Best super ideal cut diamonds for $12k, Brian Gavin, Crafted by Infinity, Enchanted Diamonds

Brian Gavin Anita halo diamond engagement ring reviews“Hi Todd, Thanks for such an informative site. I am shopping for an engagement ring and would love your help in picking something out. My girlfriend is very simple, thus she loves round diamonds. I am looking for a diamond between 1.00 – 1.50 carats. Size is not as important as quality and sparkle. Being that we live in southern California, it is important that this thing sparkles in natural daylight. My budget would be roughly 12,000 for the loose diamond, and up to $15k including the setting, we’re thinking of a halo engagement ring. I can stretch the budget a little bit higher if you find something incredible. Feel free to respond via blog post. Looking forward to hearing back from you!”

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Blue Nile Coupon and Discount Codes: Active November 18th through December 24th, 2014

Blue Nile discount coupon codesThe Blue Nile coupon and discount code provided below, will provide you with:

  • $25 off purchases of $100
  • $50 off purchases of $200
  • $75 off purchases of $300

All you have to do is enter the Blue Nile discount and coupon code: SNOWDAY! But be forewarned, this coupon only works for regularly priced jewelry items that you might give as a gift; it will NOT work on loose diamonds, or any Build Your Own Diamond product, or designer line, restrictions apply.

Blue Nile Canada vs Enchanted Diamonds, and other online dealers; what about import excise taxes?

Blue Nile Canada vs buying from Brian Gavin Diamonds and other dealers, online import taxes and tariffsHi Todd, I have learned quite a bit about diamonds from reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m in the process of shopping for a diamond, and it is a little overwhelming. Upon viewing many diamonds with less than ideal proportions, I came across GIA #1132987464, which is a 2.00 carat, G color, VVS2 clarity diamond, with a 60% table, 59% depth, 32 degree crown  angle, and a 40.8 degree pavilion angle, which scores 1.6 “Brilliant Ideal Cut” on the Holloway Cut Adviser.

This stone has some of the proportions you recommended, but apparently it only has a very good cut rating? I’m keen on buying only GIA Excellent cut, but I am kind of wondering whether this stone is worth buying? This diamond also has only Good polish, which I’m also concerned about.

I’ve heard great things about Brian Gavin, but am concerned about the tariff and duties involved with shipping diamonds to Canada. I feel that with the money I save on taxes, will enable me to get better bang for my bucks locally. I’m also very skeptical about buying online, so I’ve been using Blue Nile Canada as a benchmark for diamond prices. I’m looking for an exceptional over 2 carat with a 35K budget; are there any diamonds that you would recommend? Thanks. ~ T.C.”

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Zoara diamonds review: GIA 1179161412, is the price of this H&A diamond too good to be true?

Zoara Diamonds Review, GIA 1179161412. Are Zoara diamonds Hearts and Arrows?“I wanted to get your advice on this rings GIA certification. the price seems too good to be true. Is there anything you can see on the Certification that might raise some suspicion? The diamond is on Zoara’s website and is under the catalog ID # D11179161412″ – H.R.

The price for the 1.21 carat, I-color, Internally Flawless clarity, round diamond from Zoara is right on target, for a “GIA Excellent cut diamond” which is not actually cut to the best proportions; which is a concept that might seem confusing at first, but suffice to say that I find the parameters for the GIA Excellent cut rating to be rather broad.

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Cherry Picking best 1 ct round diamond for Ritani French set diamond engagement ring

Ritani French set diamond engagement ring reviews, what are French set diamonds“Hi Todd, I’m looking to buy a diamond engagement ring, and have been researching diamonds online. At this point I feel that I know enough to be dangerous, I saw your diamond concierge service, and the idea of having you help me cherry pick the best diamonds available sounds really good to me! I’m not locked in to buying a diamond online from any particular vendor, but have been looking at round ideal cut diamonds for this French set diamond engagement ring from Ritani, in the range of 1.00 – 1.15 carats, D-F color, VS-2 clarity or higher, with a budget of $6-10k for the diamond.  I like the in-store preview option that Ritani offers. How does this work? Are you paid a commission by the seller?”

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Which 0.75 carat diamond should I pick? James Allen True Hearts or Brian Gavin Signature

The decision making process to analyze and buy diamonds based upon the best light return, visual performance, and sparkle factor“I’m on a quest for the best hearts and arrows diamond engagement ring that I can buy for $5K and comparing James Allen True Hearts vs Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds. I’ve been reading your blog, and a few others which seem to support your opinion that Brian Gavin Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are the best, however the prices seem so much better for James Allen True Hearts diamonds of the same quality. I’ve attached a spreadsheet containing the data for the James Allen True Hearts and Brian Gavin Signature diamonds that I am considering, could you look over the details and tell me which diamond you would choose? I’m not really sure how to interpret the data provided.”

“For instance, I don’t know which diamond offers the best offset of crown and pavilion angle, nor how to interpret the ASET Scope, Ideal Scope images; nor how to know whether a “hearts and arrows pattern is crisp and complete” as you’re so fond of putting it. I’d love to know how you approach the decision making process as to which diamonds you recommend. Is there a charge for your Diamond Concierge Service? It says that it’s free, but then I can’t figure out why you would give away this type of information for free. And do you know if anybody makes a four prong version of the classic Tiffany style solitaire? My girlfriend really likes the prong structure of that ring, but doesn’t like the look of six prong rings.” Read More…

Down the Rabbit Hole, Brian Gavin Signature vs Crafted by Infinity diamonds

Down the rabbit hole, Brian Gavin vs Crafted by Infinity diamonds“I think I’ve read every single blog post that you’ve written, possibly even twice, and it seems to me that you definitely have a preference for the super ideal cut diamonds produced by Brian Gavin and Crafted by Infinity; but which hearts and arrows diamond would you select if you had to choose between those two diamond cutters? Does Brian Gavin produce a better diamond than Crafted by Infinity? Or vice versa? Of the three diamonds presented (below) which one would you choose and why? And do you have coupon codes for either vendor?”

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Brian Gavin Diamonds launches new Olympus Collection of Engagement Rings

Brian Gavin Diamonds Olympus Collection e-ring reviewsThe Olympus Collection of Engagement Rings by Brian Gavin was introduced today, and I must say that the designs look absolutely stunning! There are  eight rings featured in the Olympus Collection, each of which is named after a different mythological Goddess; and of course, I’ve got an exclusive Brian Gavin coupon code to save you some $$$ on the ring! Just drop me a note via my Diamond Concierge Service to request the Brian Gavin Discount Code. The rings are available in platinum, 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, and 18k rose gold; and feature BGD Signature melee diamonds, so the accent diamonds will be as bright and white as the center stone!

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Brian Gavin Diamonds Coupons and Discount Codes: Save BIG when buying a diamond engagement ring!

Legara pave diamond engagement ring reviews for Brian Gavin Diamonds“Hey Todd, I love your site! It’s helped me understand diamonds better, but I don’t feel comfortable enough to pick a diamond on my own, so I’m going to take you up on your offer to help me find a diamond via your free diamond concierge service, which makes no sense to me because I know you’ve got to earn a living somehow. Anyway I’m hoping that you can help me find a ±2 carat diamond that delivers the best bang for the buck, and I’ve got about $20k to spend, but could go up to $22k for the right diamond if I have to. I guess the question is, if you were me and had that kind of money to spend, what would you choose if you were buying the diamond?” — Skyler

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