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Running with the BIG DOGS! Hearts and Arrows Diamonds from Brian Gavin

By Todd Gray

June 5, 2013

There were lots of great big diamonds for me to feast my eyes on at the JCK Trade Show in Las Vegas last week, but it was blatantly obvious to me that the majority of diamond cutters are more focused on retaining carat weight, than in producing truly beautiful diamonds which deliver maximum light return and sparkle factor.  While there were about thirty diamond cutters at the show claiming to offer “Hearts and Arrows Diamonds” I found only five with diamonds that exhibited a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows… most of what I saw would be more accurately described as “Arrows and Rabbit Ears”.

It seems like the term “Hearts and Arrows” has become the newest, most overused, and misunderstood gemological term of this decade.  Thankfully my long time friend and diamond cutter Brian Gavin produces some exceptional Hearts and Arrows Diamonds AND quite a few of them are !!! BIG !!! BIG !!! BIG !!!

This 3.288 carat, H-color, SI-1 clarity, Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond from Brian Gavin is not the largest Hearts and Arrows Diamond in Brian Gavin’s exclusive inventory at the moment, but I wanted to start out with it because it is selling for about $87,000.00 less than the 3.00 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity, Hearts on Fire brand diamond that I was playing with when I Secret Shopped the Hearts on Fire Store in Las Vegas this past Monday [June 03, 2013 | HOF Stock #116570].  Sure it’s one clarity and one color grade lower, but do you really think you’d be able to see an $87,000.00 difference?!?!  Well let me tell you, I’ve seen  both of them and I didn’t see enough of a difference to justify spending an additional eighty seven thousand dollars… Oh Hell No!!! I just don’t see how I’d be able to wrap my mind around that much of a price difference…

Seriously, both diamonds have been graded by the AGS Laboratory with an overall cut rating of AGS Ideal-0 on the Platinum Light Performance grading platform, so the volume of light return is off the charts!  And both diamonds exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of Hearts & Arrows… so the only real difference is that this one from Brian Gavin is a little larger and is one color grade and one clarity grade lower, but both of the diamonds face up bright white and eye clean, so I don’t see the advantage of spending an extra $87K.  Now if you’re a savvy diamond consumer, you’ll know that there is a difference in price between 3.00 carat, G-color, VS-2 and 3.00 carat, H-color, SI-1 and you’re right… to be specific, it’s a difference of about $8,400.00 per carat, so do the math [3.00 x $8,400 = $25,200.00] and tell me which diamond you’d buy because I’d much rather buy such things at a decent price from a reliable internet diamond vendor like Brian Gavin Diamonds than fork out a bunch of extra money just for the sake of being able to stand within a brick and mortar jewelry store at the time of purchase… Actually on that note, if it’s that important to see the diamond before buying it, book a flight out to Houston, Texas and you can sit down with Brian or another member of his staff; you can buy a whole lot of airline miles for $87,000.00

Now if it is an absolute necessity for you to spend $150K on a diamond engagement ring (based on the 3.00 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity from Hearts on Fire) you might consider this 5.388 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Hearts and Arrows Diamond from the Brian Gavin Signature Collection which is currently priced at $139,570.00* because people are going to notice the extra two carats of size way, way, way before they notice the slightly warmer body color because the superior sparkle factor of this diamond is going to make it pretty difficult to see body color on a moving target.  As with the other options we’ve been discussing, this diamond has an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 and exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of Hearts and Arrows, and it looks phenomenal when viewed unmounted through an ASET and Ideal Scope.  These diamonds are within the top 1/10th of 1% of annual production and are mind blowing to look at!

Of course if you’re really looking for exclusive bragging rights, pick up this Brian Gavin Hearts and Arrows Diamond weighing 4.610 carats, G-color, VS-1 clarity, because it’s whopping gorgeous!  Now if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll note that the crown angle is about half a degree shallower than my personal selection criteria allows for, but the reality is that it represents the best option which I’m aware of in this weight category and given the size of the diamond it is a reasonable allowance… you’ll note that I said something similar with reference to the proportions of the 3.00 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity diamond that I referred to in my review of my Secret Shopping Experience at the Hearts on Fire Diamond Store in Las Vegas.  At this weight range, certain allowances have to be made or there tends to be nothing available because it becomes extremely more difficult and costly to hit the marks of absolute perfection.  Thankfully the larger facet size of the pavilion mains and lower girdle halves offset the differences by pushing even more light out through the top of the diamond, making it practically impossible for us to see the difference of half a degree or so.

By the way, if you’ve read my post on Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome, I want to assure you that the purchase of any of the diamonds on this page are likely to delay the onset of DSS for at least a week or two, maybe more if you play your cards right 😉

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A mad scientist with a passion for improving diamond cut quality to maximize light performance and sparkle factor. I speak geek in degrees of optical precision between bouts of freediving. My ghostwritten ramblings haunt the rabbit holes of information found on many diamond vendor sites. Diamond buyer, author, consultant, errant seeker of deep blue water.

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