How Important is Diamond Cut Quality for Diamond Eternity Rings?

Diamond eternity rings are an extremely popular gift that practically every woman wants to receive, they make great anniversary gifts! Unfortunately most of the diamond eternity rings which are available in most brick and mortar jewelry stores, contain diamonds which are cut so poorly, that they pale in comparison to the high quality center stones which most of my clients select for their engagement rings. And most people don’t realize how important diamond cut quality is for diamonds of all sizes, until they special order one of these custom made rings, and discover that the diamonds used to make the ring, don’t exhibit the same light return and visual performance that the center stone displays.

Thankfully a few online vendors like Brian Gavin Diamonds, understands the importance of diamond cut quality and optical symmetry, to the extent that it applies to diamonds of all sizes, and not just diamonds for engagement rings.  That’s why Brian Gavin uses melee (pronounced mell-ee) which is cut to the same specifications as the diamonds featured in his Brian Gavin Signature and Brian Gavin Blue collections.

So the open basket diamond eternity ring from Brian Gavin pictured above, contains diamonds which are going to be just as bright and lively as the diamonds set in their engagement rings… and Brian Gavin offers a broad selection of styles, including traditional anniversary rings, eternity rings, and has the capability of custom designing rings as well.

Todd Gray
Todd Gray is a professional diamond buyer with 30+ years of trade experience. He loves to teach people how to buy diamonds that exhibit incredible light performance! In addition to writing for Nice Ice, Todd "ghost writes" blogs and educational content for other diamond sites. When Todd isn't chained to a desk, or consulting for the trade, he enjoys Freediving! (that's like scuba diving, but without air tanks)
Todd Gray


Professional diamond buyer with 30+ years trade experience in the niche of super ideal cut diamonds. In my free time, I enjoy freediving & photography.
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