How to Create the Look of the Karlie Kloss Engagement Ring

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July 27

This post intends to show how to create the look of the Karlie Kloss Engagement Ring without breaking the bank.

Breaking news reveals that model Karlie Kloss announced her engagement to the investor and multi-millionaire Joshua Kushner this week.

You can glimpse Karlie Kloss's engagement ring in this week's People magazine. Consequently, many are trying to guess how big is Karlie Kloss's diamond.

Brian Gavin Select Cushion Cut Diamonds.

Brian Gavin Select Cushion Cut Diamonds.

Well, let me tell you, it's BIG. Yes, that is my professional opinion; suffice to say that it's challenging to assess carat weight from a distance or a photograph.

One of my friends in the business described the diamond as being so big that you can land a helicopter on it. That's funny, and it makes for a great sound bite, but a helicopter? Really? Joan Rivers would be proud.

How Big is Karlie Kloss’s Engagement Ring?

Karlie Kloss Engagement Ring via Twitter.

Karlie Kloss Engagement Ring.

Check out super model Karlie Kloss showing off her engagement ring on Twitter. This photograph looks like an advertisement for engagement rings in a magazine, right? I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, she’s a model after all.

Karlie Kloss’s engagement ring was brought to my attention by a client yesterday, who has been searching for cushion cut diamonds. She sent me an email yesterday which read “OMG.

Have you seen Karlie Kloss’s engagement ring? I want a ring that looks just like that. How big do you think that diamond is?”

Sadly, I have to admit that up to that point, I had no idea who Karlie Kloss was, nor her fiancé Joshua Kushner.

How Much Did Karlie Kloss' Engagement Ring Cost:

According to this article in Money, experts estimate the value of Karlie Kloss’s engagement ring to be somewhere between $200,000 – 500,000.00 which I suppose might be the case if Kushner paid full retail at a boutique.

However, I’m guessing a guy with his family connections knows a guy in the diamond business. So hopefully he didn’t buy that diamond in some fancy overpriced boutique and he didn’t get packed.

It’s difficult (read practically impossible) to estimate the carat weight of a diamond sitting on somebody’s finger because there is no scale of reference. I don’t know Karlie Kloss, we’re not best friends, and I’m no her jeweler, so I don’t know her finger size.

The national average ring size in the United States is 6.5 and we could use that as a reference point. But even then, there is no accounting for focal depth and distance from the camera. Trying to guess the carat weight or value of Karlie Kloss’s engagement ring is a pointless endeavor.

What Quality is Karlie Kloss’s Cushion Cut Diamond?

The cushion cut diamond on Karlie Kloss’s finger could weigh two carats, three carats, four carats, five carats or more. And Karlie Kloss’s diamond could be VS-2 clarity, VS-1 clarity, VVS-2 clarity, VVS-1 clarity, Internally Flawless or Flawless.

The diamond Joshua Kushner gave Karlie Kloss could be D-color, E-color, F-color, G-color, or H-color. The fact of the matter is that there is no way of knowing anything about Karlie Kloss’s engagement ring from a photograph.

The only thing we might be able to do is to make an educated guess about what a guy like Joshua Kushner is likely to buy his bride-to-be. From that perspective, my guess is that diamond is around three carats, D-E-F color (maybe G) and VS-1 or higher in clarity.

Brian Gavin Signature Blue fluorescent cushion cut diamond, AGS 104096927006

Blue Nile Signature Cushion.

But the reality is that from across the dinner table, a G-color, VS-2 clarity, cushion cut diamond would look pretty much the same as a D-color, Flawless.

Perhaps Justin presented Karlie with something like this 3.146 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Blue fluorescent cushion cut diamond. That would be amazing because Brian Gavin produces the most incredible looking cushion cut diamonds that I’ve ever seen.

Which is something I like to point out to clients because the surface area of a diamond is probably easier for you to visualize than carat weight. You do know what the span of a 9 mm wrench looks like, don’t you? Well, there you go.

Is Karlie Kloss's Diamond Colorless?
Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamond, AGS 104096927017

Brian Gavin Signature Diamond.

