Nice Ice Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

    French Set Halo Ritani vs Brian Gavin Anita in 2019 (which Sparkles more)

    French Halo Settings.

    The French Set Halo by Ritani and Anita Halo setting by Brian Gavin are both extremely popular. Discover the differences between these halo settings and which one you should choose. Plus! All the guidance you need to buy a diamond with incredible sparkle!

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    Tiffany Solitaire Style Engagement Rings (Top 5 Best + Pics)

    Tiffany solitaire by Brian Gavin

    The classic Tiffany Solitaire continues to be the most popular engagement ring style. Let’s review the Top 5 Best options you have for getting the look without getting killed on price! By the end of this article, you’ll know which ring to choose and why.

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    Costco Diamonds Versus Blue Nile – Which Sparkle More (and Why?)

    Costco Diamonds Review.

    What is the difference between COSTCO Diamonds and Blue Nile? Both companies are one of the largest distributors of GIA Excellent cut diamonds. As such, there are advantages and disadvantages to buying from Costco and Blue Nile.

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    Alrosa Nets Rare Fish-shaped Diamond Crystal (it’s a Whopper!)

    Fish-shaped diamond crystal.

    This Rare Fish-shaped diamond crystal was recently ‘caught’ by the Alrosa Mining Group of Russia. It’s truly a whopper of a fish story! Definitely one for the record books! I wonder how much something like this is worth?

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    GIA Excellent vs Very Good Cut (seeing is believing)

    GIA Excellent vs Very Good cut diamonds, which should you choose?

    People often wonder about the difference between GIA Excellent vs Very Good cut diamonds. Will the difference in light performance be something you can see? Or is the difference between GIA Excellent vs Very Good cut diamonds just a paper thing?

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    Enchanted Diamonds Bankruptcy 2019 Consumer Alert

    Enchanted Diamonds Warning

    Consumers are reeling after Enchanted Diamonds went Dark earlier this month and filed for bankruptcy June 20th, 2019 allegedly without shipping diamonds purchased and/or issuing refunds.

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    Black by Brian Gavin vs CBI/HPD, James Allen, Victor Canera, Whiteflash

    Which hearts and arrows diamond should you buy? Black by Brian Gavin vs Crafted by Infinity vs High Performance Diamonds vs James Allen True Hearts vs Whiteflash ACA vs Victor Canera

    Which brand of hearts and arrows diamond should you buy? If you’re trying to decide between Black by Brian Gavin, Crafted by Infinity, James Allen, Whiteflash and Victor Canera, this diamond review makes it easy.

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    Are Twinning Wisps in Diamond Good or Bad? (Alarming Insight)

    What are twinning wisps within a diamond? Should you buy a diamond with twinning wisps? Can twinning wisps make a diamond look cloudy or milky? Learn more about twinning wisps within diamonds and get answers to all your diamond buying questions.

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    James Allen vs Brian Gavin Diamonds (Updated 2019)

    James Allen vs Brian Gavin, hearts and arrows diamond reviews

    Trying to decide which brand of hearts and arrows diamond to buy? This bout between James Allen vs Brian Gavin will teach you what to look for in a hearts and arrows diamond. What a proper hearts and arrows pattern should look like, and what is not quite hearts and arrows.

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    Karlie Kloss Engaged! See the Ring and Get the Look

    Karlie Kloss Engagement with Joshua Kushner, July 2018, photo via Instagram.

    Summer is in Full Swing and Guys are Dropping Down on One Knee and Proposing Marriage Like Crazy. You can hardly glance at social media or the tabloids by the grocery checkout line without seeing some celebrity sporting her new engagement ring. Super model Karlie Kloss is the latest, check out her ring!

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