Crafted by Infinity Diamonds Review:

Congratulations to my friends at Crafted by Infinity Diamonds on the release of their new web site. It looks great and is easy to navigate.  The “From Here to Infinity” video is a must-see for anybody with an interest in diamonds. It goes well beyond simply promoting the Crafted by Infinity brand of diamonds. The video explores the process of selecting diamond rough, and the manufacturing process. The video offers perspective and insight that is rarely shared with consumers.  Since I’ve been a part of the Infinity Diamonds Family for many years, watching the video is a welcome trip down memory lane.

Perhaps I should explain that last sentence… When we first launched this web site in February of 1996, the primary purpose of the Nice Ice web site was to sell diamonds. At the time, I was the primary diamond buyer for Nice Ice. Throughout the years, I developed a passion for super ideal cut diamonds.  Crafted by Infinity produces some of the most exceptional diamonds I’ve ever seen.

I’ve purchased about a zillion Crafted by Infinity diamonds over the years. Many of the Nice Ice private label diamonds purchased by our clients, were produced by Crafted by Infinity. There were about 30 diamond manufacturers of ideal cut diamonds who I worked with on a regular basis. However, Paul, Lieve and John of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds have a special place in my heart. They always seemed to focus on our personal relationship more than the volume of our business.  And it is right that they should have! Because they had already spent all the time and energy necessary to ensure that the diamonds they produced would exceed my expectations!

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The Crafted by Infinity Team:

Crafted by Infinity team, Antwerp, Belgium

That’s John Pollard on the left, he is the United States Executive for Crafted by Infinity. John is a specialist in diamond education, cut quality improvement, and provides sales training for many retail jewelry stores. John has been a keynote speaker at JCK Las Vegas, IGI Seminars in Beijing and Shanghai, the GIA Alumni Association, American Gem Society Workshops, Polygon’s USA Conclaves, and other industry classes and events. He has reviewed articles for Gems & Gemology Magazine and is published in IDEX, China Gems Magazine, and other trade periodicals. He holds degrees in gemology, science, education, and music from the GIA, Washington State University and the Texas State Board of Education.

Lieve Peeters, the Chief Gemologist for Infinity Diamonds, is pictured in the center. She is a highly-sought-after expert in the Antwerp diamond sector. With over 30 years of industry experience, Lieve holds a position as a judicial expert with the Belgian Ministry of Justice. She is formerly the Diamond-Expert Coordinator for the Belgian Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. Lieve also worked as a diamond sorter for DeBeers sightholder Stieglitz & Grossman. She holds degrees in polishing and gemology and is in demand as a leading authority in the areas of rough and polished diamonds.

Paul Slegers, pictured on the right, serves as the company’s Managing Director. Paul is a regular consultant and leading authority on diamond cut-quality in both Europe and North America. After obtaining a degree in Commercial Engineering he began working in the Antwerp diamond industry in 1989. In his original capacity as the COO of a DeBeers’ sightholder, Paul was introduced to the world of mass-manufacturing and trading rough and polished diamonds. Later in his career, Paul served as COO of a market leader in modern diamond-cutting equipment. This enabled Paul to expand his experience of innovating technical solutions for mass-manufacturers in the Far East, and ideal cut diamond manufacturers in Antwerp. This unique combination of experiences led to the establishment of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds. Paul brings to the table a perfect blend of knowledge, experience, and passion for producing the world’s finest cut diamonds.

The History of Crafted by Infinity and Nice Ice:

Here’s a little background on the Crafted by Infinity brand of diamonds that aren’t known by very many people… well, that is until now. Drum roll, please! I’ve been waiting so long for a legitimate reason to use this phrase so often uttered by teenagers: Way… Way… Way… Back in the day when I was the diamond buyer for Nice Ice, I received a telephone call from Paul Slegers and it went something like this:

“Oh Great & Powerful Oz of the Online Diamond Industry, I’d like to sell you diamonds…” and then there was a burst of great and thunderous laughter to be heard from the midst of Oregon all the way to Antwerp, Belgium. This was followed by “All right minion, let me tell you what I’m looking for. Every stone must have a total depth between 59-61.8% with a table diameter between 53 – 57%. The crown angle must be between 34.3 – 34.8 degrees. It must be offset by a pavilion angle between 40.6 – 40.9 degrees. The girdle edge needs to be thin to medium, or perhaps even a slightly thick. The girdle edge should be faceted, not polished or bruted. Every diamond must have an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 and a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows.”

This was my normal spiel. I would I spit it out three to five times per day, to every diamond salesperson who called. The usual response was a click and dial tone. But Paul surprised me. Paul listened and responded by asking for more information. It wasn’t long before we were doing business together… a lot of business.

Infinity Diamonds actually became our primary supplier. I’m pleased to say that I never rejected a single Crafted by Infinity diamond for cut quality or visual performance… This says a lot since my average rate of rejection for ideal cut diamonds brought in for physical evaluation was around forty percent. And that’s 40% of diamonds brought in from the very few diamond cutters who could even get through my door in the first place!  The diamonds which I did pass over from the Crafted by Infinity Diamond brand were always due to inclusion type, location or extent. Although I have to say that the primary cutter for Crafted by Infinity does a phenomenal job of figuring out how to minimize the effect and visibility of the inclusions during the planning and production phases.

What to Expect from Crafted by Infinity Diamonds:

In my experience, every Crafted by Infinity diamond exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of Hearts & Arrows. And every diamond is optimized to deliver maximum visual performance.  Every Crafted by Infinity diamond is laser inscribed on the girdle edge with the diamond grading report number. And every Crafted by Infinity diamond is accompanied by a Diamond Quality Document issued by the AGS Laboratory. The AGSL is one of the strictest and most respected independent gemological laboratories in the world.  While each diamond is sold under the terms and conditions applied by the individual dealers, Infinity Diamonds backs the dealers investment with a 100% buyback guarantee. This means that most Crafted by Infinity diamond dealers offer a 100% trade-in value on the diamond as a trade-in for future upgrades. Wink from High-Performance Diamonds even offers a lifetime trade-up and buy back policy. Why would you buy anywhere else?!?!

There is one more thing which Infinity Diamonds does which I feel sets them apart from the pack, and that is their “Meet the Cutter” events. These are special events held at the stores of authorized Infinity Diamond retailers throughout the world.  It might not be uncommon to meet the owner of the jewelry store when you purchase a diamond in a traditional brick-and-mortar location, but it’s practically unheard of to meet the actual diamond cutter who cut your diamond!  However several times each year, Infinity Diamonds makes it possible to do exactly that and the events are fun and amazing!

If you happen to purchase your Crafted by Infinity Diamond online from High Performance Diamonds, you’re welcome to attend a Meet the Cutter event held by them. Or you can attend a Meet the Cutter event sponsored by any other Crafted by Infinity Diamond dealer! The Crafted by Infinity dealer network is a close-knit group, I promise that nobody will mind if you crash the party!

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Although I’m no longer actively selling diamonds via Nice Ice, I relish any excuse to delve into the inventory of Crafted by Infinity diamonds… So drop me a note if you’re interested in a round brilliant super ideal cut diamond that will be truly remarkable! Just let me know what you’re searching for, and I’ll put 30+ years of diamond buying expertise to work for you.

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