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Looking for 1.30 carat, H-color, VS-2 clarity, round diamond for $12K (or better)

James Allen Diamond Reviews, SKU 1998260 in-depth review

Follow along as we evaluate 4 GIA Excellent cut round diamonds presented by a client. Discover why they don’t meet my selection criteria, and learn why the alternatives I recommended will leave those other ideal cut diamonds in the dust!

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Are online diamond prices negotiable? How to get the best price buying diamonds online!

Hi Todd, I’m trying to decide between this 1.20 carat, H-color, VS-1 clarity, James Allen True Hearts diamond, and this 1.23 carat, H-color, VS-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond, which I believe both meet the selection criteria which I read on your web site and have an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0. I’ve […]

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Hearts on Fire versus Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds: Which should you buy?

I am in the market for a new engagement / wedding ring set to celebrate our 42 wedding anniversary. My budget for a loose diamond is 6500-8000. I want at least a carat. Loved the “Hearts on Fire” cut I saw at a local jewelry store. Is the Brian Gavin signature cut the same? Looking […]

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Diamond Reviews: Brian Gavin Signature Round or Victor Canera Ideal Hearts and Arrows Diamond?

Hi Todd I ran across a forum post where you were talking about the different levels of precision within the hearts and arrows patterns offered by different vendors. I’m trying to decide between two hearts and arrows diamonds and would appreciate it if you would help me determine which of the patterns is more precise. […]

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