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    James Allen True Hearts Diamond Review 0.90 carat, D color, VS-2 clarity diamond

    After 25+ years working as a diamond buyer, you might say that buying diamonds is in my blood… so I’m always on the look out for certain combinations of diamond cut quality, carat weight, color and clarity because I know that people are looking for them and that as a diamond broker there is always a market for them… this 0.90 carat, D color, VS-2 clarity, True Hearts Diamond from James Allen is one of those diamonds and I expect it to sell quickly.There are lots of things which I like about this 0.90 carat, D color, VS-2 clarity James Allen True Hearts Diamond but I’m going to begin with the carat weight which at 0.90 carats is just under the 1.00 carat mark, so you practically get the overall  look of a one carat diamond without paying the heavy premium which occurs between the 0.99 – 1.00 carat marks.  The savings is substantial and the difference in overall appearance is very slight.  The average outside diameter for an ideal cut diamond weighing 1.00 carats is 6.5 mm which is about the same diameter as the eraser on a standard #2 pencil, the average diameter of this ninety pointer is 6.17 mm which is a difference which nobody will be able to detect from a distance of about a foot or so.

    The clarity of this diamond is VS-2 which is Very Slightly included and according to the plotting diagram on the AGS Light Performance Report the primary inclusions consist of small diamond crystals and an indented natural.  The most obvious inclusions that you will be able to locate using 10x and higher magnification will be the diamond crystals which are indicated on the plotting diagram (above left) as tiny red circles located within the table facet.

    An indented natural is part of the original skin of the diamond which is often left on along the girdle edge of the diamond in an attempt to retain diamond weight, in this particular instance removing the indented natural would have caused the carat weight of the diamond to drop below the 0.90 carat mark and would have resulted in lost profits for the diamond cutter because of the price per carat increase which occurs between the 0.89 – 0.90 carat marks.  Anyway an indented natural is nothing to be concerned about.  The last two pictures show the location of some of the diamond crystals within the table facet, they are highlighted by blue arrows to make it easier for you to know what to look for…

    This 0.90 carat, D color, VS-2 clarity, True Hearts Diamond from James Allen has the zero ideal cut proportions that I insist upon and offers an offset of crown angle and pavilion angle which in my experience produces an excellent amount of light return.  The crown angle is 34.9 degrees and the pavilion angle is 40.8 degrees, so the primary reflective surfaces of the diamond in terms of directing light are right within the range that I look for… As you can see from the picture above to the left, the diamond exhibits a nice pattern of Hearts which is not perfect, but which is certainly better than that exhibited by most ideal cut diamonds.

    If we’re going to be extremely technical, there is some slight variation in the size and shape of the hearts and the tips of the hearts are tilted slightly, but not enough for me to think that anything is off about the stone, it’s just not quite what I consider to be “Hearts & Arrows” but then again it’s not priced like a “Hearts & Arrows diamond” in my opinion so the scenario is acceptable to me because I view the diamond as simply an ideal cut diamond with a higher degree of optical precision, but one which is not quite up to par with my standards for hearts and arrows… And then we have the image of the diamond as seen through an Ideal Scope which looks awesome, so the diamond is going to be bright, white and full of life… what more do you want from a diamond?  Seriously, I’d grab this puppy quick because I don’t think it’s going to last.

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