Brian Gavin Blue Diamond Reviews, this Blue Bird Sings!

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August 5

Every woman deserves to wake up to the sweet song of a blue bird, and this 3.087 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity diamond from the Brian Gavin Blue collection sings beautifully. Trust me, this diamond will talk to her from the moment she opens the box, and it will never stop singing its song, which is rich and vibrant, with sparkling tones that are crisp and bright!

The medium blue fluorescence, pictured to the left, is only visible when the diamond is exposed to black light, and helps give the body color of the diamond a little boost in direct sunlight. It is an effect that I absolutely love. Most of my personal diamonds exhibit blue fluorescence.

Clarity photograph Brian Gavin Diamond with Blue Fluorescence, AGS #104066449001

Under normal lighting circumstances, this 3.087 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity diamond from the Brian Gavin Blue collection is going to face up bright and white, just like it appears in the picture to the left.

The blue fluorescence within this diamond will only be visible to you when it is exposed to black light; it’s kind of like a hidden secret power!

This diamond is graded by the AGS Laboratory, with an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0, on the platinum light performance grading platform.

The proportions are within the center spectrum of the range, so it’s been optimized for maximum light return according to Tolkowsky’s Diamond Design! You’re going to love how this diamond sparkles in the sun!

I also know that the optical symmetry of this diamond is top-notch because it was produced on the same production line as the Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds. Optical precision is a critical factor for creating visual performance. Consequently, that’s what we call the “sparkle factor” of a diamond.

Extremely precise facet structure and alignment produce more virtual facets within the diamond. In turn, that produces more outbound sparkle and larger flashes of light!

Thankfully, I don’t have to guess about the optical symmetry of this diamond, thanks to the images of the diamond which Brian Gavin provides on the diamond details page, which show it as seen through an ASET Scope, and an Ideal Scope.

Those devices are intended to provide insight into the overall light performance of the diamond and let us know whether it is leaking light or not, and to what extent (because all diamonds leak a little light).

And the sharp contrast of the arrows’ pattern shown in the clarity photograph above, is a clear indication that this diamond exhibits great light return! The black arrows are created by the camera lens reflecting off of the eight pavilion main facets, which are located on the underside of the diamond, which will be replaced by the shadow created by your head when you look at the diamond.

Diamonds which are poorly cut, exhibit poor contrast, and will not be that visually pleasing to our eyes, because contrast is what enables our eyes to see. The article which I referenced earlier about Tolkowsky’s Diamond Design discusses this concept in more depth. You might also want to read about the difference between Brian Gavin Blue and Signature diamonds.

The inclusions within this diamond are all minimal, and will not be visible without magnification. The inclusions are indicated as being crystals, which are small diamond crystals which were trapped within the larger diamond crystal as it formed; small feathers; and a natural, which is part of the original “skin” of the diamond, and which is located along the girdle edge of the diamond, where it will not be of any consequence.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful blue bird that will sing love songs to your bride all day and night long, this is a little bird which you should buy for her, it will look fantastic in a gold gilded cage, like this Classic Six Prong Tiffany Style Solitaire from Brian Gavin.

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