Adiamor Affinity Diamonds are sold by Adiamor Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, which is an online retailer which is located in Los Angeles, California. They’ve been around for several years, and are well respected in the online diamond community.  Their web site features a modern design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.  The diamond search option featured on the front page of the web site invites visitors to search nearly 100,000 diamonds, which enables them to offer a virtual database of diamonds comparable to industry giants like Blue Nile and James Allen.

Adiamor Affinity Diamonds, an in-depth review by Nice IceIt’s no secret that I have a passion for “Hearts and Arrows Diamonds” because of the superior light performance and visual performance that they offer over standard round brilliant and ideal cut diamonds. Therefore I was excited to see that Adiamor Diamonds marketed their own brand of Hearts and Arrows Diamonds under as their Affinity Diamonds Collection.  As you can see from the blue photograph of Hearts and Arrows pictured to the left, the pattern of hearts and arrows looks to be “picture perfect” in fact it is so perfect that I’m quite certain that it is a rendering created in something like Adobe Photoshop.

Let’s face it, practically every image that is used for marketing purposes is edited in an effort to tantalize our senses and manipulate us into making a decision to purchase one product over another based upon our interpretation of the visual perfection of the product being advertised.  So it’s not really that surprising for an online diamond company like Adiamor Diamonds to resort to the same tactics used to enhance the look of models featured in fashion magazines to promote Adiamor Affinity Diamonds.

In fact it might be more surprising if Adiamor Diamonds did not edit this image to exhibit a perfect pattern of hearts and arrows exhibited by Adiamor Affinity Diamonds… Imagine the loss in sales that such “Truth in Advertising” might result in when online shoppers such as yourself are bouncing around web sites comparing the Hearts and Arrows image quality of diamonds being offered by other vendors of Hearts and Arrows quality diamonds like Brian Gavin, James Allen True Hearts and Victor Canera.  In truth without actually being able to compare the diamonds side-by-side and see them for yourself through a Hearts and Arrows Scope, the only thing you have to go on is the cut quality of the diamonds as represented by those images.

Adiamor Affinity Diamonds – Where’s the Beef ?!?!

Adiamor Affinity Diamonds, sketch of hearts and arrows patternI have to admit that I was stunned to discover that the diamond details pages for the Adiamor Affinity Diamonds don’t provide any actual images of the hearts and arrows patterns nor even a clarity image! Instead each page offered a single “sample image” of what the diamond might look like (!) and a nifty rendering [insert sarcasm] of a round brilliant cut diamond as seen from a top down and side profile.  Quite literally the words which spilled out of my mouth were “What the Hell?!?!”

Because we were offering photographs of the actual patterns of Hearts and Arrows within the diamonds we offered on Nice Ice as far back as 1996.

I suppose that a sketch is perfectly fine in terms of demonstrating the architecture of a Hearts and Arrows Diamond. But when it comes to actually comparing Hearts & Arrows Diamonds for the purpose of purchasing one, I’d kind of like to see an actual photograph of the pattern for the diamond being offered and that is not currently available on the Adiamor diamond details pages for the diamonds featured in the Adiamor Affinity Diamonds Collection.

Adiamor Affinity Diamonds, SKU D18272500For instance pictured to the right is a screenshot of the diamond details page for a 1.02 carat, F-color, SI-1 clarity, Adiamor Affinity Hearts and Arrows brand diamond, stock number D18272500.  Besides providing basic information such as the carat weight, color and clarity along with a link to the diamond grading report, it’s practically devoid of the information which I consider to be vital to being able to judge a diamond for light performance and visual performance.  The page lacks a clarity photograph of the actual diamond and does not provide images of the diamond as seen through an ASET Scope, Ideal Scope or Hearts and Arrows viewer.

This is kind of like buying a car out of a catalog that only features a sketch of the automobile being featured. If Adiamor expects us to take their H&A claim seriously, they should back it up with photographic evidence.

Taking the Competition for a Spin:

Adiamor Affinity Diamonds vs Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrowsNow here is a screenshot of the diamond details page for a 1.060 carat, F-color, SI-1 clarity Hearts and Arrows Diamond from the Brian Gavin Signature Collection.  Notice that there is not only a large clarity photograph of the actual diamond prominently displayed on the page, but there is a picture of the diamond as seen through an ASET Scope, an Ideal Scope, the Hearts pattern (untouched by the way) along with a copy of the lab report, a link to verify the lab report with the AGS Laboratory and a computerized proportions analysis of the diamond… everything that I need to make an informed decision as to the diamond cut quality and visual performance of this diamond.

Adiamor Affinity Diamonds vs Crafted by Infinity hearts and arrowsLikewise this 1.05 carat, G-color, SI-1 clarity Crafted by Infinity diamond offered by High Performance Diamonds is featured using a diamond details page which offers the same detailed information, it’s just laid out slightly differently.  All of the information which I require to make an informed decision regarding the nature of the inclusions and diamond cut quality is right there at my fingertips.  I’m not required to assume that the diamond is actually going to exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of Hearts and Arrows based solely on the brand description, I can see the pattern for myself and determine whether it meets my personal selection criteria for what constitutes a Hearts and Arrows Diamond.  By the way, the images posted by Crafted by Infinity are also untouched and not edited in Photoshop, it’s apparent by the lack of perfection in the photo quality.

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Court, the Jury has reached a verdict:

Adiamor Affinity Diamonds reviewsI really like the design and functionality that the Adiamor Affinity Diamonds web site offers consumers in terms of being able to navigate the web site and find beautifully handcrafted engagement rings.  The site has the look and feel of a professionally designed catalog.  It is pleasing to the eye and provides customers with a high-end shopping experience.  Their jewelry catalog is laid out well and features a lot of very nice looking designs.

Adiamor Affinity Diamonds reviewsBut I’m going to give Adiamor a BIG Thumbs Down for the lack of information on the diamond details pages provided for Adiamor Affinity diamonds.  In this day and age when the technology is readily available to provide detailed diamond grading information and photographs to support the claim that the diamonds being offered are truly Hearts and Arrows diamond cut quality, I think that it is simply unacceptable not to make the information readily available.

Savvy online diamond buyers expect basic information such as ASET scope images, Ideal Scope images, Hearts and Arrows scope images, and computerized proportions to be available with just the click of their mouse… You should not have to take something as critical as the presence of a crisp and complete pattern of Hearts and Arrows for granted. It’s like the salesperson at a car dealership telling you that the car you’re purchasing is turbo charged, and refusing to let you take the car for a test drive or even pop the hood.  “Trust me Mr. and Mrs. Diamond Buyer, it’s Hearts and Arrows… you have my word on it.”

Get Help Choosing Adiamor Affinity Diamonds:

If you’re considering the purchase of Adiamor Affinity Diamonds or another brand of hearts and arrows diamond, I’d be happy to assist with the selection process. Just send me complete details about the diamonds you are considering or the diamond that you are looking for, and I’ll be happy to provide professional insight, and perhaps a few options that I’m able to find online.

Adiamor Affinity scores 3 out of 5 stars in this review by Todd Gray

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