How to Use Diamond Color Charts Accurately On The Fly

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June 7

Thousands of people use Diamond Color Charts every day to decide which diamond color they should buy. The problem is that diamond color charts are not in the least bit accurate.

With your help, we’ll prove this once and for all. We’re also going to improve your understanding of the 23 spectrums within the GIA diamond color grading scale.

Your perception of diamond color will automatically improve, and you will learn about the Disneyland Diamond Effect. The only thing you need to do is read this tutorial on Diamond Color Grades and take the Super Easy Open Book Test!

Diamond Color Charts for Brilliant Earth Diamonds.

Popular Styles of Brilliant Earth Diamonds.

Diamond Color Charts from D to Z:

You’ll find the test about halfway down the page. However I suggest reading the full article if you really want your perception of diamond color to improve.

Several clients read the article last week (in rough draft form) while it was being written. They all loved it, and I was still in the process of writing it!

Graham read this tutorial and said:

"WOW what a read. Definitely more than I ever expected to have to think about. I’ve poked around a little more with Brian Gavin Blue and this one caught my eye: [I can’t say which one for obvious reasons]"

This tutorial on the 23 Diamond Color Grades dives much deeper than the standard stuff! The last time I wrote something like this, the trade sued me for disclosure of proprietary information to the public!

I’m being completely serious! Commit 33 minutes to reading this article now. Afterward, you’ll know more about diamond color than most jewelry store staff.

You'll Learn Everything About Diamond Color:

  • Diamond Color Charts and Wheels.
  • The GIA Diamond Color Grading Scale.
  • GIA vs AGS diamond color grading.
  • The Disneyland Diamond Effect.
  • “Snow White Diamonds & Every Jeweler
  • Lighting temperature and diamond color.
  • How setting color affects diamond color.
  • How to grade diamond color accurately.
  • Which diamond color you should really buy!

Actually, you’re going to learn even more than that!

This series on diamond color grading is so complete that it took longer than two weeks to write! During that time, three of “The Big Guys in the Trade” had the opportunity to take a sneak peek.

They all gave it two big thumbs up! This tutorial on diamond color charts and improving your perception of diamond color is a real game changer! I can’t wait for you to read it.

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