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GIA vs AGS Graded Diamonds – Which Gemological Laboratory is the Best?

This is an excerpt from an email which I received from a client asking for me to help him select diamonds for a three-stone ring: “Each stone to be round brilliant cut, at least F color, at least VS2, triple excellent for cut/polish/symmetry and fluorescence to not be stronger than medium, and preferably all certified […]

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“Shine Bright Like a Diamond” the Effect of Diamond Proportions on Brightness and Sparkle Factor

This 1.668 carat, J-color, VS-1 clarity, puppy from the Brian Gavin Blue collection certainly knows how to Shine Bright Like a Diamond! And since I had it sitting here on my desk, I thought that we could use it to discuss the effect of diamond proportions upon brightness and sparkle factor. I snapped this picture […]

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Find the Perfect Diamond by Not Worrying About Perfection

A recent study not conducted by any university or well known authority has concluded that the majority of online diamond buyers suffer from cognitive paralysis brought on by diamond information overload. Symptoms reported by their soon-to-be-hopeful-fiance’s include the lack of ability to focus on things like work, sex, problem solving and decision making.  The solution is learning […]

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