Brian Gavin March Madness Deals! Brian Gavin Coupons, Discount Codes!

Brian Gavin Diamonds discounts coupons special offers, March Madness SaleBrian Gavin Diamonds March Madness Sale! It seems that Brian Gavin is an avid basketball fan, and he’s decided to celebrate the NCAA Basketball Tournament by betting on a sure thing, Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds! This week’s Brian Gavin coupons and discount codes will save you 9% off of engagement rings, and up to 8% off of diamonds! Complete details and coupon codes are provided on the Brian Gavin Diamonds March Madness Sale details page. Things move kind of fast under these conditions, so if you see something you like, click to order it, and then use my free Diamond Concierge Service if you want my opinion on it. Please tell Brian Gavin that you read about them on Nice Ice!

Rare find! Brian Gavin Signature round diamond review, 1.458 carat, I-color, VS-1 clarity, hearts and arrows diamond!

Rare find, Brian Gavin Signature 1-458 carat, hearts and arrows diamond review, AGSL 104077663014It is pretty rare to find diamonds that meet my selection criteria in the range of 1.40 – 1.49 carats, because the reality is that a diamond cutter has to be stupid to produce anything short of the 1.50 carat mark where the price per carat of diamonds increases dramatically, thus Brian Gavin would have been better off from a financial perspective to cut this diamond to lesser proportions, thus yielding more profit via a higher selling price, but that’s just not his style… Brian Gavin claims to have set the standard for Hearts and Arrows diamonds, and thus this 1.458 carat, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond represents his dedication to cutting diamonds that exhibit the best light performance!

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RapNet Diamond MLS Announces Virtual Diamond Inventory Service for Retail Diamond Jewelers

Martin Rapaport, founder of RapNet, announces instant inventory service for diamond jewelersIndustry giant Martin Rapaport announced today, the official launch of RapNet’s new “Instant Inventory for Diamond Jewelers” which provides retail jewelers and internet dealers with access to virtual inventory consisting of more than 1.5 million diamonds, valued at more than $8 billion dollars. This service enables jewelry stores and internet diamond dealers to offer millions of dollars in diamond inventory, without actually investing money in a single diamond, or purchasing diamond grading equipment of any kind. The only investment a jeweler has to make is the time spent subscribing to the Instant Inventory for Diamond Jewelers service, and setting up the basic search parameters that their inventory will consist of.

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James Allen Reviews, 1.803 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, AGS Ideal-0 round ideal cut diamond

James Allen Round Ideal Cut Dianond Reviews, AGS 104077293012, very nice static contrastWhile searching for diamonds on behalf of a client, I happened to trip across this 1.803 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, round ideal cut diamond from James Allen. I had not quite finished entering the search parameters that I use when conducting a search for ideal cut diamonds on James Allen, which for this search was to include a lower range of clarity and color, when this puppy caught my eye because of the great static contrast that it exhibits in the diamond clarity video! The diamond has an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 and looks spectacular in the video!

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James Allen True Hearts diamond reviews: Which JA True Hearts diamond should I buy?

James Allen True Hearts diamond reviews, picking the best James Allen True Hearts diamond“You helped a friend of mine shop for a diamond engagement ring about a year ago, he ended up going with one of your recommendations from the James Allen True Hearts diamond collection, and the diamond is drop dead gorgeous! Based upon the two months salary rule, I’ve got about $20k to spend, but I’m not entirely convinced I need to spend that much to get something nice. Can I get a really nice looking diamond for $10-15k? She would be extremely happy around 1.20 carats since that is the size diamond her best friend received. I prefer D-E color, but the diamond my friend bought is a G-color and it looks good to me, but my mental preference is colorless, and VS-2 or higher in clarity, since that seems to be less noticeable to the naked eye, but I could go higher in clarity to maintain that mind clean feeling. What do you recommend?”

