Blue Nile Engagement Ring Ideas (Popular Designs and Styles)

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March 29

In the first place, you’re in luck if you’re shopping for a Blue Nile Engagement Ring. That’s because diamonds are an integral part of my daily life. As a matter of fact, I spend most of my time thinking about diamonds.

Or, searching for diamonds and generally talking about diamonds in great detail. As a matter of fact, my friends in the industry share links to articles and diamond-related videos.

In that case, a good portion of my morning is spent sitting on Skype talking with the different vendors I work with. Under those circumstances, we might be discussing the characteristics of a specific diamond from their inventory.

Or, we might just be catching up on the latest industry gossip. Sometimes we talk about the latest challenge which faces the diamond industry.

Stunning Blue Nile Engagement Ring Ideas.

Blue Nile Engagement Rings.

Consequently it was during one such conversation this morning that I made an important discovery. Specifically, I found the recently purchased engagement rings feature on Blue Nile.

Obviously, this is kind of cool because it lets us see what other people are buying. In other words, we can see what Blue Nile Engagement Rings people all over the world are buying.

At the same time, we can see how much they are spending. Plus, we’re able to see what shapes they are choosing and what styles are most popular. As a matter of fact, this is the perfect source of inspiration.

Get Inspired & Find the Perfect Ring:

Floral halo engagement ring from Blue Nile

Blue Nile Floral Halo Setting.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got $2K to spend on an engagement ring or a couple hundred thousand dollars. There are plenty of engagement ring ideas to be found on that page.

In the first place, it’s interesting to see what engagement rings are the most popular. Secondly, they’re all laid out on one page with pictures and prices. One of my favorites is this floral halo engagement ring from Blue Nile.

According to the transaction summary page, the setting cost $850.00 in 14k white gold. In this case, the center stone is 0.80 carats, I-color, VS-2 clarity, GIA Excellent cut.

Unfortunately, the diamond details page is not provided, so we can’t see the details. Hopefully, whoever purchased the ring read our One Minute Diamond Buying Guide.

Leave the Diamond Shopping to Us!

Rose Gold Blue Nile Engagement Rings.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings from Blue Nile.

Our diamond buying guides provide all the insight you need to buy the best diamond possible! But you can always use my diamond concierge service and leave the searching to me. After all, I’ve got 35+ years of professional diamond buying experience.

It takes me only a few seconds to look over the diamond details provided and determine how a diamond is likely to perform. In that case, there is no need for you to try and weed through all the diamond details.

That means that you can stop checking and cross-referencing all the data provided. And stop trying to figure out whether the crown angle measurement is a good offset for the pavilion angle.

Conversely, trying to make sense of all the details can drive a person nuts, but it takes us only a few seconds. In that case, it’s easier to let me do the heavy lifting and run the search. Start today by sending me a note via our Diamond Concierge Service.

Blue Nile Diamond Review:

Blue Nile diamond reviews, LD06571402, GIA 1213403052

Blue Nile GIA Excellent Cut Diamond.

It only took a few minutes to adjust the sliders on the diamond search engine for Blue Nile to my search criteria. In other words, the range of total depth, table diameter, polish, symmetry, and overall cut grade that I recommend.

The next step is to evaluate the diamond grading reports for the five options available today. We're specifically searching for ideal cut diamonds weighing 0.80 – 0.89 carats, with I-color, and VS-2 clarity.

It will take a few more minutes to look over the details provided on the diamond grading reports. First, we'll analyze the proportions. Then decide that this particular diamond from Blue Nile is the best option.

The 40.8 degree pavilion angle should produce a high volume of light return. While the 35.0 degree crown angle produces a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion. However, we also have to judge the degree of contrast brilliance and look out for obstruction.

The Quest for Perfection:

Clarity photograph, Blue Nile LD06571402, GIA 1213403052, via Nice Ice

Clarity Photograph Blue Nile GIA 3X Cut.

Unfortunately, Blue Nile does not provide a diamond clarity photograph for this particular diamond. They also do not provide reflector scope images for diamonds listed in their virtual inventory.

Thankfully I was able to find this clarity photograph that the diamond cutter provides. That is one advantage that I have as a registered member of the diamond industry.

I’ve got access to additional details that are reserved for trade members. That is another reason why you should take advantage of my Diamond Concierge Service.

So what can we tell from this clarity photograph? Sure, it’s a little blurry. However, we can get a pretty good idea of where the primary inclusions are within the diamond.

We can also see that the inclusions are not extremely obvious, nor are they large and black in appearance. As a matter of fact, the inclusions are very slight. In that case, they coincide nicely with the VS2 clarity grade.

Improving Cupid's Aim:

Halo Engagement Ring from Blue Nile.

Halo Engagement Ring from Blue Nile.

The slight variance in the size and shape of the arrows tells me that it’s not going to exhibit hearts and arrows. However, not everybody needs or wants to pay for a higher degree of optical precision.

In that case, this is an excellent option for anybody looking for an ideal cut diamond. After all, it’s well within the Top 1% of the annual production for round brilliant cut diamonds.

Under those circumstances, this diamond is sure to be a show-stopper! Of course, we can do better, but we can also do worse. In that case, it all comes down to the characteristics of each individual diamond.

In other words, the proportions, polish, symmetry, the degree of optical precision. Of course, how much you want to spend is always a factor, isn’t it?

Love Is Timeless:
Diamond Buying Guide Blue Nile Petite Floral Halo.

Petite Floral Halo by Blue Nile Diamonds.

Although that may be true, just look at what we’ve done! We discovered an engagement ring style that we like via the list of recently sold engagement rings on Blue Nile.

Then, we set out to build a similar ring that contains a diamond that is sure to please! After all, it’s going to deliver a high volume of light return and incredible sparkle.

Under those circumstances, the entire Blue Nile Engagement Ring project took less than five minutes! Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell anybody that you only spent 5 minutes ring shopping!

Of course, you can use the extra time to watch funny cat videos on YouTube. That way, you’ll at least look like you’re enjoying shopping for an engagement ring online.

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