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3 carat diamond e-ring by Brian Gavin

3 carat diamond engagement ring, Brian Gavin Signature AGSL 104052954001This 3.018 carat, H-color, SI-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond would make a fantastic center stone for a 3 carat diamond e-ring! I ran across it while searching for options on behalf of a client. He can’t fathom the possibility that an SI-1 clarity diamond can be eye clean. But I double checked the extent to which the inclusions are visible within this diamond with several people at Brian Gavin Diamonds. Everybody who has examined the diamond tells me that it’s absolutely eye clean! This doesn’t really surprise me given the translucent nature of the inclusions within this 3 carat diamond. The translucent diamond crystal located along the edge of the table facet in the relative ten o’clock position is difficult to locate in this clarity photograph. The primary inclusion is ghost-like. It is difficult to see even when the video window is expanded to show the super-magnified view of the diamond.


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3 carat diamond meets 35x magnification:

What degree of magnification is used by Brian Gavin to capture diamond clarity photographs? 35xPeople frequently ask me what degree of magnification is used to capture the clarity photographs provided on the diamond details pages provided by Brian Gavin. The degree of magnification used to by Brian Gavin is about 35x. It makes a dime look like this. Notice how this degree of magnification makes it impossible to capture an image of the full size dime. And how visible the tiny scratches happen to be when the dime is viewed at this level of magnification. This photograph was provided by Brian Gavin to provide clients with an example of how large common items appear when viewed using the same degree of magnification used to capture their diamond clarity photographs. With this in mind, imagine how truly minute the diamond crystal trapped within this 3.018 carat, H-color, SI-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamond happens to be in real life. We’re talking super-duper tiny!


Note that the diamond crystal which is the primary inclusion reflects outward towards the edge of the diamond several times in the ten o’clock region. This is not uncommon, and is nothing to be concerned about. It is quite common for inclusions to reflect throughout a diamond. Especially when the diamond is being viewed through magnification. It is the combination of the inclusion reflecting off of the facets of the diamond. Being magnified substantially increases the effect. Interestingly enough, an inclusion that “mirrors” when viewed at one level of magnification, will not always mirror or reflect when the diamond is being viewed using a different level of magnification.

I’m not able to locate any trace of the feather indicated within the lower half of the diamond, while viewing the diamond in the video from a top-down profile. Thus I have no concern that it might be visible from a top-down perspective without magnification. The most prominent inclusion within this diamond is the translucent diamond crystal indicated in the relative ten o’clock position of the upper plotting diagram. The feather is located well within the body of the diamond on the underside of the diamond. As such, the feather should be of no consequence.

3 carat diamond, H-color, SI-1 clarity:

3 carat diamond e-ring, Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows, AGS 104052954001I’ve been assured by Brian Gavin that this 3.018 carat, H-color, SI-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature diamond is eye clean. It faces-up bright and white. It is extremely difficult to find 3 carat diamonds that meet my selection criteria by the numbers. But it is practically impossible to find options that also exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows! Fewer than 0.001% of all the round brilliant cut diamonds produced in the average year are cut to super ideal proportions, exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows, and are cut to a level of precision that warrants the overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 on the Light Performance grading platform. This diamond also looks exceptional when viewed through an ASET Scope and an Ideal Scope. Which means that light is reflecting evenly throughout the diamond, and that it will be super bright and lively! Be sure to let me know if you purchase this diamond, I’d love to receive copies of the glamour photographs provided by Brian Gavin once this 3 carat diamond has been set in an engagement ring!


Best proportions for a 3 carat diamond:

The article 15 Seconds to Diamond Buying Success provides an in-depth analysis of the best proportions for a round brilliant ideal cut diamond, so I won’t get into that here. But I would like to explain what you can expect the proportions of this diamond to deliver in terms of light performance.

The 40.9 degree pavilion angle is going to provide a high volume of light return. The 34.9 degree crown angle will produce a virtual balance of brilliance (white sparkle) and dispersion (colored sparkle). The combination of the higher degree of optical precision and the 77% lower girdle facet length will produce broad spectrum sparkle. This is sparkle that is larger in size, and which tends to be bolder and brighter than what the average ideal cut diamond will produce.

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