The Sultan of Oman Diamond. Is it a phishing scam?

Dear sir/madam we have a diamond for sale, the Diamond is owned by one of the Sultan of Oman, after consulting his excellency, $8 million will be happy to sell it for. The diamond is worth $18 million. best regards Abu

Dear Abu, thank you for contacting us regarding the Sultan Diamond. Obviously, we are most honored that you would consider us to as a qualified buyer for the non-existent diamond of unknown origin with absolutely no description in terms of carat weight, color, clarity or diamond cut quality for the sum of $8 million in order to please the Sultan of Oman.

Please send the empty box of Nigerian air to us for evaluation and provide us with your bank account details, social security numbers, security code, and pin code so that we may hop right on getting that wire transfer out to you.  For shizzle my nizzle, 8 million in Iraqi Dinar coming right up. Uh, that is an acceptable form of payment, right? After all, you’re all located on the same side of the sandbox, isn’t that right?

The Sultan of Oman Diamond Necklace:

In the first place, for a phishing scam like this to work, there has to be a bit of truth to the story. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as the Sultan of Oman Diamond. However, the Sultan of Oman did present Princess Diana with a crescent shape necklace and earring set that was adorned with diamonds.

Obviously, some disreputable schlep is trying to take advantage of people and prey on their naivety. After all, they are twisting the facts and playing with words to create the impression that they are in possession of a non-existent diamond. Although that may be true, we’ll be happy to help you put together an incredible looking diamond necklace if that’s what you’re looking for. For example, there is this 50-carat total weight Black by Brian Gavin Tennis Necklace.

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Antwerp Diamonds says September 3, 2016

As one of my friends told me about the Sultan Oman Diamond, I had no knowledge about it. Feeling lucky to learn and see the difference between the diamonds and get to know where the quality diamonds are available to buy.

    Todd says September 10, 2016

    I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my blog post on the “Sultan Oman Diamond” I thought it was an entertaining topic. We receive so many incredulous offers for rare and exotic diamonds, which are clearly no more than a twist on the common Nigerian email scam.

    — Todd

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