Bull Shit Alert: American Gem Society provides urgent consumer tips for holiday diamond purchases

Bull Shit Alert American Gem Society, AGS, issues Urgent Consumer Tips for Holiday Diamond PurchasesThe American Gem Society, has issued a press release “for immediate release” that they’re calling “Urgent consumer tips for holiday diamond purchases” which I find to be so patently offensive, that I’m issuing an Official Bull Shit Alert.  Primarily because the second “urgent piece of advice” recommended in the article is that before buying a diamond, consumers should “See it. Touch it. Feel it. Though the prices for jewelry found online are sometimes lower, AGS recommends that consumers see, touch and feel the jewelry they are considering purchasing – especially diamonds. Online purchases can look very different in person than on a screen.” What year is this? 1984?

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Brian Gavin colored gem jewelry review, cushion cut peridot set in 14k white gold

Colored gems fancy green peridot Brian Gavin halo setting“Hi Todd, you helped me select the perfect Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamond for a Tiffany style engagement ring earlier this year, and now I’m hoping that you can help me with this cushion cut peridot halo ring from Brian Gavin. It appears that the colored stone jewelry from Brian Gavin is available in a variety of metal types, all of the jewelry that my fiance wears is white in color, so the options appear to be silver and 14k white gold; which metal type do you prefer? I’ve chosen peridot because it is the birthstone for August. Do proportions matter on colored gems like they do for diamonds? Do you have any experience with colored gem jewelry from Brian Gavin?”

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Sticky: How to search for matched pairs of diamonds for earrings, special Brian Gavin Signature diamond coupons and discount codes

LBrian Gavin Diamonds coupons discount codes Martini diamond stud earring saleooking for last minute gifts? Want them in time for the Holiday? Purchase a a pair of classic Martini diamond stud earrings in 14K white or yellow gold with a pair of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds, and…

Friday Dec, 12
Use Code LMG147 to receive up to 10%* OFF the diamond & setting
Saturday Dec, 13
Use Code LMG146 to receive up to 9% OFF the diamond & setting
Sunday Dec, 14
Use Code LMG145 to receive up to 8% OFF the diamond & setting

Monday Dec, 15
Use Code LMG144 to receive up to 7% OFF the diamond & setting
Tuesday Dec, 16
Use Code LMG143 to receive up to 6% OFF the diamond & setting
Wednesday Dec, 17
Use Code LMG142 to receive up to 5% OFF the diamond & setting
Thursday Dec, 18
Use Code LMG141 to receive up to 4% OFF the diamond & setting Read More…

Special Pricing Blue Nile Signature Diamond discount code, coupons

Blue Nile Signature Diamonds coupons discount codes special pricingBlue Nile kicked off the holiday season today by announcing savings up to $700.00 off the price of Blue Nile Signature diamonds by way of an exclusive coupon code. Note that this Blue Nile coupon code is only valid towards the purchase of Blue Nile Signature diamonds, it can not be applied to other Blue Nile ideal cut diamonds, or any other diamonds offered by Blue Nile.

In the event that you are not buying a Blue Nile Signature diamond, and are buying an ideal cut diamond from Blue Nile, I have a different coupon that will save you money on wedding rings ordered at the same time, just ask for it.

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Big Savings on the Best Princess Cut Diamonds with amazing light return and sparkle!

Brian Gavin Discount Coupons Codes Signature Princess Cut Reviews use coupon code PRDEC14 to Save up to 8 percentBrian Gavin blew me out of the water this morning by sending out an email to a select group of VIP clients, announcing Savings up to 8% on Brian Gavin Signature princess cut diamonds, by way of the Brian Gavin Coupon Code PRDEC14. Shortly after thatI received an inquiry via my free Diamond Concierge Service from a client asking for help searching for a princess cut diamond. So I asked Brian Gavin whether I could extend the BGD Discount Code to my client via private email, and he said “of course” and then a few minutes later, they decided to make the offer public on the web site! Woo-Hoo! Great minds think alike! Win / Win for everybody! I consider Brian Gavin’s production of AGS Ideal princess cut diamonds to be among the very best, and I’ll explain why…

Blue Nile Cyber Monday Deals, Specials, Coupon codes

Blue Nile Cyber Monday deals specials coupon codes select halo diamond jewelryYou can use the code CYBER14 on Blue Nile to save 50% on select Cushion diamond stud earrings, select halo diamond jewelry, select sapphire jewelry, and select pearl jewelry.

James Allen Cyber Monday Deals, Coupon Codes, Specials, Discounts

James Allen Diamonds apparently couldn’t be bothered to inform their affiliates of their Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals, coupon codes, or discounts, but here it is fresh off their web site:

James Allen Cyber Monday deals specials coupons discounts
I’m a bit confused by the statement “25% off THE ENTIRE WEBSITE” combined with the exclusion “offer does not include diamonds and/or gemstones” because then it’s not off “the entire web site” it’s just off jewelry, but whatever; here’s the coupon code for James Allen Cyber Monday Deals, I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what it’s actually valid on.

Cyber Monday Deals Enchanted Diamonds, save on diamonds and engagement rings!

Enchanted Diamonds Cyber Monday Deals on diamonds and engagement ringsGood news! If you missed the opportunity to take advantage of the special savings being offered by Enchanted Diamonds for Black Friday, they extended the offer for Cyber Monday!

And of course, I’ll be around most of the day to help you select the best options if you want to send me a note via my Diamond Concierge Service.

* Note that if you’ve already signed up for an account with Enchanted Diamonds, that the Cyber Monday Deals Enchanted Diamonds discount is automatically applied and will show up in the pricing, so prices will be slashed automatically and what you see is what you get! But if you’re visiting the site for the first time, be sure to enter the “Cybermonday14″ Cyber Monday coupon code to receive special pricing from Enchanted Diamonds!

Cyber Monday Deals Brian Gavin Colored Stone Jewelry, Italian Rose Gold Jewelry, Fiore Earring Jackets

Best colored stone gem jewelry deals Brian Gavin Diamonds Cyber Monday Deals and Coupons

Save Big with Cyber Monday Deals from Brian Gavin

  • Italian Rose Gold Jewelry,
  • Colorful Gemstone Jewelry
  • Fiore Earring Jackets

Starting at $88.00 Use Code CYBMON14

Offer Ends 12/1/14 – 11:59PM CST

One carat round diamond engagement ring, F-color, VS-1 clarity, round ideal cut

Nice Ice Diamond Concierge Service, professional diamond buying advice for free“Hey Todd, love the web site, I’d like to take take advantage of your Diamond Concierge Service, because this whole process of shopping for an engagement ring, is turning out to be a bit overwhelming, and the effects are rippling out into other areas of my life! I’m looking for a one carat round diamond engagement ring, with VS-1 clarity, F-color, and no fluorescence. I know that you’ll zero in on the proportions, and that your primary focus is on diamond cut quality, but I’m not so sure where to draw the line in terms of what we’ll be able to see between the differences in sparkle exhibited by Hearts and Arrows diamonds, or just straight GIA Triple Excellent or AGS Ideal diamonds.”

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