Using diamond clarity photographs to judge contrast brilliance in diamonds

One of the reasons why this 1.69 carat, F-color, VS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity round diamond which is being offered by High Performance Diamonds looks so amazing is the level of static contrast that it exhibits. One look at the clarity photograph for this diamond and I know that it is going to look incredible and sparkle like crazy in all types of lighting environments, including fluorescent light where it won’t actually “sparkle” because there is no UV light source, but will appear to be sparkling because of the high level of contrast brilliance created by the proportions and overall precision of optical symmetry. Learn more by reading my latest article on contrast brilliance in diamonds!

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Todd Gray is a professional diamond buyer with 30+ years of trade experience. He loves to teach people how to buy diamonds that exhibit incredible light performance! In addition to writing for Nice Ice, Todd "ghost writes" blogs and educational content for other diamond sites. When Todd isn't chained to a desk, or consulting for the trade, he enjoys Freediving! (that's like scuba diving, but without air tanks)

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