrows round diamond reviews

One of the challenges that comes with discovering the impact that diamond cut quality has upon the light performance and sparkle factor of a diamond, is the realization that your diamond buying budget is not likely to stretch as far as you thought it might. Most people start out shopping for a diamond engagement ring, […]

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How important is diamond culet size? None, Very Small, Small, Blue Nile Signature vs James Allen True Hearts

“I’m in the process of shopping for a diamond engagement ring online, and am trying to decide between Blue Nile Signature round diamonds and James Allen True Hearts diamonds, which seem to offer a good balance of quality and price. Neither vendor seems to have anything that matches your preferred range of selection parameters at […]

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Is GIA Excellent Cut comparable to AGS Ideal-0 Cut diamonds?

“Are GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal cut comparable? How does GIA’s “symmetry” and “polish” come into play? Do I need all three of GIA’s symmetry, polish and cut grades to be GIA Excellent for the diamond to be comparable in light performance to AGS Ideal cut diamonds? Thank you.” People tend to assume that GIA Excellent […]

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Enchanted Diamonds Reviews: Which GIA Excellent cut diamond should I buy?

Hey Todd, I’d like to get your opinion on two diamonds, which honestly I located using the search engine feature provided on the web site of one of your competitors. I’ll be happy to use your referral link in exchange for a bit of advice; especially since it seems that your competitor is not willing to discuss […]

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Zoara diamonds review: GIA 1179161412, is the price of this H&A diamond too good to be true?

“I wanted to get your advice on this rings GIA certification. the price seems too good to be true. Is there anything you can see on the Certification that might raise some suspicion? The diamond is on Zoara’s website and is under the catalog ID # D11179161412” – H.R. The price for the 1.21 carat, […]

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Best Ideal Proportions for Oval Brilliant Cut Diamonds (Maximum Sparkle)

Hi Todd, I’ve been searching for a oval shaped diamond for a while, and it seems to be a fairly uncommon shape in stores. Are there any ideal proportions for oval shaped diamonds that you can recommend? I’m on a budget of about 2500 dollars for the diamond itself, and half carat to three quarter […]

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Using diamond clarity photographs to judge contrast brilliance in diamonds

One of the reasons why this 1.69 carat, F-color, VS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity round diamond which is being offered by High Performance Diamonds looks so amazing is the level of static contrast that it exhibits. One look at the clarity photograph for this diamond and I know that it is going to look incredible and […]

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