Brian Gavin Coupon Codes make this pair of 2 carat t.w. diamond stud earrings a super great buy!

Brian Gavin Diamonds issued coupon codes yesterday that offer substantial savings on matched pairs of Brian Gavin Signature round and cushion cut diamonds, which make this the perfect time to buy diamond stud earrings! While evaluating some options for a client today who is shopping for a diamond solitaire style engagement ring, I happened to spot this matched pair of Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds weighing two carats total weight, which are G-color and SI-2 in clarity.

Hearts pattern exhibited by Brian Gavin Signature Diamond, AGSL 104067109053Both of these diamonds are graded by the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) with an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 and have proportions which represent the center “sweet spot” of the zero ideal cut proportions grade! That combined with the incredible level of precision that is required to create the pattern of hearts and arrows exhibited by both of these diamonds, produces an incredible amount of light return and exceptional sparkle! Now you won’t be able to see this pattern within the diamonds without a special scope that diffuses the light, but you will be able to see the sparkle factor of these diamonds from across the room! This is a pair of diamond earrings that will take her breath away!


In addition to be cut to an incredible level of optical symmetry, these diamonds are G-color which means that they are going to be bright and white! And the SI-2 clarity grade keeps them affordable, while still being “eye clean” according to Brian Gavin who indicated that the diamonds are “eye clean” on the diamond details page for this pair of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds.

What is the definition of “eye clean” for diamonds?

One of the most common questions that people ask when considering diamonds online is whether the diamond is “eye clean” or not because they want to know that they’re not likely to be able to detect the inclusions within the diamond with just their eyes…

The challenge is that everybody has different eyesight and vision, so a diamond that appears to be eye clean for one person might not be eye clean to somebody else… plus the determination whether a diamond is eye clean or not is made from a distance of 9 – 12 inches, so it might be possible for you to see the inclusions within an “eye clean diamond” with just your eyes if you happen to have “eagle vision” or if you scrutinize the diamond closely from a distance of 2 – 3 inches, especially if you cheat and use a diamond grading loupe to locate the inclusions first and therefore know what to look for.

One thing to keep in mind is that Brian Gavin is a trained diamond grader, so when he looks at a diamond to determine whether it is eye clean, he does so with the expertise of knowing what he’s looking for, so when he says that a diamond is eye clean, I tend to believe it.

And when I look at the clarity photographs and the high resolution video provided on the diamond details page for this matched pair of two carat total weight diamonds from Brian Gavin, I can see how these SI-2 clarity diamonds could easily be eye clean.

Use these Brian Gavin Coupon Codes to Save BIG:

If you’d like to purchase this pair of matched Brian Gavin Signature diamonds or search for a pair of matched diamonds from Brian Gavin and have them set in diamond earrings for Valentines Day, then this coupon code will save you a lot of money!

Use Brian Gavin Coupon Code “VDAYR14” to save 6% off the price of two Brian Gavin Signature or Brian Gavin Blue round brilliant cut diamonds and paying by credit card or Pay Pal. Get an additional discount of 2% when paying by cash / wire transfer.

If you happen to be buying a matched pair of Brian Gavin Signature cushion cut diamonds, then use the coupon code “VDAYC14” from Brian Gavin to save 8% off the price of both diamonds when paying by credit card or Pay Pal, and get an additional discount of 2% when paying by cash / wire transfer.

It isn’t very often that Brian Gavin offers any sort of discount on Brian Gavin Signature or Brian Gavin Blue diamonds with blue fluorescence, so these coupon codes are kind of a big deal! Take advantage of the savings by buying a pair of diamond earrings before this special ends on Valentines Day.

And if you happen to be looking for just one diamond from Brian Gavin, be sure to ask me for a coupon which I have that will save you some money on a setting purchased in conjunction with a diamond from either the Brian Gavin Signature or Brian Gavin Blue collections… every little bit adds up!

Todd Gray, Diamond Buyer for Nice Ice.

Todd Gray of Nice Ice.

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