Ritani Engagement Rings How to Pick the Best 1 Carat Diamonds

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January 2

Ritani 1-carat Diamonds and Larger, Style 1RZ2488.

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"Hi Todd, I am looking to purchase a Ritani 1-carat diamond engagement ring. I like the idea of being able to preview it before purchase."

"I'm hoping you could help me select a couple of 1-carat diamonds from Ritani. I am looking for something Ideal cut."

"A carat weight of 1.00 - 1.10 carats, D-H color, and SI-1 to Flawless clarity. I'd like to spend around $7000, but there is some flexibility. Thank you in advance for your help!" — Blake J.

Thank you for your inquiry, Blake. There are two spectacular looking options within the current inventory of Ritani 1-carat diamonds. The first is the 1.06 carat, H-color, SI-1 clarity, Ritani ideal cut diamond below.

Ritani 1-carat Diamonds Reviews:

Ritani 1-carat diamonds review.

Ritani 1-carat Diamonds.

This diamond has an overall grade of GIA Excellent for polish, symmetry, and proportions. The total depth is 60.8% and the diamond has a 59% table diameter.

The 34.5 crown angle is offset by a 40.6 degree pavilion angle. There is a medium, faceted girdle and no culet.

Consequently, the 59% table is a little beyond the proportions I recommend. However, the diamonds' proportions are within the zero ideal cut proportions range.

The crown and pavilion angle measurements are spot-on. In that case, they should produce a great light return and a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion (fire).

The primary inclusions are indicated as being crystal, clouds, and needles. Those are all various forms of diamond crystals. The tiny crystals were trapped within the larger diamond as it formed. There is also a couple of tiny feathers that appear to be of no consequence.

Ritani Reviews 1-carat Diamond, GIA #1169271724:

Ritani Reviews 1-carat Round Diamonds.

Ritani 1-carat Diamonds Inventory.

The proportions of this 1.12 carat, H-color, SI-1 clarity, Ritani ideal cut diamond are a little tighter than the 1.06 carat described above because the table diameter is 56%.

The total depth is 61.8% and the crown angle is 34.5 degrees. It is offset by a pavilion angle of 40.8 degrees with a medium, faceted girdle and no culet. This set of proportions is well within the range we recommend in the five-minute diamond buying guide.

However, keep in mind that there are other combinations that produce similar results. That is why the 1.06 carat at the beginning of the page is worthy of consideration.

The primary inclusions consist of crystals and a feather that is larger than those within the 1.06 carat. However, they are well within the body of the diamond. In that case, those inclusions do not concern me in the least.

Consequently, I realize that you want Ritani 1-carat diamonds of higher clarity and color. In order to meet that selection criteria, the carat weight needs to be 0.90 – 0.99 carats. That's because of the increase in diamond prices that occurs between the 0.99 - 1.00 carats. Under those circumstances, I did not find any other 1-carat Ritani diamonds within your desired range of characteristics.

0.967 carat, Hearts and Arrows Diamond:

Crafted by Infinity Hearts and Arrows Diamond Review.

Hearts & Arrows Super Ideal Cut Diamond.

I found this spectacular looking hearts and arrows super ideal cut diamond. It weighs 0.967 carat, and is H-color, with SI-1 clarity.

It’s graded by the AGS Laboratory with an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0. I know that the Ritani Try At Home program is something that interests you. However, there are major advantages to being able to verify the light return and diamond performance.

In this case, the ASET map on the lab report verifies the light performance. In that case, you know that the diamond is going to be bright and lively before you buy. At the same time, you have the option of returning the diamond for a full refund.

Under those circumstances, you get the best of both worlds and the peace of mind of knowing the diamond is stunning. Consequently, I did not find any Ritani 1-carat diamonds with this type of performance.

A Quick Review of AGS ASET:

Ritani 1-carat Diamonds Engagement Rings.

Ritani 1-carat Diamonds and Rings.

The diamond above comes with the AGSL's Proprietary Light Performance grading report. That goes beyond the grading criteria of the GIA Laboratory.

The AGSL uses Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology (ASET) to determine diamond brightness. It also shows where the diamond is gathering light from within the hemisphere.

That information appears on the Diamond Quality Document as multi-color images of the diamond. The color red represents the brightest amount of light and green represents the second brightest light.

I can tell by the ASET image for the diamond above that the diamond is bright and lively. There is a lot of red and green and light appears to be reflecting evenly.

The center region of the table facet is green in color. That is normal because the colors red and green are common for this area. Consequently, the colors red and green split the line at 45-degrees on the ASET Scope. In that case, the middle of the diamond can be red or green.

Brian Gavin Signature vs. Ritani 1-carat diamonds:

Brian Gavin Signature vs. Ritani 1-carat diamonds.

Brian Gavin Signature H&A Diamonds.

This 0.946 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature diamond. is another option that I really like. It exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows.

This diamond is also graded by the AGSL with an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0. As you might expect, the ASET image looks spectacular.

The inclusions are just a couple of diamond crystals, needle-shaped diamond crystals, and small feathers. You can see a few of the diamond crystals reflecting within the hearts’ pattern. That is because the scope that is used to grade hearts and arrows is backlit and contains a magnifying lens.

The diamond details page features a high-resolution video of the diamond. That provides great insight into the volume of light return and sparkle. In addition, Brian Gavin provides a generous inspection and return period.

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