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Alrosa Nets Rare Fish-shaped Diamond Crystal (it’s a Whopper!)

Fish-shaped diamond crystal.

This Rare Fish-shaped diamond crystal was recently ‘caught’ by the Alrosa Mining Group of Russia. It’s truly a whopper of a fish story! Definitely one for the record books! I wonder how much something like this is worth?

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Age of Diamond Amazing Facts (3 Billion Years Old) Really?

Diamond radioisotope analysis, showing growth history and inclusions. Photo credit Michael Gress

Which came first, the age of diamond, or the age of dinosaurs? Scientists have just shed light on this ancient chicken or egg type of debate. Discover how researchers determine the age of diamond using state-of-the-art technology. I’m certain you’ll find this illuminating!

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187.7 carat Foxfire Diamond almost CRUSHED

Rio Tinto Foxfire 187.7 carat rough diamond, photo courtesy of Bloomberg media

The 187.7 carat Foxfire Diamond was Practically CRUSHED to Death at the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada! And it’s possible that other diamonds just like it get Smashed to Smithereens all the time! Can you even imagine?

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Diamond rough of 105.6 carats unearthed by Alrosa

Diamond rough weighing 105.6 carats was recently unearthed by the Alrosa mining group. Could the moderate yellow hue makes it suitable for a Brian Gavin Signature Cape series diamond? I certainly think that it might. Learn more about Cape colored diamonds.

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The Patriot Diamond: Kentucky man discovers 2.95 carat, Diamond at the Crater of Diamonds State Park

Terry Staggs of Richmond, Kentucky, discovered a piece of champagne-brown colored diamond rough, weighing 2.95 carats, while visiting the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. Since he found the diamond on Independence Day, he named it the Patriot Diamond. Park officials say that it is the largest of 304 diamonds to pop up this year. The […]

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