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    Canadian Diamonds from Blue Nile Canada

    Canadian Diamonds from Blue Nile:

    Blue Nile Canada, the best place to buy Canadian diamonds onlineIf you’re a diamond buyer who resides in Canada and you’ve been banging your head against the wall trying to figure out the best place to buy Canadian diamonds, then I’ve got great news for you! Because The Canadian Division of Blue Nile makes it easy to buy Canadian diamonds and non-Canadian diamonds online, with just a few quick clicks of your mouse!

    There are plenty of diamond dealers online who offer to ship diamonds to Canada. However importing diamonds into Canada can be a hassle. And exporting a diamond in the event of a return can be even more troubling. Thankfully it’s extremely easy to buy a diamond online from Blue Nile Canada. They have offices in Canada, so all the potential hassles involved with importing and exporting diamonds are no longer an issue. Of course they offer a wide selection of Canadian diamonds for your peace of mind! Buy Local.


    How to Select Truly Stunning Canadian Diamonds:

    The most obvious benefit of buying diamonds sourced from Canada is that it is guaranteed to be conflict free. However the reality is that the Kimberley Diamond Act of 2003 provides the same relative peace of mind in my opinion. So I’m inclined to focus on finding diamonds with the best proportions and highest degree of optical precision, since that is what is going to ensure that the diamond you buy is going to exhibit the highest level of light return and the most intense, vivid sparkle.

    The article 15 Seconds to Diamond Buying Success contains all of the pertinent information that you’ll need to successfully purchase a diamond online by the numbers. So there is no need to go into all that detail here… it’s been written about again and again throughout this web site. Everything you need to know about what sets of proportions to adhere to is contained in that article, be sure to read it!

    Search Blue Nile Canada for Canadian DiamondsThe largest inventory of GIA Excellent cut diamonds online!

    How I Search for Canadian Diamonds on Blue Nile:

    How to select the best cut Canadian diamonds from Blue NileStep one: Click that link… The Big Blue Button up there. That’s the one… Right there… Or you can click on the image to the left to Search for Canadian Diamonds if you’re one of those people who don’t like to look back over what you’ve just read. If you’re Canadian and find yourself paralyzed by the options presented as to whether you should click this link or that link, I’ll make it easy for you… just click on the picture featured to the left to Search Blue Nile for Canadian Diamonds. Feel free to mutter something inappropriate about American sarcastic humor. I imagine that I deserve it. If it makes you feel any better, I’m still reeling from the last time I passed through Canadian customs.


    Not to Get Totally Distracted, but Imagine This:

    I pull up to the Canadian Border driving a gas guzzling SUV with Oregon license plates on it… And knock on the front door of Canada hoping to gain entry to the country for a weekend of frivolity. I drop all the windows in the vehicle to make it easier for the border agents to look inside the vehicle. I noticed that the border patrol agent took a moment to stare at the Oregon license plate on the front of the car while he made his approach.

    For some reason I imagine a pleasant conversation about trees, beautiful forests, pristine lakes, the wonderful wildlife that Canada is well known for, all of that good stuff, and I’m particularly thankful that I’m not driving a vehicle from my home State of California because my brother had warned me about that. Don’t ask me why, that’s another story!

    Dudley Do Right explores options related to buying Canadian diamonds.Imagine my surprise when some guy dressed up like Robocop approaches the window of my car, and instead of saying something warm and friendly like “Grrr-eetings! My name is Dudley Do Right! Welcome to My Beloved Canada kind sir!” he glares at me very suspiciously and then demands to know whether I have any firearms in the vehicle.

    Being the bright, young, creative, cooperative, proud Oregonian that I’ve become (after doing my best to hide my California roots) I promptly asked the officer “What type of firearms are you looking to buy today?” while doing my best impression of Snidely Whiplash.

    This resulted in my being asked to exit the vehicle, so that it and I could be thoroughly inspected. “From far and wide, O Canada!”

    Four hours later, I was on my way to Whistler (no jokes please)…And for the record, this was long before the heightened security days brought forth by the activities of 9/11.

    Trust me when I tell you that it’s much easier and more convenient to Build Your Own Diamond Ring on Blue Nile Canada, and let the order fulfillment personnel at Blue Nile deal with all of that customs stuff.


    Search Blue Nile Canada for Canadian DiamondsThe largest inventory of GIA Excellent cut diamonds online!

    Meanwhile, back at the Blue Nile Canadian diamond mine:

    Before we got distracted with all of that Bullwinkle, I was trying to convince you to click on the links provided so that you could Search Blue Nile for Canadian Diamonds. If you haven’t done so yet, please click on this one.

    The first thing that I always do is adjust the slider for “CUT” so that only “Ideal” and “Signature Ideal” are highlighted by a blue bar. This will eliminate all of the options that only have an overall cut grade of Good or Very Good. You’ll notice that doing so eliminates the vast majority of Canadian Diamonds offered by Blue Nile. That’s okay, because we’re only looking for the diamonds that are likely to offer the highest volume of light return and sparkle factor!

    The next thing that you’re going to do is adjust the sliders to limit the selection to your preferred parameters for carat weight, diamond color, diamond clarity, and price.

    This next step is critical.

