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Brian Gavin coupon code, BGD Signature princess and cushion cut diamonds, April 2016

Looking for the perfect graduation gift? The Brian Gavin Coupon Code: GRAD16 will save you up to 10% OFF  Brian Gavin Signature 0.20 to 0.25 carat round diamonds! These diamonds are cut to the same precise standards as Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamonds! So you’re assured of the highest volume of light return and sparkle factor! These diamonds are perfect for…

Sparkling Earrings or a Pendant
The Graduation Gift
That Will Last a Lifetime!

This special Brian Gavin Diamonds Coupon is valid from now through 11:59 pm CST, Tuesday 5/31/16. This is a special subscriber only promotion that I received this morning. Which I then obtained special permission to share with readers of my blog!

How to get Brian Gavin Coupon Codes:

Brian Gavin doesn’t always allow me to share these subscriber only promotions with my readers, so be sure to sign-up for the Brian Gavin Diamonds mailing list to ensure that you receive Brian Gavin Coupon and Discount Codes in the future! Restrictions apply, see site for details.

Search Brian Gavin Select Cushion cut diamondsExceptional Cushion and Cushion Modified cut diamonds.

Be sure to take advantage of my free Diamond Concierge Service if you’d like my help selecting a Brian Gavin Signature Princess or Cushion Cut diamond. Not that you really need my help picking a fantastic diamond from Brian Gavin, he used to produce diamonds for the Nice Ice private label. His production quality is top notch, I’ve never had to reject one of his diamonds for diamond cut quality. The light performance and sparkle factor is always amazing. Be sure to ask for my friend Jamie in Customer Service! She takes phenomenal care of my clients!

Be forewarned that diamonds tend to fly off the shelves when Brian Gavin Coupon specials are offered! If you see a diamond that seems interesting, click the button to order it. Then send me a link to the diamond for review if you want a second opinion. Be sure to act fast to take advantage of this Brian Gavin coupon code while there are lots of options to choose from!

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