"Conflict Free" Canadian Diamonds from Blue Nile

“Conflict Free” Canadian Diamonds from Blue Nile, plus Monique Lhuillier 3 Stone Engagement Ring

I’m searching for a conflict free diamond in the 1 carat range with d-e color, vvs-2 clarity and higher and I imagine the best possible cut (signature ideal?). I found the setting I love in Blue Nile but really like the idea of brilliant earth. Here is the setting Monique Lhuillier Three Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum Stock #44078, Size: 5.5  My budget is in the 12k range. What do you think? — D.G.

Thank you for your inquiry. There are a limited number of Canadian diamonds on Blue Nile which are produced from diamond rough sourced from Canada.

Point of Clarification: Is your budget for the diamond $12k or is that for both the ring and the diamond? Because the Monique Lhuillier three stone engagement ring that you reference from Blue Nile is selling for $2,600.00 in platinum… I conducted a search for Canadian diamonds on Blue Nile and located one which is exactly what you’re asking for, it is this 1.07 carat, E-color, VVS-2 clarity, Maple Leaf diamond, but it’s selling for $17k which clearly exceeds your budget and they have nothing available just under a carat; which would cost less because of the price increase which occurs between the 0.99 – 1.00 carat marks.

Dropping down one clarity grade to this 1.04 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, Canadian diamond from Blue Nile brings the price down to $12,304.00

One thing to be aware of is that there is a significant premium being charged for diamonds produced from diamond rough sourced from Canada due to various taxes and tariffs being charged by the Canadian government and premiums charged by the cutters and sellers all the way down the line for the assurance that the diamond is “conflict free” however the reality is that every diamond imported into the United States and 80 other participating countries are subject to the conditions of the Kimberley Diamond Act of 2003 which requires certificates of origin and inspections at every point of import / export, so the reality is that you could save a ton of money by purchasing this 1.07 carat, F-color, VVS-2 clarity, round brilliant ideal cut diamond from Blue Nile and still have the peace of mind of knowing that it is a conflict free diamond.

And the proportions of this diamond are a little tighter than the other two options mentioned above, they are within my preferred range of proportions outlined in my article 15 Seconds to Diamond Buying Success. I honestly don’t see a difference in diamond cut quality between the vast majority of ideal cut diamonds offered by Blue Nile and the diamonds in their Signature collection, the proportions are comparable as are the polish and symmetry ratings… the only real difference is that their Signature diamonds are accompanied by a secondary diamond grading report issued by GCAL.

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