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    James Allen vs Enchanted Diamonds Reviews: Same stone, different price?

    “I found this GIA Triple Excellent Cut 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond from James Allen and would like your opinion on it, I think that I found the same diamond for less from Enchanted Diamonds. During the course of my research, I found your negative review of Enchanted Diamonds, but then you wrote a positive review of a pear shape diamond from Enchanted Diamonds the other day. Why the change of heart? Obviously, I’d like to get the best price possible when buying a diamond, but I want peace of mind also. Given that the diamond cut quality is GIA Excellent, who would you buy it from? Who does the best custom work? And do you have any discount coupons for either vendor?

    Notice: this article was written before Enchanted Diamonds declared bankruptcy on June 20, 2019.

    My initial review of Enchanted Diamonds was not good:

    I knew that I was going to confuse people when I wrote the positive review of a 2.14 carat, H-color, Internally Flawless pear shape diamond from Enchanted Diamonds the other day, because the review of the Enchanted Diamonds web site that I wrote in May 2013, was not complimentary; however I do feel that it was an accurate reflection of their web site at the time…

    In my initial review of the Enchanted Diamonds web site, I gave it an F- because I truly hated the entire feel of it, and I did not agree with some of the marketing tactics that they relied on at the time to set themselves apart from their competitors; it’s not that they were going anything wrong per se, I personally just didn’t like how the web site made me feel.

    Despite the fact that I clearly stated within my review of Enchanted Diamonds that I had no desire to develop a relationship with them, they reached out to me anyway to talk about the article. It goes without saying that Jonathan and Joshua at Enchanted Diamonds weren’t pleased about my initial review of their web site. However, they took what I had to say to heart, and they made some major changes to their web site and return policy.

    Over the course of the past year, the Enchanted Diamonds web site has been completely revamped and is being further improved on pretty much a daily basis. Enchanted Diamonds is a fairly new company as far as their presence on the internet goes. However, the family has been involved in the jewelry business since 1874, and they have a really great custom jewelry division!

    I’ve had several clients purchase diamonds from Enchanted Diamonds over the past few months, and everybody seems to be happy with the diamond, the engagement ring, and the level of customer service that they have received; so clearly an updated review of Enchanted Diamonds is in order, and I’ll be writing a new review of the Enchanted Diamonds web site soon… I’ve just been a bit busy getting certified for Freediving here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico so I guess that you could say it’s a matter of priorities.

    James Allen vs Enchanted Diamonds:

    James Allen vs Enchanted Diamonds, best price for GIA 17158559 August 23, 2014The 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond which you found on James Allen is GIA #17158559 is priced at $51,140.00 as indicated by the screenshot of the diamond details page which appears to the left; and as you’ve indicated Enchanted Diamonds has the same 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond listed for $51,210.00 with a wire transfer / cash discount price of $49,470.00 and I assume that you are planning to pay for the diamond via wire transfer since you indicated that Enchanted Diamonds is offering the diamond for less, therefore I believe that you are looking at the wire transfer price.

    I’m not sure whether you’re aware that James Allen offers a discount of 1.5% on diamonds which are paid for by wire transfer, therefore if you multiply the list price for the diamond of $51,140.00 by 0.985 you get a cash discount / wire transfer price of $50,370.00 and I feel the need to point that out because you might not be aware of it, since the discount is not clearly indicated on the diamond details page.

    Now I’ll review the diamond details provided on the diamond grading report issued by the GIA (#17158559) and the diamond details pages momentarily, but it does appear that Enchanted Diamonds is offering the diamond at a better price than James Allen; the only difference then is the time designated for the return period.

    James Allen is offering 60 day returns and Enchanted Diamonds is offering 15 days on this diamond, thus I suppose that the decision to purchase the diamond from one vendor as opposed to the other, depends on how long you think you’ll need to decide that you really like the diamond, or whether you’d like to return it; and of course, whether paying the difference of $900.00 in the wire transfer price is worth the extra time provided by James Allen’s return policy.