While it’s reasonable to assume that Joshua bought a colorless diamond for Karlie because that’s the highest range of diamond color, it’s equally reasonable to assume that he’d know he didn’t have to spend the extra money to buy a great looking diamond.

Because people who really know diamonds realize that diamond color can only accurately be graded under laboratory conditions. This means that you’re looking at the diamond from a side-profile under the controlled light of a GIA Diamond Light preferably in a room that is otherwise pitch black. 

Otherwise, your perception of diamond color will be influenced by other light and objects reflecting throughout the diamond. Look at this 3.095 carat, H-color, VS-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamond.

It faces-up bright white and is full of light, right? Now. Go scroll back up to the last section and notice how it looks very similar to the 3.146 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Blue fluorescent diamond.

The visible difference between E-colorless and H-near-colorless is actually pretty slight outside laboratory grading conditions. Which is why you can save a Ton of $$$ by buying a near-colorless diamond if it’s been cut this well.

What Style Is The Karli Kloss Engagement Ring?

Karli Kloss engagement ring looks similar to the petite pavé setting by Brian Gavin.

Brian Gavin Petite Pavé Setting.

It appears to me that the Karlie Kloss’s engagement ring looks very similar to this petite pavé setting by Brian Gavin. What do you think?

Just imagine setting a cushion cut diamond on this setting. You could be sporting the same look as Karlie Kloss, it’s not that hard to do.

Well, perhaps the size of the diamond will be different, but I think that the overall concept of the ring is close enough. Let’s face facts.

There are very few people in the world who can spend a quarter to half a million dollars on an engagement ring. According to the Knot Pro News, the average American spends $6,351 on an engagement ring.

That means that some people will spend more or less on their engagement ring. But it’s not how much you spend on an engagement ring that matters. Because the true significance of your engagement ring is priceless.

How to Buy a Cushion Cut Diamond:

James Allen Cushion cut diamond, GIA 2195451259

James Allen Cushion Diamond.

The first thing you’ll want to remember about buying a cushion cut diamond is that it’s not possible to predict light performance by the numbers. Cushion cut diamonds have a pillow-like outline and are not as perfectly symmetrical as a round brilliant.

Thus, the facets have to be adjusted for size and length in accordance with their position on the diamond. The second thing you’ll want to remember is that practically every cushion cut diamond is cut slightly different from the next.

Cushion cut diamonds can be cut with a traditional or modified facet structure. This is why this 5.50 carat, D-color, VS-1 clarity, cushion cut diamond from James Allen looks completely different than the Brian Gavin Cushion cut diamond above.

If you look at how light is reflecting through this cushion cut diamond from James Allen, you’ll see that the light is being broken into smaller pieces because of the facet structure this diamond features.

The sparkle from the Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamond will be larger in size and bolder in appearance. Which cushion cut diamond you should choose depends on your preference for the type of sparkle you are looking for in a cushion cut diamond.

Best Place to Buy Cushion Cut Diamonds Online:

In my experience, these are the best places to buy cushion cut diamonds online:

I search for cushion cut diamonds on behalf of my clients in that order of preference. My reason for searching for cushion cut diamonds in that order is because I think that you’re going to get the best light return and sparkle factor from a Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamond.

And Brian Gavin provides all the images and data necessary for you to make an informed decision. While James Allen tends to provide only a high-resolution video of the diamond and an Ideal Scope image (if it happens to be a James Allen True Hearts diamond).

Blue Nile generally only provides a high-resolution video and a clarity photograph, which is still more than most dealers will show you. This is important because, in my experience, the vast majority of cushion cut diamonds are not cut well and leak a lot of light.

That is the reason why most diamond dealers don’t provide ASET or Ideal Scope images for cushion cut diamonds. But even when they do provide you with reflector scope images, you’re likely to see a lot of light leakage unless you buy a Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamond.

You might be beginning to see a pattern here.

Reach out to me if you’re looking for cushion cut diamonds and would like help searching and/or looking over the details. It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re buying the diamond online or from a local jewelry store. That’s what my free diamond concierge service is all about.

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