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Tour the CBI Mothership: 6.038 carats, N-color, VVS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamond review


I’ve been wanting to write a review of this 6.038 carat, N-color, VVS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity round ideal cut diamond for quite some time, however the diamond was set in a three stone ring before the pattern of hearts and arrows could be photographed. Thankfully Wink from High Performance Diamonds had the opportunity to dismount the diamond and get it photographed last week, and he just forwarded the images of the hearts and arrows pattern to me so that I can finally review this spectacular looking diamond! How do I know that it looks spectacular? Because it sparkles like crazy in the video provided on the diamond details page!

Crafted by Infinity diamond review: AGSL 104046965001:

Crafted by Infinity, High Performance Diamonds review, AGSL 104046965001This 6.038 carat, N-color, VVS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamond which is being offered by High Performance Diamonds is graded by the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) with an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 on their proprietary Light Performance grading platform, which uses Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology (ASET) to measure diamonds for brightness and determine how they are making use of the light which is available to them within the room, or hemisphere if you prefer. The ASET image provided on the Diamond Quality Document (DQD) which appears to the left exhibits lots of red, which indicates that the diamond is going to be nice and bright; the color green represents the second brightest light; the color blue represents contrast; what I like about this diamond is that the colors appear to be evenly distributed throughout the diamond.


The fact that the ASET colors, red, green, and blue, are evenly distributed throughout the diamond, is an indication to me that the diamond has been crafted with a high degree of optical symmetry, which means that the facet structure of the diamond was cut with an extreme level of precision, so that the light is reflected evenly throughout the diamond, which will result in a higher level of light return and brightness.

According to the AGS Laboratory, this diamond has a total depth of 61.2% with a table diameter of 56.2% and a crown angle of 34.4 degrees which is offset by a pavilion angle of 40.7 degrees, with a thin to medium, faceted girdle and a pointed culet; which means that the proportions of this diamond are right in the middle of the range designated for the zero ideal cut proportions rating from the AGS Laboratory, and thus represent the target or sweet spot that all diamond cutters should aim for in my opinion. The 75% lower girdle facet length should produce flashes of light which are bold and bright, making this diamond a shooting star on whoever’s finger is lucky enough to sport it!

How yellow does an N-color diamond look?

I’ll be the first to admit that N-color is a bit warm for my personal taste, because I tend to prefer diamonds on the cooler end of the spectrum, but I’ve had plenty of clients over the years who truly prefer diamonds which exhibit warmer tones, like this 6.038 carat, N-color, VVS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamond exhibits in this video provided by Wink of High Performance Diamonds:

While the diamond obviously exhibits some color, I’m pretty certain that what most people are going to notice is the spectacular size and sparkle! My late wife Robin used to wear a five carat, N-color, princess cut diamond, which was set in a yellow gold pendant, and nobody ever seemed to notice the color… All anybody ever seemed to comment on was the size of the diamond and the sparkle! And that N-color, princess cut diamond was bezel set in 14k yellow gold, and surrounded by a race way of F-G color round diamonds which were channel set…

Challenges with Photographing H&A patterns:

Crafted by Infinity hearts and arrows diamond review, AGSL 104046965001I know that one of the reasons why Crafted by Infinity did not photograph the hearts and arrows pattern exhibited by this 6.038 carat, N-color, VVS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamond is because the diamond is too large for their imaging system, it certainly is too large to be accommodated by the imaging system which I used to rely on to photograph hearts and arrows patterns for the diamonds we used to sell on Nice Ice. While the image provided for this diamond is not perfect, it is clear enough for me to determine that this diamond does exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows, I believe that the diamond was at a slight tilt on the tray when it was photographed.


What leads me to believe that the diamond was set at a slight tilt on the tray while being photographed for hearts and arrows, is the formation of the two hearts located in the relative twelve and six o’clock positions in the photograph featured above; it appears to me that the center axis point of the diamond was tilted slightly to the right, which is causing the hearts to look off center, as if they are leaning to the right… Imagine tilting the center axis of the diamond just a hint to the left and it all seems to straighten out in my mind, thus I believe this diamond exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows, which is typical of Crafted by Infinity’s production standards.

Be sure to tell Wink from High Performance Diamonds that you read about this 6.038 carat, N-color, VVS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity round ideal cut diamond on Nice Ice! And by all means, please drop me a note if you decide to purchase it, because I’d love to know who ends up sporting this exceptional piece of Nice Ice!


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