Popular Engagement Rings James Allen (8 trending styles)

Trending popular engagement rings James Allen

Here are the 8 most popular engagement rings from James Allen for the week kicking off October 2016. This is a wonderful opportunity to see what styles other people are picking for their e-ring. Of course, this is not to say that these are the ring styles you should pick. Everybody has their own unique style and preferences, but it is nice to know what e-ring styles are trending.

Popular Engagement Rings for October 2016:

Rose gold twisted pave halo popular engagement rings James AllenAt the top of the list of most popular engagement rings is this twisted pave setting from James Allen. This photograph shows the setting in 14k rose gold. However the ring is also available in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Rose gold is extremely popular at the moment, many people prefer the softer, warmer tones it offers.

In order to maintain the warmer appearance of this rose gold ring, I recommend a diamond in the near-colorless range. Something like this 1.13 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, James Allen True Hearts diamond. The rose gold setting is likely to warm-up the appearance of the diamond by about one color grade. Thus this I-color diamond is likely to face-up closer to J-color. This might seem contradictory, but remember that one of the benefits of rose gold is the warmer hue. The idea is for the center stone to compliment those warmer tones.

James Allen Diamond Reviews: GIA 1238416399

So let’s talk about this diamond for a minute. It has an overall cut grade of GIA Excellent, but remember to look beyond the cut score. I personally feel that the range of proportions for the GIA Excellent cut grade is much too broad. Therefore I recommend adhering to the range I provide in the article 15 Seconds to Diamond Buying Success.

Popular engagement rings, James Allen reviews, SKU 2061748, GIA 1238416399As you might expect, everything about this diamond meets my selection criteria. The 40.8 degree pavilion angle should produce a high volume of light return. The 34.5 degree crown angle should produce a virtual balance of brilliance (white sparkle) and dispersion (colored sparkle). The higher degree of optical precision and 75% lower girdle facet length should produce broad spectrum sparkle.

How do we know that the optical precision is on the high side? Look at the reflector scope images, specifically the pattern of hearts and arrows. That’s the result of a higher degree of optical precision. Naturally all of this means that this diamond is going to be a lightening rod of sparkle on her finger! Maximizing sparkle factor is simply a matter of combining the right proportions with cut quality. This diamond has it all…

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Vintage style e-ring with Sapphires & Diamonds:

Vintage style popular engagement rings, sapphire and diamond James AllenThis vintage style sapphire and diamond ring from James Allen is another of the more popular engagement rings. I’m really quite fond of the head configuration, it looks so much more interesting than standard prongs. Don’t you think that the looping effect creates the look of a flower? What a wonderfully delicate and yet sturdy way to cradle the center stone! The white gold will have the tendency to make diamonds look about one color grade whiter and brighter.

That means that this 1.344 carat, G-c0lor, VS-2 clarity, James Allen True Hearts diamond should face-up even whiter! This is the kind of inside information that can save you some serious cash! You don’t necessarily need to buy an F-color diamond to get that colorless look. Rather, you just need to know which tricks of the trade to take advantage of to maximize visual appeal.

In this particular instance, the 40.7 degree pavilion angle should produce a high volume of light return. While the 34.5 degree crown angle produces a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion. Once again, the combination of higher optical precision and 77% lower girdle facet length should produce broad spectrum sparkle. Note that I always like to keep the lower girdle facet length between 75 – 78% for this reason.

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Bypass are popular engagement rings:

14k white gold bypass popular engagement rings James AllenThis 14k white gold bypass style engagement ring from James Allen continues to be one of the more popular styles! It seems to be one of those ring styles that is always in high demand. One of the things that I really like about it, is the effect that it has upon the finger. Because the ring features curves, it seems to make ring fingers look longer and more slim. Whereas some straight across ring styles seem to make fingers look more stubby.

Naturally this ring style is available in platinum, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. So you can pick the diamond of her dreams in any combination of color and clarity you desire. Something with a warmer tone if you prefer rose gold, or something whiter if you prefer the cooler tones. But remember that it is the color of the prongs that touch the diamond that effect our perception of color. The color of the ring itself has nothing to do with diamond color.

Therefore you might choose this 0.714 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, James Allen True Hearts diamond if you prefer whiter diamonds. It’s going to face-up super bright and white if you set the diamond in white gold or platinum prongs! The 40.8 degree pavilion angle should produce a high volume of light return. While the 34.3 degree crown angle produces a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion. You know by now that I prefer broad spectrum sparkle, so naturally this diamond has 77% lower girdle facets.

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Channel Sets are Always Popular Engagement Rings!

Classic channel popular engagement rings James AllenThroughout the years, it seems like channel sets are always popular engagement rings. This channel set round diamond engagement ring from James Allen is a timeless classic that is always in style. As far back as I can remember, channel set engagement rings have been incredibly trendy. To put that statement in perspective, let me remind you that I’ve been a diamond buyer for 30+ years! You might think that after so much time, channel settings might wane in popularity, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Now I happen to think that rings such as this look really good with larger diamonds. For example, I think this 1.640 carat, I-color, SI-1 clarity, JA True Hearts diamond would look pretty substantial! Be aware that you might be able to see the inclusions because the diamond is SI-1 in clarity. However they look pretty slight in the clarity photograph, so it might not be that easy.

