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Brilliant Earth vs Brilliantly Engaged ($672 difference?!?!)

“I’m hoping you can provide me with some insight pertaining to Brilliant Earth vs Brilliantly Engaged. Which dealer do you think is more reputable? My girlfriend and I like the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’re buying a conflict free diamond. There are 5 GIA Excellent cut diamonds on Brilliant Earth which are of interest to us. I’m hoping that you can help us determine which diamond is the best choice. GIA #5243871272 is also listed on Brilliantly Engaged, the difference in price is $672.00 which I find very curious.

Why the huge difference in price?!?! Do you think that Brilliant Earth will negotiate on the price with me? Why are some Brilliant Earth diamonds listed on Brilliantly Engaged, but not others? Brilliantly Engaged is located in New York. Are they supplying diamonds to Brilliant Earth? Is that why there is such a huge difference in price?!?!”

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Brilliant Earth vs Brilliantly Engaged Diamond Prices:

All right, first things first. I’m pretty certain that Brilliantly Engaged is not selling this diamond to Brilliant Earth. I was able to locate the diamond by lab report number in the multiple listing service (MLS). The diamond appears within the inventory of a supplier from Mumbai, India.

The reality is that most internet dealers are sourcing a portion of their inventory from the MLS. Thus it is pretty common for multiple dealers to be offering the same diamond for different prices:

Whenever you see something like this, it is common for confusion to ensure. However, the most logical reason for the Brilliant Earth vs Brilliantly Engaged price difference is probably pretty simple. It’s most likely that the two companies operate on different profit structures. However their annual volume with this particular cutter might also factor into the equation.

The fact of the matter is that we were able to offer lower prices on diamonds than some of our competitors. Sometimes the reason was simply because our annual volume with the supplier was higher. No doubt, you’re familiar with the concept of volume discounts?

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Brilliant Earth vs Brilliantly Engaged: GIA #5243871272

The thing to realize of course, is that we’re only talking about the price difference on GIA #5243871272. This is the only diamond of the ones you are considering, which appears on both web sites. Therefore, we don’t know whether this sort of price difference is normal, or a one time thing.

Suffice to say, it’s always a good idea to shop around to ensure that you’re getting the best price. And of course, you want to double check the diamond grading report numbers to ensure that you really are looking at the same diamond. To be sure that these two diamonds are the same, just open up the lab reports. Double check and verify the diamond grading report numbers, they’re the same diamond.

Therefore, you can buy the 1.07 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity, GIA Excellent cut round diamond from Brilliantly Engaged for $7,248.00 without haggling. Or you can send the listing URL to Brilliant Earth and try to get them to match the price. Obviously we’re talking about the same diamond, so you might as well try to get the best price on it.

Let’s talk about the light performance!

Brilliant Earth vs Brilliantly Engaged, GIA 5243871272We’ve been so buys talking about the price differences between Brilliant Earth vs Brilliantly Engaged, that we forgot to talk about light performance. The diamond has a 40.8 degree pavilion angle, which should produce a high volume of light return. At the same time, the 34.5 degree crown angle should produce a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion. Which means that the diamond should exhibit a balance of brilliance and dispersion.

Neither Brilliant Earth, nor Brilliantly Engaged are providing actual images in their listings for this diamond. However, the supplier does provide images in the multiple listing service. Therefore, we’re able to see how this GIA Excellent cut diamond faces-up.

This is pretty much what I expect to see from a standard quality GIA Excellent cut round. The diamond is well within the Top 1% of the annual production for round brilliant cut diamonds. In other words, the diamond should be quite stunning!

Of course, there is always room for improvement if you want to delve into the realm of hearts and arrows. For the moment, let’s just focus on what I’m seeing within the images for this diamond. Look closely and you’ll notice a variance in the size and shape of the hearts.

The most noticeable difference can be seen in the size of the heart that is visible in the relative 2:30 position. Not to mention that there is some twisting in the tips of the hearts. This is an indication that there are slight differences in the length of the lower girdle facets.

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Brilliant Earth vs Brilliantly Engaged: Round 2

Obviously in the above scenario, there is an obvious price difference between Brilliant Earth vs Brilliantly Engaged. However Brilliantly Engaged is not offering the other diamonds you are considering:

All of them meet my selection criteria in terms of proportions. The pavilion angle and crown angle offset for all of these diamonds is within my preferred range. Unfortunately, there are not any additional images available within the MLS for any of these diamonds.

With regards to price, I’m unable to find most of these diamonds within the virtual inventory of any other dealer online. I am able to locate them by diamond grading report number within the MLS. Which usually means that Brilliant Earth has the exclusive rights to list these diamonds for sale online.

The one exception is the last diamond. I found the 1.22 carat, F-color,VS-2 clarity, GIA Excellent cut round on Blue Nile (GIA #6252037806) for about six hundred dollars less. Under these circumstances, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. In no way am I suggesting that Blue Nile and Brilliantly Engaged have better prices than Brilliant Earth. Because this is not a comprehensive analysis of their diamond prices.

After all, we’re only comparing the prices of two diamonds from their virtual inventory. The only thing that this shows is that it does pay to shop around. And hopefully it also shows that it pays to take advantage of my free Diamond Concierge Service! (just a little play on words there)

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