Exclusive video of a Brian Gavin Signature Diamond with Hearts & Arrows Pattern!

Is this beautiful, or what?!?!? This video of this 1.517 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature Diamond was shot using Brian’s new toy… I would have killed for this piece of equipment when we were selling diamonds directly on Nice Ice! Just look at how crisp the diamond looks in this video, it’s absolutely stunning! I’ve always been impressed with the look of Brian’s clarity photographs and his ability to take amazing glamour shots, but this is mind blowing! The precision of the imagery is so good, that you can even see a few of the diamond crystals in the center of the table facet if you look closely…

Brian Gavin Signature Diamond, AGS #104059065010Pictured to the left is the standard clarity photograph which Brian Gavin provides for all of the Signature Cut Diamonds in their inventory, it’s extremely crisp and makes it easy to locate the primary inclusions within the diamond, because it’s blown up to the size of a tennis ball, but the light source flattens out the sparkle factor. By the way, I asked Brian about the diamond crystals which are visible in the center of the table facet on this diamond and they’re not visible without magnification… I didn’t expect them to be in a VS-2 clarity diamond, but figured I’d ask, Brian of course thinks that I’m insane, but that’s not new.


This diamond has an overall cut rating of AGS Ideal-0, exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of Hearts & Arrows, and is cut to the center range of the proportions scale that I rely on as part of my selection process. And it’s one of the first videos of a Brian Gavin Signature Diamond to be recorded on the new imaging system! It’s not even available on the diamond details page yet, that’s pretty cool if you ask me!

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