Summer Jewelry Trends 2024: How to Celebrate the Solstice in Style

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June 15

The hottest summer jewelry trends of 2024 will be set against the backdrop of the upcoming summer solstice, marking a time of warmth and brightness.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, Thursday, June 21st, will mark the longest day of 2024. It is celebrated as the Northern Hemisphere's Summer Solstice.

This astronomical event occurs when the Earth's tilt is most directly oriented toward the sun, causing the sun to reach its celestial apex. It symbolizes the peak of summer and is celebrated as an abundant growth period in the zenith of daylight hours.

Similarly, the axial tilt of a diamond's surface in relation to the light source can significantly influence its sparkle and brilliance. However, the primary factor is the overall cut quality, including the proportions, polish, symmetry, and degree of optical precision.

Consequently, the diamonds shown in this representation of the summer solstice could be cut better. Hence, they look dark in the middle. If only I could prompt AI to generate the image incorporating a Black by Brian Gavin Diamond.

A celestial representation of the hottest summer jewelry trends of 2024.

This Most Brilliant Summer Jewelry Trends.

The Hottest Summer Jewelry Trends 2024

Just as the sun shines brightest at its zenith, this year's summer jewelry trends reflect a dazzling array of brilliance and innovation. Let's delve into these luminous trends set to shine brightest this summer.

From mixed metals that reflect the sun's diverse hues to oval-cut diamonds that capture its elongated rays, the summer of 2024 promises a sparkling transformation in the world of diamonds. Let's delve into these luminous trends set to shine brightest this summer.

1. Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are taking the jewelry world by storm in 2024. The appeal of lab-created diamonds stems from ethical and environmental concerns and significantly lower prices compared with natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamond prices continue to become more accessible as advanced technological processes replicating natural formation conditions become more affordable.

With lab-grown options, consumers can choose from a wide range of cuts, colors, and carat sizes without compromising quality. This trend aligns perfectly with the modern desire for personalization and sustainability in luxury goods since lab-created diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

Brian Gavin Premium Lab-grown super ideal cut round diamond.

Brian Gavin Premium Lab-grown Diamond.

2. Mixed Metal Summer Jewelry

Gone are the days of sticking to one type of metal. Mixed metal jewelry is all the rage this summer. Combining white gold or platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold adds a dynamic personal flair.

Mixed metal styles like this three-stone half-bezel engagement ring from Brian Gavin are also known as two-tone settings. In this case, the diamonds are set in platinum half-bezels with an 18k yellow gold ring shank.

Alternatively, pairing a white gold or platinum engagement ring with yellow gold stackable bands is a modern way to create a stunning, eye-catching contrast, as you'll see below.

Mixed metal rings like this 3-stone half-bezel setting from Brian Gavin are sizzling this summer.

Mixed Metal Rings by Brian Gavin.

3. Warm Yellow Gold Settings

Yellow gold is making a comeback. Its rich and warm tones provide a beautiful diamond backdrop, allowing for a striking contrast. This summer jewelry trend is prevalent in both vintage-inspired and contemporary designs.

Yellow gold enhances the appearance of warmer-looking lower-color grades, making your diamond-buying budget go further. This is especially true of higher-cut-quality diamonds like hearts and arrows, where the metal's warmth enhances the diamond's brilliance. Note that the color of the metal touching the edge of a diamond will influence the color by about one grade.

Oval-cut diamond and yellow gold engagement ring against a backdrop of sunflowers.

James Allen Yellow Gold Engagement Rings.

4. Asymmetrical Designs

Asymmetry in jewelry design is gaining popularity. These pieces break away from traditional symmetry, offering unique shapes and styles that reflect individual personality and flair.

Asymmetrical earrings and engagement rings, like the Kyrena setting, are in vogue. According to jewelry designer Kim Nel, the sweeping path design symbolizes life's adventures and milestones, while each pavé set diamond represents a joyful moment.

Asymmetrical jewelry design, Kyrena setting by Kim Nel.

Kyrena Setting by Brian Gavin.

5. Toi-et-Moi Rings

The toi-et-moi (you and me) design continues to captivate couples. This style features two stones, symbolizing the union of two souls. It allows endless customization, combining different stones, colors, and shapes to create a unique engagement ring.

Create a splash this summer by wearing this Toi et Moi ring from Brilliant Earth. The shimmering hues of the London Blue Topaz perfectly accompany the soft purplish-blue hues of the lab-grown Alexandrite set in 18k yellow gold.

This stunning combination embodies both the beauty of nature and the innovation of modern jewelry design, making it a perfect choice for those looking to celebrate their love with a distinctive and meaningful piece.

Summer Jewelry Styles, yellow gold, topaz and alexandrite Toi et Moi ring.

Toi et Moi Rings from Brilliant Earth

6. Cushion and Oval-Cut Diamonds

Cushion and Oval-cut diamonds remain a favorite choice for engagement rings, right behind the modern round brilliant. Cushion-cut diamonds have pillow-shaped outlines that can be elongated or square.

The elongated shape of oval-cut diamonds creates an illusion of greater size and longer-looking fingers. This cut blends classic and modern aesthetics, making it a versatile choice. Many facet designs are available, resulting in different appearances and light performance, ranging from broad-spectrum to crushed ice.

Fifth-generation diamond cutter Brian Gavin offers hybrid options optimized for light performance like this Black by Brian Gavin Oval-Brilliant. The multi-colored ASET Scope image on the left verifies the performance while the H&A Scope image on the right enables us to verify the degree of optical precision.

Brian Gavin Black Oval-cut Diamonds Make Sizzling Summer Jewelry Center Stones.

Brian Gavin Black Oval Brilliant Cut Diamond.

7. Simply Elegant Diamond Solitaire Pendants

Pendants remain a staple in diamond jewelry collections. Bold-looking diamond pendants, particularly those with classic solitaire designs, add an elegant flair to any outfit.

Diamond pendant necklaces are adaptable, quickly transitioning from casual daywear to evening sophistication. This sliding four-prong solitaire diamond pendant from Whiteflash is a modern twist on a timeless classic.

As with engagement rings, we recommend super-ideal cut diamonds for diamond pendants and earrings. Some people think that cut quality doesn't matter with smaller stones. However, the proportions and the degree of optical precision dictate light performance regardless of size.

Four prong white gold slide pendant containing a Whiteflash ACA diamond center stone.

4-Prong Slide Pendant • Whiteflash.

8. ZOOM-worthy Sparkling Earrings

As online meetings and remote work have become the norm, more people are looking for jewelry that makes a bold statement from the neck up. Sparkly earrings are perfect for creating a statement this summer. Whether oversized hoops or intricate chandelier designs, these earrings draw attention and add a glamorous touch to any ensemble.

9. Stackable Summer Jewelry

Stackable rings, bangles, and chains offer versatility and personalization. This practice allows you to mix and match jewelry designs, creating unique combinations that can be modified and updated.

Stackable jewelry is perfect for marking milestones and adding layers to one's collection. Ring stacks maximize your jewelry collection by making it easy to change styles and create new looks as easy as mixing and matching individual bands. You can reposition the rings throughout the day to suit your mood.

Trendy summer jewelry stackable rings in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

Stackable Bands from Blue Nile.

Trends to Wrap Up Your Summer Jewelry

Summer 2024 is about mixing metals, embracing asymmetry, and choosing versatile, customizable pieces. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of yellow gold or the modern appeal of mixed metals, this season's diamond trends have something for everyone. Embrace these styles to add a fresh, fashionable touch to your jewelry collection.

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