Face Off: Brian Gavin Signature Diamond vs Crafted by Infinity Hearts & Arrows Diamond, which is the best 1.50 carat, H-color, VS-2 clarity option?

Hi Todd, I’ve spent the past few months educating myself about diamonds by reading your blog posts and the diamond education sections provided on several of the web sites which you mention. I think I’ve narrowed down my search to this 1.538 carat, H-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows diamond and this 1.574 carat, H-color, VS-2 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamond from High Performance Diamonds. I’m looking to have the diamond set in something like the Sarah halo setting from Brian Gavin (pictured to the left) and am wondering which of these diamonds you would choose. Thanks in advance for your assistance! — Larry B.

Wow Larry, you couldn’t make this easy, could you? I’ve looked over the details for the 1.538 carat, H-color, VS-2 clarity, Signature Hearts & Arrows diamond from Brian Gavin and the 1.574 carat, H-color, VS-2 clarity, Hearts & Arrows diamond from Crafted by Infinity and they are practically twins! I could seriously flip a coin and be completely satisfied with either one!

I think you realize that both of these diamonds are produced by two diamond cutters who I consider to be among the best in the industry… both diamonds are cut to proportions which represent the center of the range designated for the zero ideal cut proportions rating as defined by the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) and have been graded as having an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 on their proprietary light performance grading platform…

And both diamonds exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows, which combined with the overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 easily places them in the top 0.001% of the annual production for round brilliant cut diamonds… and you want me to pick one?!?! Right… Can’t you just buy both of them and give your fiance a pair of diamond earrings? 😉

Because I don’t see anything about either diamond that leads me to prefer one over the other… you’ve done a great job of selecting these diamonds and the choice is clearly not easy because they are practically identical in terms of their proportions and characteristics, I’d be happy with either of them and am sure that you’re fiance will be also.

The reflector images (ASET scope, Ideal Scope, Hearts & Arrows scope) look great for both diamonds… the clarity characteristics look great, the difference in price is minimal and primarily a factor of a slight difference in carat weight.

Brian Gavin Signature diamond, AGSL 104062160147 versus Crafted by Infinity hearts and arrows diamondThe only real difference that I see between the diamonds is brand name… heck, they were even both produced in Antwerp, Belgium so I can’t even use that as a deciding factor! Nope! I’m not able to reach a conclusion as to which diamond I prefer, therefore I resorted to the age old method of tossing a coin up in the air, the 1.538 carat, H-color, VS-2 clarity, Signature Hearts & Arrows diamond from Brian Gavin won 3 out of 5 tosses, but I was using a 10 Peso coin (because I’m currently in Mexico) and they’re weighted kind of funny so you might want to try to duplicate my results using a quarter.

Todd Gray

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A mad scientist with a passion for improving diamond cut quality to maximize light performance and sparkle factor. I speak geek in degrees of optical precision between bouts of freediving. My ghostwritten ramblings haunt the rabbit holes of information found on many diamond vendor sites. Diamond buyer, author, consultant, errant seeker of deep blue water.

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