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    Brian Gavin Signature Diamond Reviews: 2.5 carats, I color, SI-1 clarity, with Hearts and Arrows

    Hello Todd, I very much enjoyed reading all the information on your website. I just started my search for a diamond engagement ring and I have the impression that your diamond concierge service will be very beneficial to me. I am looking for a round brilliant (or possibly emerald cut) around 2.5 carats, I-color, SI-1 clarity or better, solitaire style setting, budget is around $30k, which I trust will give me some good options. I’m looking at the “premium” hearts and arrows diamonds, but am still overwhelmed by all the different measurements that need to be taken into consideration. Lastly, I would love to hear about any vendor coupons codes that you can share with me. — Mark N.

    Thank you for your inquiry Mark, there are a lot of factors which must be taken into account when selecting a diamond for an engagement ring, and the measurements are just one of them… especially with regards to the premium hearts and arrows diamonds, because of the superior level of optical symmetry required to produce a crisp and complete pattern.

    Brian Gavin Diamond Review: 2.516 carats, I-color, SI-1 clarity

    Brian Gavin Hearts and Arrows Diamond Reviews, AGSL 104066185011The first diamond which came to mind when I received your request is this 2.516 carat, I-color, SI-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond which exhibits this exceptional pattern of hearts and arrows, because I got to see this diamond in-person when I flew out to Houston a few months back for a tour of Brian Gavin Diamonds. I think that it is exactly what you are looking for in terms of carat weight, color, clarity, and overall cut quality, but it’s priced at $32,744.00 with a discount available for payment via wire transfer which brings the price down to $31,762.00 I’m not sure how firm your desired price range of $30k happens to be, but maybe this is within reach?


    This hearts and arrows round brilliant ideal cut diamond from Brian Gavin has an overall grade of AGS Ideal-0 as determined on their proprietary Light Performance grading platform which uses Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology (ASET) to measure the brightness of the diamond, and determine where it is gathering light from within the room, and provides insight into how it reflects that light back up towards the person viewing the diamond. The pattern of brightness indicated on the ASET diagram provided on the diamond grading report looks phenomenal and I recall that this diamond looked incredible when I was playing with it.

    The diamond measures 8.75 – 8.79 x 5.40 mm with a total depth of 61.6% and a table diameter of 56.5% and a crown angle of 34.8 degrees which is offset by a pavilion angle of 40.9 degrees with a thin to medium, faceted girdle and a pointed culet, which places the proportions of this diamond right in the middle of the spectrum designated for the zero ideal cut proportions rating. If you want to get really tricky about the measurements of this diamond, I’ll let you in on a little secret… the lower girdle halves measurement of 77% is a good indication that this diamond will exhibit nice, broad flashes of light!

    The primary inclusions within the diamond consist of clouds of pinpoint size diamond crystals, slightly larger diamond crystals, and a few small feathers, none of which are any consequence. Brian Gavin indicates that this diamond is “eye clean” and I concur, making this an incredible option if it is within your budget.

    Brian Gavin Diamond Reviews: 2.311 carats, I-color, VS-2 clarity

    Brian Gavin Signature Round Diamond Reviews, AGSL 104061350023The next option available from Brian Gavin which peaks my interest is this 2.311 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond, which is obviously a little lower in carat weight than your desired range of 2.50 carats, however it’s also under budget and there isn’t a lot of visual difference between a 2.3 – 2.5 carat round diamond. This diamond has an average outside diameter of 8.50 millimeters, whereas the 2.516 carat diamond reviewed above has an average outside diameter of 8.77 mm. As you might expect, the proportions are right in the middle of the range for the zero ideal cut rating, and as you can see by the ASET results provided on the DQD to the left, the diamond exhibits incredible brightness! Likewise the pattern of hearts and arrows visible within the diamond as indicated on the diamond details page looks incredible.

    The primary inclusions consist of diamond crystals and clouds of pinpoint size diamond crystals. In reality, the only real difference between this diamond and the 2.516 carat described above is a sliver of carat weight and thus this diamond is a really good option.


    Classic Tiffany Solitaire Style Engagement Ring:

    Brian Gavin Classic Tiffany Solitaire ReviewsI don’t know what style of solitaire diamond engagement ring you are thinking about, but one of my favorites has always been this Classic Tiffany Style Solitaire from Brian Gavin which I know will look amazing set with either of these diamonds. I’ve sent you a coupon code via email which will provide you with some savings on this setting, or any other setting which you order from Brian Gavin that is ordered in conjunction with a diamond from either the Brian Gavin Signature or Brian Gavin Blue collections. I hope that you find these Brian Gavin Signature Diamond Reviews helpful, he is one of my favorite producers of Hearts and Arrows round brilliant ideal cut diamonds.

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