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    Alrosa Nets Rare Fish-shaped Diamond Crystal (it’s a Whopper!)

    Fish-shaped diamond crystal.

    This Rare Fish-shaped diamond crystal was recently ‘caught’ by the Alrosa Mining Group of Russia. It’s truly a whopper of a fish story! Definitely one for the record books! I wonder how much something like this is worth?

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    The Biggest Fancy Pink Diamond (Argyle Alpha Unveiled)

    Fancy pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine operated by the Rio Tinto Mining Group, Photo Credit Rio Tinto

    Fancy Pink Colored Diamonds are incredibly rare and more expensive than you might imagine. Be sure to check out the incredible line-up of Fancy Pink Argyle Diamonds from the 2018 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender. Discover the best place to buy fancy pink diamonds.

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    April is Diamond Month (and other shocking revelations)

    April is Diamond Month. Download the Little Black Book of Diamonds by Brian Gavin.

    April is Diamond Month! That means that the birthstone for April is Diamond. And that means that special savings off of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds (hidden herein like an Easter Egg) for you to find!

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    Age of Diamond Amazing Facts (3 Billion Years Old) Really?

    Diamond radioisotope analysis, showing growth history and inclusions. Photo credit Michael Gress

    Which came first, the age of diamond, or the age of dinosaurs? Scientists have just shed light on this ancient chicken or egg type of debate. Discover how researchers determine the age of diamond using state-of-the-art technology. I’m certain you’ll find this illuminating!

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    Buying an Engagement Ring Sucks! 6 Reasons Why (and the fix)

    Six Reasons Why Buying an Engagement Ring Sucks

    Buying an engagement ring sucks! That’s probably not what you expect a 30 year veteran of the diamond business to say, but it’s true. Thankfully the reasons why buying an engagement ring sucks are easily surmounted if you follow these simple steps.

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    Brilliant Earth Lab Grown Diamond vs Hydraulic Press

    Brilliant Earth lab grown diamond reviews

    Diamond is the hardest substance on earth, or is it? Let’s see how a diamond holds up against a hydraulic press! This beats anything I got to do in shop class! Give me a call if you decide to try this at home (at your own risk) because I want to watch!

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    Violet Diamond Unveiled by Rio Tinto

    Argyle Violet Diamond, photo courtesy Rio Tinto

    This 2.83 carat, oval brilliant cut, violet diamond has just been unveiled by Rio Tinto. The diamond was unearthed at the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. It will be the centerpiece of the annual pink diamond tender.

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    Blue Nile Boycotts South Dakota

    Blue Nile stops shipping to South Dakota

    Residents of South Dakota will no longer be able to buy from Blue Nile, due to the decision of Blue Nile to Boycott South Dakota in response to a new state law that requires online vendors to collect sales tax. This law is in direct opposition to Federal Law upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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    Joan Rivers Private Collection goes to auction

    Joan Rivers private jewelry diamond collection Christies Auction, June 2016

    Christie’s has announced that it will auction the Private Collection of Joan Rivers this June. I have to wonder what the legendary Joan Rivers would have said about her “Private Collection” being offered up at auction. No doubt, the very thought would have provided her with an endless amount of material. She was well known […]

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    Diamond Carat vs Karat Gold

    In this diamond grading tutorial, we’ll discuss the intricacies of diamond carat weight and karat gold marks. People often mix-up the words carat, karat, and carrot. Learn about the proper use of each word, plus discover what the different alloy stamps really stand for.

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