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    Every woman wants her engagement ring to be special and unique, to that regard you might want to “think pink” and have the ring custom made in rose gold.  Rose gold is a rich and luxurious looking alternative to the traditional look of yellow and white gold jewelry.  The two rose gold engagement rings pictured to the left are from Brian Gavin Diamonds.

    It is important to understand that rose gold is not a different type of gold, it is simply a different alloy mixture than used in traditional formulations of white and yellow gold.  Jewelry is rarely made of pure 24k gold, rather it is comprised of an alloy mixture consisting of different metals.  For instance, 18k rose gold usually consists of 75% gold mixed with 22.25% copper and 2.75% silver.

    Rose gold is not something new, but rather is an alloy which is enjoying renewed attention as the trend towards vintage looking jewelry gains in popularity once again. Rose gold was quite popular during the nineteenth century in Russia where it was used in the making of many exquisite jewelry designs and thus it is sometimes referred to as Russian Gold.

    Cartier Jewelers is largely credited with introducing Rose Gold to America during the 1920’s when they introduced a trinity colored wedding band consisting of three rose gold, yellow gold and white gold sections.  Rose gold became quite popular in the United States following the introduction of the Cartier trinity wedding band and many vintage jewelry pieces are made of rose gold.  The Rolling Starlight Diamond Eternity Ring from Blue Nile pictured to the left is a modern rendition of the trinity wedding band concept.


    Rose gold has been gaining in popularity due to the recent popularity of color in fashion and presents more fashion savvy consumers with a fresh and luxurious alternative to the traditional colors of white and yellow gold.  Not only do diamonds look simply stunning when set in rose gold, so do popular colored gems like pink topaz, amethyst, yellow citrine, blue topaz and more.

    There are many popular jewelry designers who use rose gold in their collections, but along with designer jewelry come designer jewelry prices… a more affordable option is to have a ring custom made in rose gold by Brian Gavin or have them make one of their existing designs in rose gold.  The fact that Brian Gavin makes a lot of their jewelry in-house gives their customers a tremendous advantage in terms of being able to find just the right design for their rose gold engagement ring or wedding band.


    Speaking of wedding bands, I thought that this rose gold wedding band from James Allen was pretty cool, it is set with round cut diamonds that are set down in a horizontal groove… The band measures about 7.5 mm in width and has a total diamond weight of about 0.36 carats, so about a third of a carat.  This band is suitable as a wedding band for a man or a woman and is just one example of the many wedding band styles that can be made in rose gold.

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