How to Use the Brian Gavin 810 Custom Ring Builder

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June 5

The new Brian Gavin 810 Collection ring builder makes it easy to custom design your engagement ring. Choose from various components and unique elements to create the custom ring of your dreams.

The free online custom ring builder enables you to design your dream engagement ring in 5 easy steps. We'll custom design an engagement ring in five minutes to illustrate how easy it is.

I encourage you to follow along step-by-step but feel free to adjust things according to your preferences. Alternatively, you can choose your favorite design from Brian Gavin's 810 Collection.

Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder Tutorial.

Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder.

Using the Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder:

Brian Gavin's 810 Ring Builder enables you to design an engagement ring with a few clicks of your mouse. Proceed with the five steps below to custom design your e-ring online:

  1. 1
    Select the ring type.
  2. 2
    Choose the head configuration.
  3. 3
    Pick a ring shank.
  4. 4
    Choose rounded or euro-shank.
  5. 5
    Select the center stone shape.

Custom designing the ring of your dreams couldn't be easier!

810 Collection Ring Builder - Step 1:

Assuming the 810 Collection ring builder is open in another browser tab, the first step is choosing a ring style. Click your mouse over the appropriate image on the right side of the builder window.

For this example, I chose the halo setting. The left portion of the builder window will reflect your changes in real-time. In that case, you should see a halo setting load on the left.

Step One Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder.

Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder.

You may click the images at the bottom of the window to view the ring from different vantage points. Alternatively, you can click on Solitaire to see those options.

This online ring builder is intuitive and easy to use, so feel free to play around with it. You can also download the images and share them on social media.

Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder - Step 2:

Immediately after clicking the Next button in step one, you'll get the chance to select the head style. Click your mouse over one of the nine options available to make your preference.

The ring design will update in real-time in the left window. You may click on all nine options and decide what looks best. You can also view the ring from four different vantage points.

Step 2 of the Brian Gavin 810 Collection online ring builder tutorial.

Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder.

Take all the time you need to check out the different halo-style head configurations. Click on Next when you're ready to move on to the next stage of development.

Step 3 of the 810 Collection Online Ring Builder:

The third step of designing your custom engagement ring is choosing the ring shank. There are four options available which range in style from simple to elaborate.

I chose the fancy split-shank design in the lower right-hand corner in this example. Click on all the options to create the look you find appealing.

Step 3 Create your own ring design online 810 Collection by Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder.

There are so many possibilities and variables to consider within the 810 Collection. Undoubtedly you'll discover that using this online ring builder is a fun diversion.

It's astonishing to discover how many different halo and solitaire ring styles you can create by changing a few variables. Don't blame me if you end up burning the midnight oil playing with this tool.

810 Ring Builder - Step 4:

I've got to admit that I failed to guess what Step 4 of the 810 Collection ring builder would entail. And yet, it's so obvious in retrospect that I can't believe I didn't think of it.

You get to choose the style of ring shank you prefer at the bottom of the ring. Select from a traditional round-bottom ring shank or the trendy Euro-shank that is a little more square

Custom design your engagement ring online builder, step 4, 810 Collection

Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder.

I chose the Euro-shank here to provide you with a visual of how it looks. As you can see, the bottom of the ring shank is squarish. However, the inside of the ring hole that your finger slips through is still a round shape.

Thus the ring feels as comfortable as any other ring, but it has a little bit of European flair. Consequently, the squarish bottom makes it easier to set on a tabletop (don't ask me why you might want to do that).

Ring Builder Step 5 – Choosing Your Diamond!

Custom designing your engagement ring using the 810 Ring Builder is fun and entertaining. However, I'm excited about this step because it relies on my 35+ years of experience as a diamond buyer.

Under normal circumstances, this is when you would search Brian Gavin Signature diamonds. However, we're going to cheat a little in this case and review the inspiration for the 810 Collection.

Brian Gavin Ideal Cut Diamonds 810 Collection.

Brian Gavin 810 Collection in Rose Gold.

This 8.10 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature diamond is the center stone shown here. In that case, the diamond sits in an 18k rose gold ring that accentuates the J-color.

Most J-color diamonds don't look as bright because they lack optical precision. However, the superior diamond cut quality produces an astonishing amount of sparkle.

In addition, the 40.9-degree pavilion angle produces a high volume of light return. Simultaneously, the 34.4-degree crown angle creates a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion.

The higher degree of optical precision and specific proportions produce vivid broad-spectrum sparkle. In other words, the sparkle factor is more significant, bolder, brighter, and more vivid than usual.

To that end, this diamond is an absolute Rock Star! But then again, I've never seen a Brian Gavin Signature round diamond that wasn't. That's one of the things I love about Brian Gavin Diamonds.

The production quality is highly consistent, which means that you can rest assured that whichever diamond you choose, it's going to be sensational.

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