    James Allen / Enchanted Diamonds Review: GIA 171585597

    Enchanted Diamonds reviews, GIA 17158559Regardless of whether you decide to purchase this 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond from Enchanted Diamonds, or you decide to pay a bit more for it and buy the 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond from James Allen because of the more generous return policy, you should know that I have material connections with both companies because I think they are both reputable; you should however always conduct your own due diligence and decide which company to purchase from based upon your own research and conclusions. As far as the diamond goes, it should be a vibrant looking diamond and I don’t see how you can go wrong purchasing it from either dealer.

    According to the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory (GIA-GTL) the diamond has a total depth of 60.6% with a table diameter of 56.1% and a crown angle of 33.7 degrees which is offset by a pavilion angle of 40.9 degrees, with a medium to slightly thick, faceted girdle and no culet.

    The crown angle of the diamond is a bit shallower than my preferred range which is stated within the article 15 Seconds to Diamond Buying Success, but this does not mean that the diamond is not beautiful, merely that it is likely to exhibit a different type of light return than what I personally prefer, and that is the thing… I tend to write about round brilliant cut diamonds that fall within the middle of the range designated for the zero ideal cut proportions rating, because those proportions deliver the balance of brilliance (white sparkle) and dispersion / fire (colored sparkle) that I personally prefer, but the range of proportions is broader than that in an effort to provide options for different preferences.

    In this particular instance, the shallower crown angle of 33.7 degrees is likely to result in the diamond exhibiting a bit more brilliance than dispersion, which is not to say that it won’t have a lot of fire, merely that it is likely to exhibit a bit more brilliance, and some people prefer diamonds which are more brilliant… and this effect will be heightened by the 79% lower girdle facet length, which is likely to produce flashes of light / sparkle which are smaller in size, more like the pin-fire sparkle thrown off by the tiny mirrors on a disco ball, because it is having the effect of narrowing the pavilion main facets (arrows pattern) as is visible in the clarity photograph provided by Enchanted Diamonds above and in the high resolution of the diamond provided by James Allen.

    The 40.9 degree pavilion angle should provide a high volume of light return, and combined with the crown angle and lower girdle facet length, should make this diamond look extremely bright, while the combination of E-color and strong blue fluorescence give it a crisp white appearance… the combination of all these factors, should result in a diamond which is bright, white, and full of light!

    James Allen and Enchanted Diamonds Coupon Codes:

    I don’t have coupon codes for James Allen at the moment, but not because I haven’t asked for them… James Allen doesn’t seem to feel inclined to provide me with coupon or discount codes for me to pass on to my clients. I do have a coupon code for Enchanted Diamonds which will save you 10% off the price of a setting ordered with or without a diamond, which I will send you via email.

    Enchanted Diamonds custom engagement ring CAD jewelry designEnchanted Diamonds offers a wide selection of engagement rings, and James Allen has an extensive catalog of engagement rings also, and both companies have the capability of making a custom engagement ring for you. The Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) image that appears to the left, is of a custom engagement ring that Enchanted Diamonds is currently making for one of my clients, who actually purchased a James Allen True Hearts Diamond and then took it to Enchanted Diamonds to be set. I really like the benefits that CAD jewelry design provides, because it creates designs which are symmetrical on all sides, and enables you to see the design before the wax is produced.

    It didn’t seem like it took Joshua from Enchanted Diamonds very much time to whip out this design for my client, he and his family have a lot of experience creating custom jewelry designs, and the metal renderings of the ring looked beautiful.

    Regardless of whether you decide to purchase the 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond from Enchanted Diamonds, or you decide to purchase the 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond from James Allen, I’m sure that it will look spectacular. Please let me know which vendor you end up purchasing the diamond from, and whether you decided to purchase from Enchanted Diamonds because of the lower purchase price, or whether you decided to purchase from James Allen because of the longer return policy, I’d be curious to know which factor is more important to you.

    As stated previously, I’ll send you the “Enchanted Diamonds coupon code” via email, because they don’t want it published online. And if you happen to be reading this article on my blog and would like help finding a diamond, or would like me to review the details of a diamond which you are considering, feel free to take advantage of my free diamond concierge service, your cost on the diamond will not be affected whether you click on the links which I provide, and I’m happy to assist whether you’re working with one of my preferred vendors or not.

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