    Best advanced filter settings to use when searching Blue Nile for Canadian DiamondsClick on the “Advanced Filters” option located in the lower right corner of the search parameters, and set them so that they look just like the screen capture provided to the left. These are the settings that I use to Search Blue Nile for Canadian Diamonds. Set Polish & Symmetry to Excellent / Ideal. Set Total Depth between 59 – 61.8% and Table Diameter between 53 – 58%. Set Fluorescence between Strong Blue to None, or whatever range of fluorescence that you prefer. I happen to love the positive effects that blue fluorescence can have upon a diamond and this is my preferred range.


    The next thing you’ll want to do is click on the “More Filters” option located in the lower right corner of the search parameters box. Add the column for Culet Size. Then click back to return to the advanced filters page, and hide the filters so that you can proceed to evaluating the options presented.

    How to Evaluate Diamond Proportions Like a Pro:

    How to search Blue Nile Canadian diamonds and evaluate diamond proportions like a proBy including the Advanced Filters in our search for Canadian Diamonds on Blue Nile, we’ve eliminated the majority of options which are not likely to offer the highest degree of light performance,. But there is still more work to be done to ensure your success buying a diamond online. Look closely at the list of results and you’ll see a small orange arrow > located on the very right side of the column. Click on the arrow located at the top of the results list once, this will open up a column that features the same basic details of the diamond that are provided in the list view. Then right click your mouse over “More Details” and Select “Open Link in New Tab” from the drop down list.


    This will open up the full diamond details page provided for that specific diamond on Blue Nile.

    Only open up the diamond details pages for diamonds with a culet size of “none” and simply pass over the ones with a culet size of “small” or “very small” as those are undesirable by my standards.

    Then you’re going to repeat the process for every diamond featured in the results list:

    • Click on the Orange Arrow >
    • Right Click on More Details
    • Select “Open Link in New Tab”
    • Repeat the process for every diamond listed.

    When I conducted this Search for Canadian Diamonds on Blue Nile, I had set the range of carat weight to be between 0.70 and 4.05 carats, with a clarity of VS-2 and higher, and a range of color which went from D-color to I-color. This will yield diamonds which are going to be eye clean when viewed from a top down perspective, and which will be colorless to near-colorless. There were thirty six options to choose from.

    The Next Step is to Open Up the Diamond Grading Report:

    If you’re screen looks anything like mine, you’ve got 36 tabs opened up in your internet browser. Click on each of those tabs one by one, and click on the icon for the diamond grading report to open it up. Don’t bother waiting for the diamond grading report to open, that would take forever… Just left click once on the link for the diamond grading report. Then click on the next tab and do the exact same thing, until you reach the end of the tabs, and the diamond grading reports will be open in the first pages when you cycle back through them.

    So what we’re looking for are the Canadian Diamonds from Blue Nile that have a Crown Angle between 34.3 – 35.0 degrees, and a Pavilion angle between 40.6 – 40.9 degrees. We also want to verify that the overall cut grade of the diamond is GIA Excellent or AGS Ideal-0. This means that the polish, symmetry, and proportions of the diamond are all GIA Excellent or AGS Ideal. Finally we’re going to verify that the culet size is GIA none or AGS pointed, which is the exact same thing.

    You’ll also want to be sure that the inclusions or “clarity characteristics” indicated on the plotting diagram featured on the diamond grading report do not consist of knots, or cavities, which are clarity characteristics that I consider to be undesirable. I also don’t like minute fractures, which are known as feathers, which are extensive or stacked together in close proximity.

    Search Blue Nile Canada for Canadian DiamondsThe largest inventory of GIA Excellent cut diamonds online!

    Blue Nile Canadian Diamond Reviews:

    Once all of this was done, my search for Canadian Diamonds on Blue Nile yielded fifteen fantastic contenders, which I’m going to divide further into two categories:

    • Those that exhibit Broad Spectrum sparkle (4)
    • Those that exhibit Pin-Fire type sparkle (11)

    This is largely determined by the lower girdle facet length of the diamonds, which is stated on the GIA diamond grading report as either 75% (broad spectrum) or 80% (pin-fire) due to the manner in which the GIA rounds off the measurements.

    I have to say that I’m not all that certain that the average diamond buyer would be likely to notice whether a round brilliant ideal cut diamond exhibited broad spectrum or pin-fire type sparkle unless the concept were brought to their attention. However it is a characteristic of the sparkle factor of a diamond that I find people are able to appreciate once the concept has been introduced to them. I also think that people have a preference for diamonds that exhibit broad spectrum, or pin-fire type sparkle. My personal preference leans towards diamonds that exhibit broad spectrum sparkle, which is created by lower girdle facets in the range of 75 – 78%.

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    With this in mind, let’s continue this discussion in this blog post titled Blue Nile Canadian Diamonds Reviews. I hope that you enjoyed this article about how to search for Canadian Diamonds on Blue Nile, and encourage you to take advantage of my free Diamond Concierge Service if you would like my help selecting the best options available from Blue Nile. Note that I am happy to provide diamond buying assistance regardless of whether you are buying from one of my preferred vendors, or a jeweler in your local region. I’m also able to search for Canadian Diamonds beyond the scope of Blue Nile’s inventory, and help you select the best option available globally.