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  • K color diamond engagement ring, Brian Gavin Anita halo setting, 18k white gold

K Color Diamond Engagement Rings

“I’m wondering what you think of K color diamond engagement rings. Specifically I’m looking at a K-color diamond from Brian Gavin. I’ve heard that Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds face-up whiter and brighter because of the ideal proportions and overall cut quality. Do you think this is true? I plan on having he diamond set in an 18k white gold halo setting. I’m wondering whether the K color diamond is going to appear yellow against the white gold. I understand that a K color diamond is going to exhibit a little bit of color, but is it going to be more noticeable because it is set in white gold? Do you think that the F-G color accent diamonds are going to look strange next to the K-color diamond? My girlfriend and I have seen a non-ideal cut K color diamond in-person at a local jewelry store, we could see a hint of warmth, but do not think that the diamond looked yellow per se. We talked about it, and my girlfriend prefers a little bit of color and a larger stone. What would you recommend from Brian Gavin for around $7 – 7.5K that will be totally eye clean?” […]

  • Brian Gavin Black Friday Diamond Jewelry Discounts, Special prices, sale

Brian Gavin Black Friday Diamond Deals & Discounts

The Brian Gavin Black Friday Special

Up to 10% off + $195 off Earrings and 5 Stone Rings


  • James Allen Diamonds, Black Friday Sale Jewelry 2015

Black Friday Jewelry Specials, Click Here. Save BIG.

Heck Yea, Your Black Friday Specials are here!

Brian Gavin: Up to 10% off + $195 earrings & 5 stone rings:

Brian Gavin kicked off Black Friday by offering deep discounts of up to 10% off + $195.00 off of diamond earrings and five stone rings. That’s a staggering discount off the price of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds, plus $195.00 off the price of the setting. The amount of the discounts available is a sliding scale based upon the number of discounts available for each value. See the site for full details, but it works like this:

Brian Gavin Black Friday discounts, coupon codes

And if you haven’t already Registered with Brian Gavin as a Customer, I strongly urge you to do so right now. In my experience, the very best deals are delivered behind the scenes to registered clients of Brian Gavin Diamonds…


You’ll find everything you need to know to buy a diamond with absolute certainty in the article 15 Seconds to Diamond Buying Success, which outlines the selection criteria that I’ve relied upon for the past 30 years that I’ve worked in the diamond business as a diamond buyer! This information, combined with the knowledge of how to interpret the reflector scope images used to grade the optical precision of super ideal cut diamonds, will enable you to buy with confidence! But you’re not alone in this endeavor, take advantage of my Free Diamond Concierge Service to get expert help selecting a diamond.

You’ve heard about the 4C’s of Diamond Grading, right? It is a system for describing the four primary characteristics of a diamond, specifically the Carat weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut — which most people think of as the diamond shape. However in the diamond business, the term “Cut” refers to the overall Cut Quality of a Diamond; which takes into account the Proportions, Polish, Symmetry, and the degree of Optical Precision that the diamond has been cut and polished to exhibit. If you want the Ultimate in Light Performance, you have to Look Past the Basics of AGS Ideal-0 and GIA Excellent Cut, because neither rating takes Optical Precision into account!

We first launched Nice Ice in February of 1996, which makes me one of the original pioneers of the online diamond business! Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know most of the online diamond dealers “behind the scenes” and develop a feel for which dealers offer diamonds that deliver the best light performance, and overall diamond cut quality, in conjunction with the best prices and customer service. With that in mind, I am proud to be working closely with Brian Gavin Diamonds, and High Performance Diamonds, which is the online distributor for Crafted by Infinity; Brian Gavin and Paul Slegers are both of which are former suppliers of diamonds to Nice Ice! I’m also affiliated with Victor Canera, Blue Nile, B2C Jewels, Enchanted Diamonds, James Allen, and Ritani, but I’m happy to help you evaluate diamonds that you might be considering from other vendors as well.

Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs, quote by Malcolm Forbes, photo courtesy of Brian Gavin Signature diamond collection, search nowThe month of October commemorates my 30th year as a Diamond Buyer for the trade, which is why I appreciate this quote by Malcolm Forbes of Forbes Magazine. I started out as a diamond in the rough, and was fortunate enough to have been mentored by industry legends like 5th generation diamond cutter Brian Gavin.

Nice Ice has been one of the leading providers of diamond grading education and tutorials since 1996, and continues to provide online diamond buyers with the most in-depth information available, but that doesn’t mean that you have to try and learn everything that there is to know about diamonds in order to buy a diamond with absolute confidence.

I’m here to help you select diamonds that offer the highest volume of light performance and sparkle factor! Take advantage of my free Diamond Concierge Service and get back to doing whatever it is that you do best!

There is absolutely no cost to you as a consumer, and using the affiliate links provided will not affect your price on the diamond, my fees are paid out of the annual advertising budget of the vendors who support this web site. Note that I am happy to help you better understand the diamonds that you are considering, regardless of whether you intend to buy online, or from a traditional brick and mortar jewelry store.

The Ultimate in Visual Performance:


Hey Todd, all I have to say so far is that if looking at the Brian Gavin Signature diamond that I purchased was like porn, then I’d be an addict. Unfortunately, my fiancé has caught me multiple times looking at the beautiful ring on her finger more than I look at her. And the joy of comparing my fiance’s ring to others’ is a great game for me to play, because it’s an easy win! Prior to presenting my fiancé the ring, I had only seen it in and around the house, but now that it has been taken out and viewed in almost every light scenario, I still can’t believe it’s so obnoxiously bright and sparkly! Thank you for helping me select it!”
“Wow, this is by far the most thorough and helpful advice I’ve gotten on diamond selection — thank you! I was also favoring (that particular) Brian Gavin Signature diamond, and I’m reassured that you do as well.”
“Wow! The Brian Gavin Signature diamond is beyond my expectations. Even the H color looks like F or G to me.”
I got the ring delivered from Brian Gavin Diamonds, it looks amazing. The blue fluorescence is really cool and my fiancée loves it. Thank you so much for all your input and help.