8 Valentine’s Day Proposal Pros and Cons You Must Consider

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December 29

February 14th is right around the corner, and you might wonder whether Valentine's day proposals are romantic or tacky. On the one hand, it makes sense to take your relationship to the next level on the most romantic day of the year. On the other hand, some people think it is in poor taste to propose marriage on birthdays and holidays.

A James Allen survey indicates that 41% of married participants married respondents ages 25-34 would have appreciated a Valentine's Day proposal. The second most popular night is New Year's Eve, with approximately 23% of respondents ages 25-34 choosing that option.

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In contrast, 25% of respondents ages 35-44 think Valentine's Day is the best time to get engaged. Consequently, 35% prefer "a random day" for a marriage proposal, and only 15% of people over 55 think February 14th is the best time.

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Valentine's Day Proposal Pros and Cons

Various sources estimate that 4-10% of couples get engaged on Valentine's Day. Cupid is center stage on February 14th, creating a romantic atmosphere for couples worldwide, and many pros are working in your favor:

It's Easy to Create the Right Environment

Valentine's Day romantic packages are available from most restaurants, resorts, and spas in various price ranges. Those make it easy to create a romantic moment to cherish without breaking the bank or hiring a planner.

Romance Permeates the Air

Symbols are the subconscious mind's language, and Valentine's Day's romantic nature makes it a ringer for marriage proposals. Given the abundance of chocolates, hearts, and roses, it's impossible to escape that love is in the air.

Valentine's Day Proposals Are Intimate

Big holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving tend to be family affairs where it can be difficult to share an intimate moment. However, Valentine's Day tends to be a private affair allowing couples time to focus on each other and increase intimacy.

The Downside Valentine's Day Proposals

Life is a combination of contrasts, such as light, dark, the sun, the moon, cold and hot water, etc., and Valentine's day proposals are no different. While there are advantages to a V-day proposal, there are just as many downsides:

The Surprise Factor is Practically Zero

If you're both considering taking your relationship to the next level, then a Valentine's Day proposal is predictable. In that case, popping the question on February 14th might lack the desired wow factor because it won't come as a surprise.

Somebody Else Might Steal Your Thunder

Because it's common to propose on Valentine's Day, your moment may not be as unique as desired. For example, you might share the spotlight with another couple, simultaneously getting engaged in the same place.

Things Can Get Costly

The economics of supply and demand factor into everything we do, and most things get more expensive during the holidays. Despite an abundance of romantic packages, you'll likely spend more dining out and buying flowers and gifts on holidays versus other days of the year.

Let Not The Calendar Dictate Thy Love

The stress of creating the perfect Hallmark moment may overshadow your romantic intentions and create tension. There is also the added pressure of being put on the spot in the limelight of Valentine's Day Romance. It might be more fun and spontaneous to propose on a day of your choosing, sans the pressure of Cupid's devices.

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