3 Prong Martini style Diamond Stud Earrings Ritani GIA Excellent Cut Diamond Reviews

While conducting a search for a client who submitted a request via my free Diamond Concierge Service, I ran across two Ritani GIA Excellent cut round diamonds that I think would make a great pair of diamond earrings! This 0.60 carat, D-color, VS-1 clarity, GIA Excellent cut round diamond from Ritani, is an excellent match for this 0.60 carat, D-color, VS-1 clarity, GIA Excellent cut round diamond from Ritani. The diamonds measure 5.40 – 5.41 x 3.33 mm and 5.39 – 5.41 x 3.33 mm respectively, and both have a total depth of 61.7% with one having a 57% table diameter and the other having a 58% table diameter, and both having a pavilion angle of 40.8 degrees with a pavilion depth of 43%.

Both diamonds have a crown angle of 35.0 degrees with a crown height of 15% and feature a lower girdle facet length of 75% which when combined with these proportions, should provide broad-spectrum sparkle that is bold and bright.

Even the girdle edge of both diamonds is within the same range of medium to slightly thick, faceted. The only real difference between the two diamonds is the length of the star facets, 45% vs 50% and that’s not really something that any of us are going to pick up on with just our eyes…

This pair of diamonds from Ritani provides an excellent match for earrings, and that they would look fantastic set in these three prong white gold Martini style diamond studs from Ritani.

Where I usually shop for diamond earrings online:

I mentioned previously that I happened to stumble across these while helping a client search for diamonds on Ritani, but the fact of the matter is that I find their diamond search engine to be clunky and cumbersome, especially when it comes to searching for matched pairs of diamonds for earrings!

Search for ideal cut diamonds on Ritani, diamond reviewsIn order to see the details for all of the results that appear when I search for diamonds on Ritani, so that I can determine whether the proportions of the diamond meet my preferred selection criteria, I have to mouse over the option to “Choose Diamond” and then right-click on “View Diamond Details” and then wait for the lab report to open to see the actual proportions for each diamond.


This means that I had sixty separate tabs open in my browser while conducting a diamond search for this particular client! And I had to sit around twiddling my thumbs while I waited for every one of the diamond grading reports to open… And when it was all said and done, there were only three GIA Excellent cut diamonds from Ritani that actually met my selection criteria, one met the clients needs, and I thought the other two made a good option for earrings, but it’s a big waste of time in my book!

So when I’m looking for diamonds earrings, the first thing that I usually do is Search Brian Gavin for matched pairs of diamonds for earrings, because I’ve yet to find a Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamond that didn’t meet my criteria for diamond cut quality… And since it’s the combination of proportions and diamond cut quality / optical precision that dictates the sparkle factor of a diamond, this seems like a good place to start!

Naturally I’m happy to help you look for matched diamonds for earrings regardless of whether you’re shopping at Ritani, Brian Gavin, or any of the other vendors who I work with… or actually anybody else for that matter, just drop me a note via my Diamond Concierge Service form, the service is free. I’d appreciate it if you’d use the affiliate links provided to complete your purchase, but it all comes out in the wash as they say.

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