Upgrading my diamond earrings from Brian Gavin

Hi Todd, it was with great interest that I read the article you wrote yesterday about How to Shop for Diamond Earrings Online with Brian Gavin because I’ve been thinking about upgrading my diamond earrings which I purchased from Brian Gavin last year… the pair which I have are 0.80 carats total weight, F-color, SI-1 clarity, set in four prong, split prong platinum settings which I really like, but the diamonds are beginning to seem kind of small, I guess that I’m suffering from Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome, well at least my husband will know what to buy me for Christmas this year! What do you recommend? — Trisha N.

Well Trisha, as a guy, I assure you that we truly appreciate knowing exactly what the special lady in our life wants for Christmas! Since the diamonds you currently have are about 0.40 carats each, I thought that upgrading to something in the range of 0.70 – 0.99 carats each would be enough of an increase in size to keep you satisfied for awhile, it’s an impressive looking size, but not so large that the weight of the diamonds will droop in your ears, or require you to wear plastic disks on the back of the earring to offset the weight.

Matched Pairs of Diamonds from Brian Gavin:

I used the Matched Pair of Diamonds search feature on Brian Gavin Diamonds to look for options with a combined carat weight of 1.40 – 2.00 carats, SI-1 in clarity, and I expanded the range of color from F-color to G-color just because I was curious to see what else might be out there since the difference in color is so slight that it is not going to be easily noticed, especially when the diamonds are up in your ears.

While there are several matched pairs of diamonds currently available from Brian Gavin within the range of characteristics specified, there are three pairs of diamonds which specifically piqued my interest:

1.40 carats total weight, F-color, SI-1 clarity, negligible fluorescence

1.491 carats total weight, F-color, SI-1 clarity, strong to very strong blue fluorescence

1.821 carats total weight, G-color, VS-2 clarity, negligible fluorescence

All of the diamonds meet my selection criteria and have been graded by the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) with an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 on their Proprietary Light Performance grading platform.

The presence of the strong to very strong blue fluorescence within the second pair which has a combined total weight of 1.491 carats commands a slight discount in the diamond market, thus you save a little more than $400.00 and they’re going to exhibit the same volume of light return and sparkle factor as the pair weighing 1.40 carats total weight because they were produced on the same production line under the supervision of Brian Gavin.

Obviously the price increases substantially for the last pair because of the price increase which occurs between the 0.89 – 0.90 carat marks and the clarity grade is increased from SI-1 to VS-2, however, the G-color helps to offset the price a little bit.

Todd Gray, Diamond Buyer for Nice Ice.

Todd Gray of Nice Ice.

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