James Allen Reviews, 1.803 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, AGS Ideal-0 round ideal cut diamond

While searching for diamonds on behalf of a client, I happened to trip across this 1.803 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, round ideal cut diamond from James Allen. I had not quite finished entering the search parameters that I use when conducting a search for ideal cut diamonds on James Allen, which for this search was to include a lower range of clarity and color, when this puppy caught my eye because of the great static contrast that it exhibits in the diamond clarity video! The diamond has an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 and looks spectacular in the video!

James Allen Reviews: AGS 104077293012:

James Allen Round Ideal Cut Diamond reviews, AGSL 104077293012Now if you’re an avid reader of my blog, the first thing that you’re going to notice about this 1.803 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, round ideal cut diamond from James Allen, is that the diamond grading report indicates that the diamond has an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0, but that the diamond grading report does not contain an ASET image of the diamond, this is because the diamond was not graded on the Light Performance / ASET based grading platform, thus I consider this diamond equivalent to a GIA Excellent cut diamond.


The diamond was graded by the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) on February 15, 2015 so the paper is fresh, and the overall cut grade of the diamond is AGS Ideal-0, we just don’t have the insight that would be provided by an ASET Scope image, so I can’t ascertain how bright the diamond is going to be; but things look promising by the numbers…

The 40.7 degree pavilion angle is going to provide a high volume of light return, while the 35.0 degree crown angle is going to provide a pretty good balance of brilliance (white sparkle) and dispersion (colored sparkle) and the 80% lower girdle facets are going to produce pin-fire type sparkle that is a bit smaller in size… it looks kind of like the sparkle that you’d see reflecting off of the tiny mirrors of a disco ball.

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