Violet Diamond Unveiled by Rio Tinto

Argyle Violet Diamond, photo courtesy Rio Tinto

An extremely rare violet diamond has been unveiled by the Rio Tinto mining group. The 2.83 carat, oval brilliant cut, violet diamond pictured here was recovered from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. It is the largest such diamond ever recovered from the Argyle mine. The diamond is known as The Argyle Violet. It was graded by the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory as a notable diamond with the color grade of Fancy Deep Greyish-Bluish-Violet.

This extremely rare violet diamond is going to make a fabulous centerpiece at the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, which is the annual showcase of the rarest diamonds recovered from the Argyle mine.

Rare Argyle Violet Diamond:

Argyle Pink Diamonds manager Josephine Johnson said “We are very excited to announce this historic diamond ahead of our Tender launch. This stunning violet diamond will capture the imagination of the world’s leading collectors and connoisseurs.”

Violet diamond, Argyle mine, Australia, photo courtesy Rio TintoThe Argyle mine is well known as the source for more than 90% of the world’s rare pink diamonds. It also happens to be the only known source for violet diamonds which are rich in color. Violet diamonds are so rare, that the Argyle mine has produced only 12 carats of violet diamonds in the past 32 years.

The Argyle Violet which weighs 2.83 carats. It was cut from a piece of diamond rough weighing 9.17 carats. The piece of violet diamond rough was discovered in 2015. It was cut by diamond cutter, Richard How Kim Kam, who is one of Argyle’s master diamond polishers.

Where to buy fancy color diamonds:

People love fancy color diamonds from Brian Gavin. They are available in practically every color of the rainbow! While I don’t see a violet color puppy in his current inventory, there are plenty of pink diamonds available. As well as diamonds which are blue, green, orange, yellow, brown and champagne color. I’ve always found it interesting to look at all the different colors of diamonds which are available. Fancy color diamonds are available in practically every shade and intensity of color. Let me know if you’d like help picking one out. Quite a few of them are actually from the Argyle mine!

Photographs courtesy Rio Tinto, copyright 2015.

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