The inclusions within this diamond are not glaringly obvious, you might not be able to see them at first. Look carefully at the clarity video on the diamond details page, specifically up into the right quadrant of the diamond. Now direct your attention to the region of the tip of the arrow in the relative one o’clock position.

Do you see that little ghost-like formation that extends across the kite shape bezel facet? Those are the primary inclusions that comprise the SI-1 clarity grade. Keep in mind that we’re looking at the diamond at around 35x magnification. These inclusions are going to be much more difficult to see within the actual size diamond using just your eyes.

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The Twisted Rope Engagement Ring is Trending:

Popular engagement rings twisted rope design James AllenStyles like this twisted rope engagement ring from James Allen seem to be trending lately. In fact, this particular ring style was brought to my attention by a client earlier this week. She wanted to know whether I thought an I-color diamond would look good in this setting. It’s not that she’s particularly sensitive to the subtle differences between diamond colors. Rather she is wondering whether she can upgrade the size of the diamond by going from H to I-color.

The obvious answer is of course, buy the I-color diamond because the difference is going to be difficult to ascertain. Especially from the face-up position as set in an engagement ring. Remember that the color of the metal touching the edge of the diamond will affect our perception of color. This 1.337 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, JA True Hearts diamond is likely to face-up lighter in white gold prongs. Knowing this stuff, enables you buy a bigger diamond!

Popular Engagement Rings w/ Sapphire & Diamond:

Split shank sapphire and diamond halo style popular engagement rings from James AllenThis sapphire and diamond engagement ring from James Allen is the second example of how popular this combination can be. Clearly people love the way that sapphires and diamonds look together! And really, what’s not to love? You’ve got bright, white diamonds, sitting next to bright blue sapphires. These two precious gems have complimented each other side-by-side ever since the beginning of time.

But what you’ve got here are is a real blend of several very popular engagement ring styles. I suppose that eventually somebody was bound to put them all together. Let’s see, we’ve got sapphires and diamonds set in a 3 stone configuration. In a ring that also incorporates the features of a halo setting with pave diamonds. Whoops! I almost forgot, the ring features a split-shank.

Nevertheless it all seems to blend together quite nicely don’t you think? Imagine how incredible this ring will look with this 1.58 carat, E-color, VS-2 clarity, JA True Hearts diamond. Want something a little bigger? There is this 1.72 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, James Allen True Hearts diamond, which will certainly look amazing! But maybe you want something even larger? Undoubtedly this 1.901 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, JA True Hearts diamond will look incredible! No doubt everybody will just assume that you have a two carat diamond engagement ring.

It goes without saying that all three of these diamonds meet my selection criteria. The 40.7 to 40.8 degree pavilion angle should produce a high volume of light return. The crown angle of all three diamonds is well within my preferred range which is between 34.3 – 35.0 degrees. The lower girdle facet length is between 75 – 78% and thus we can expect sparkle that is larger in size. Hands down winners across the board!

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Ruby & Diamond E-rings are always popular!

Popular engagement rings, ruby and diamond 3 stone ring from James AllenJust look at all the examples featuring previous orders of this ruby and diamond 3 stone ring from James Allen! Every one of the pictures that appears below the main image represent a previous order of this ring. Obviously this three stone ruby and diamond engagement ring is quite popular! What’s great about having these examples at your fingertips is you can see the ring with different size diamonds.

Of course, the reality is that this style of 3 stone ring happens to look fantastic with diamonds of all sizes. Choose this 0.61 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, JA True Hearts diamond, it’s going to look great! Interestingly enough, this 1.737 carat, H-color, VS-2 clarity, JA True Hearts diamond will look just as stunning! The primary difference is simply a matter of carat weight.

And that is the beauty of these very popular engagement rings, they look great with diamonds of all sizes! Focus on diamond cut quality, selecting diamonds of the right proportions and cut quality. The sparkle factor will take care of itself if you do. By all means, feel free to take advantage of my free Diamond Concierge Service.

Trending Fleur de Lis Engagement Ring:

Popular engagement rings Fleur de Lis by James AllenThis vintage style Fleur de Lis engagement ring from James Allen is a real treasure! This ring is going to look exceptional with a diamond, ruby, or sapphire center stone. In fact, you can see a picture of this ring with a ruby center stone down there in the previous orders. Now in this particular instance, this setting is only available to fit a 0.50 – 1.50 carat round. Nevertheless the reality is that range encompasses the more popular sizes of diamonds for e-rings.

Although you could pick this 1.26 carat, H-color, VS-2 clarity, James Allen True Hearts diamond; this 1.75 carat, natural blue sapphire would provide more contrast. “But I thought you said the ring is built to accommodate a 0.50 – 1.50 carat round?” And indeed as it turns out, I did say that…

But you see grasshopper, the fact of the matter is that diamonds and sapphires have different densities. Thus the diameter of a sapphire and a diamond will be different even if they have the same carat weight. The sapphire weighing 1.75 carats has an outside diameter of around 6.9 millimeters in this case. While the 1.26 carat round diamond has an average outside diameter of 6.915 millimeters. Regardless of which of these popular engagement rings that you prefer, this is the type of detail you need to get things right.

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