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Ritani Cushion Cut Diamond Reviews: Which cushion cut diamond facet design delivers the most sparkle?

Todd, I have been through the diamond search before and got lucky my first time around with a local jeweler and got an AGS Ideal, H color, VVS2 clarity, round brilliant for $6800 I definitely prefer AGS to GIA from my experience not being an expert but man what a sparkle! I’m currently looking for […]

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Diamond Buying Advice: What are the best ideal proportions for cushion cut diamonds?

Dear Todd, I’m happy to have found your site. My husband proposed with a lovely half carat Lucida diamond ring from Tiffany & Co., which seemed like the best diamond available at the time. However the more I read about diamonds, the less confident I feel about Tiffany’s and our future choice should we choose […]

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Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond Review: 0.917 carat, G-color, “eye clean” SI-1 clarity

Look what Brian Gavin sent me to play with today! A couple of diamonds… very nicely wrapped by the way, that was kind of a nice surprise! It was kind of like being a kid at Christmas, I knew what was in the package, but got to rip off the wrapping paper and pretend like […]

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