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Hello Instagram friends, I'm Todd Gray, the Creator of Nice Ice Diamonds. We provide comprehensive tutorials that help people buy spectacular-looking diamonds online.

A few years ago, I caught the travel bug and transitioned into the digital nomad and travelpreneur lifestyle. That meant leaving our traditional brick-and-mortar jewelry store behind and moving everything online.

That wasn't difficult because we've been online since 1996. But I wanted to create a way to share the diamond buying knowledge, tips, and tricks that I've gathered throughout my 35+ years in the business.

First, I thought, "Oh, I know, let's share it!" in the form of a newsletter filled with tips, tricks, and coupons! Then, I realized that providing you with a blueprint for diamond buying success would be more effective. Complete the short form below for immediate access.

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Super Charge Your Diamond Buying Skills:

Follow the Steps in The Nice Ice® Diamond Buying Blueprint™ and Unlock the Secret for Maximizing Sparkle Factor and Light Performance. These are the Tips & Tricks from the back office of Nice Ice Diamonds.