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Brilliant Earth (Lab Grown) Diamond vs Hydraulic Press

Brilliant Earth lab grown diamond reviews

Diamond is the hardest substance on earth, or is it? Let’s see how a diamond holds up against a hydraulic press! This beats anything I got to do in shop class! Give me a call if you decide to try this at home (at your own risk) because I want to watch!

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Violet Diamond Unveiled by Rio Tinto

Argyle Violet Diamond, photo courtesy Rio Tinto

This 2.83 carat, oval brilliant cut, violet diamond has just been unveiled by Rio Tinto. The diamond was unearthed at the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. It will be the centerpiece of the annual pink diamond tender.

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Blue Nile Boycotts South Dakota

Blue Nile stops shipping to South Dakota

Residents of South Dakota will no longer be able to buy from Blue Nile, due to the decision of Blue Nile to Boycott South Dakota in response to a new state law that requires online vendors to collect sales tax. This law is in direct opposition to Federal Law upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Diamond Month is April

Diamond month cards Brian Gavin

Diamond month officially kicks off today! That’s a big deal for those of us with a passion for diamonds! Brian Gavin celebrated by launching a really cool infographic that explores the different types of diamonds. Very creative approach to explaining their Signature diamonds.

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Joan Rivers Private Collection goes to auction

Joan Rivers private jewelry diamond collection Christies Auction, June 2016

Christie’s has announced that it will auction the Private Collection of Joan Rivers this June. I have to wonder what the legendary Joan Rivers would have said about her “Private Collection” being offered up at auction. No doubt, the very thought would have provided her with an endless amount of material. She was well known […]

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Diamond Carat vs Karat Gold

In this diamond grading tutorial, we’ll discuss the intricacies of diamond carat weight and karat gold marks. People often mix-up the words carat, karat, and carrot. Learn about the proper use of each word, plus discover what the different alloy stamps really stand for.

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What is the most popular diamond shape?

Have you ever wondered whether you’re on the right track in terms of what shape diamond you intend to buy? Perhaps wondered what other people are buying? This graphic provided by Ritani shows what diamond shapes are most popular with their clients. Not surprisingly the modern round brilliant cut diamond remains the most popular, accounting for 57% […]

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James Allen Cyber Monday Deals, Coupon Codes, Specials, Discounts

James Allen Diamonds apparently couldn’t be bothered to inform their affiliates of their Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals, coupon codes, or discounts, but here it is fresh off their web site. I’m a bit confused by the statement “25% off THE ENTIRE WEBSITE” combined with the exclusion “offer does not include diamonds and/or gemstones” because […]

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One carat round diamond engagement ring, F-color, VS-1 clarity, round ideal cut

“Hey Todd, love the web site, I’d like to take take advantage of your Diamond Concierge Service, because this whole process of shopping for an engagement ring, is turning out to be a bit overwhelming, and the effects are rippling out into other areas of my life! I’m looking for a one carat round diamond engagement ring, […]

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Brian Gavin Contest: Ring Into Spring! Instagram Contests #RingIntoSpring

Brian Gavin Diamonds invites you to “Ring Into Spring” by entering a drawing that includes your engagement ring or wedding band, which commemorates the beginning of spring! One lucky winner will win a gorgeous bouquet of seasonal flowers delivered directly to their doorstep — or the doorstep of a loved one (whichever you prefer) Just […]

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