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Ritani Reviews, Modern Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring 18kt Rose Gold, plus 60/60 Diamond Review

Ritani reviews modern bypass diamond engagement ring 18kt rose gold“My girlfriend really likes the design of the Ritani Modern Bypass diamond engagement ring in 18k rose gold, but we’ve read mixed reviews about the ring, and their diamonds. We’re wondering whether you’ve had any experience with this setting, and what your opinion is of this Ritani diamond which seems pretty close to the specs of a 60/60 ideal cut diamond; it scored 1.6 Excellent TIC on the Holloway Cut Adviser, which is a bit confusing to me since it only gave it Very Good for Fire and Scintillation. We were originally looking at Brian Gavin, but they don’t have a setting similar to this, and we’re a bit concerned about ordering a custom engagement ring sight unseen.”

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Why I don’t charge for my diamond concierge services, an Enchanted Diamonds review!

Encahnted Diamonds Reviews, GIA 1199392820, clarity imageHey Todd, I’d like to get your opinion on two diamonds, which honestly I located using the search engine feature provided on the web site of one of your competitors. I’ll be happy to use your referral link in exchange for a bit of advice; especially since it seems that your competitor is not willing to discuss anything further without charging me for their advice! Which leads me to wonder: “Why do you provide diamond buying advice for free? Just trying to figure out how this whole affiliate thing works. The two diamonds that I’m considering are this 1.40 carat, G-color, SI-1 clarity, round from Enchanted Diamonds, and this 1.44 carat, H-color, SI-1 clarity, round from Enchanted Diamonds.

Please feel free to respond by blog post, and make any additional recommendations if you see anything better out there. I’m in the early research phase of buying a diamond engagement ring, looking for something in the range of 8-10k, that provides a good balance of carat weight, color, and clarity. Based upon everything that I’ve read, diamond cut quality should be my primary focus. Would you agree?

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Blue Nile Signature Round Diamond Reviews: 1.40+ carats, G-color, VS clarity

Blue Nile Signature round diamond reviews, GIA 2151281275While searching for ideal cut diamonds on Blue Nile, I happened to run across two Blue Nile Signature round diamonds that are quite what he’s looking for, but which are definitely worthy of mention, as I believe that they will be interesting to some of you. One is this 1.42 carat G-color, VS-1 clarity, Blue Nile Signature round diamond, and the other is this 1.44 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity, Blue Nile Signature round diamond, which both have proportions that are right on the outer edge of my preferred selection criteria. Even though these Blue Nile Signature round diamonds are not quite perfect “by the numbers” they are pretty darn close, and thus they are worthy of consideration if you’re looking for something stunning, just short of the 1.50 carat mark. These diamonds are an exceptional value because they fall short of the 1.49 – 1.50 carat mark, where the price of diamonds increases substantially.

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Getting the Biggest Bang for my Buck! D-color vs E-color, VS-2 vs VS-1 clarity, Ideal vs H&A

Why buying a high performance diamond is like buying a porsche“I’m probably three to four months out from making a decision, so you can respond via blog post if you’d like. I’m just trying to figure out which diamond characteristics to focus on to get the biggest bang for my buck, between this 1.532 carat, D-color, VS-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond, and this 1.812 carat, E-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature H&A Diamond, and this 1.51 carat, D-color, VS-1 clarity, round from Enchanted Diamonds, which I understand is not H&A. But do I really need a Hearts and Arrows diamond to get top end performance? How much of this technical stuff is really important? I’m about to give up and just put the money down on a Porsche.”

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3 Prong Martini style Diamond Stud Earrings Ritani GIA Excellent Cut Diamond Reviews

Three prong martini style diamond stud earrings, Ritani GIA Excellent cut diamond reviewsWhile conducting a search for a client who submitted a request via my free Diamond Concierge Service, I ran across two Ritani GIA Excellent cut round diamonds that I think would make a great pair of diamond earrings! This 0.60 carat, D-color, VS-1 clarity, GIA Excellent cut round diamond from Ritani, is an excellent match for this 0.60 carat, D-color, VS-1 clarity, GIA Excellent cut round diamond from Ritani. The diamonds measure 5.40 – 5.41 x 3.33 mm and 5.39 – 5.41 x 3.33 mm respectively, and both have a total depth of 61.7% with one having a 57% table diameter and the other having a 58% table diameter, and both having a pavilion angle of 40.8 degrees with a pavilion depth of 43%.

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