Diamond Rough Weighing 105.6 carats Unearthed by Alrosa

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December 21

Diamond rough weighing 105.6 carats was recently unearthed by the ALROSA mining group, according to the announcement made by the company on December 17th.

This incredibly large piece of diamond rough was extracted at processing plant #14 by the companies Aikhal Mining and Processing Division (MPD).

The diamond rough is described as being of “4 Black Sawables 2 color” quality is octahedral in shape. It is transparent in color, with a moderate yellowish hue. There are small olivine, graphite, and sulfide inclusions visible in the crystal.

Alrosa Diamond Rough Crystal.

Diamond Rough Crystal.

The Jubilee kimberlite pipe is famous for its large finds. A few diamonds weighing between 50 to 120 carats have been recovered from the deposit so far this year. I can’t help but think that given the moderate yellowish hue of this diamond rough, it might be suitable for a Brian Gavin Cape series diamond.

From Diamond Rough to Polished Gem:

Brian Gavin Cape series diamond.

Brian Gavin Cape Series Diamond.

This particular piece of diamond rough certainly seems like it would be suitable for a Brian Gavin Cape series diamond. Cape diamonds are those which are warmer in color and exhibit a slight yellowish hue.

A quick search of Brian Gavin Cape series diamonds revealed that the largest cape color diamond currently available is this 2.250 carat, M-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature Cape color diamond.

I wonder how much a piece of diamond rough weighing 105.6 carats and of this quality would cost? And what size diamond will it yield?

I know from experience that the piece of diamond rough used to produce this 2.25 carat, Brian Gavin Signature Cape series diamond would have had to weigh at least six carats, and possibly as much as eight carats!

Thus it is reasonable to assume that a skilled cutter like Brian Gavin might be able to produce something weighing 50 carats or more from this piece of diamond rough. What a sight that would be to see!

Brian Gavin Signature M-color diamond:

Hearts pattern within a Brian Gavin Cape series diamond.

Brian Gavin Cape Series.

Getting back to this 2.250 carat, M-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature Cape series diamond. Check out the crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows that it exhibits when viewed through a special reflector scope.

This pattern of eight hearts and arrows is an indication that the diamond exhibits an exceptional degree of optical precision. Which is the consistency of facet shape, size, and alignment upon the surface of the diamond.

The combination of the super ideal cut diamond proportions, and the higher degree of optical precision, will produce broad-spectrum sparkle.

That is sparkle that is larger in size, and bolder in appearance than what the average ideal cut diamond is capable of producing. Diamond rough that is Cape color is more affordable than diamond rough that is whiter in appearance. That is why you can pick up this 2.25 carat cape colored diamond from Brian Gavin for less than $14K.

As you can see from the video, the color of the diamond is ever-so-slight, but the sparkle is amazing! If you’re looking for an affordable two carat diamond, this is the way to go! Consequently, if you're into unique crystals, then you'll appreciate this fish-shaped diamond rough.

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Photo courtesy of Alrosa.

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