Nice Ice Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

    Emily Ratajkowski (Finally) Shows Us The Engagement Ring!

    Emily Ratajkowski finally shows off her engagement ring on Instagram.

    Wait until you get a look at Emily Ratajkowski’s ring. It certainly shows what happens when two creative people think outside the box. And there’s a great story that goes along with the ring and their wedding ceremony. Do you prefer the pear shape or the princess cut? Would you set them together like this? Let me know.

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    The Biggest Fancy Pink Argyle Diamond, Unveiling the Alpha

    Fancy pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine operated by the Rio Tinto Mining Group, Photo Credit Rio Tinto

    Fancy Pink Colored Diamonds are incredibly rare and more expensive than you might imagine. Be sure to check out the incredible line-up of Fancy Pink Argyle Diamonds from the 2018 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender. Discover the best place to buy fancy pink diamonds.

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    How Can I Sell My Engagement Ring (and Get Paid Super Fast)

    How to sell your engagement ring and get paid cash fast

    There are lots of reasons why somebody might want to sell their engagement ring. We live in challenging times and relationships don’t always work out and sometimes we just need the cash. But when that happens, you want to sell your ring quickly and easily and get paid fast.

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    James Allen ASET Scope Images for True Hearts Diamonds

    Where to find ASET Scope images for James Allen True Hearts diamonds

    Do you know where to find ASET Scope images for James Allen True Hearts diamonds? Most people assume ASET Scope images are not available for James Allen True Hearts diamonds, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…

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    One Carat Diamond Ring Buying Guide (tips and tricks to save big)

    One carat diamond comparison, Black by Brian Gavin on the left, Blue Nile LD10291469, GIA 1289718328 on the right

    This buyers guide will help you select the best one-carat diamond engagement ring based on light performance and sparkle factor. You’ll know exactly what to look for by the end of this article.

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    April is Diamond Month (and other shocking revelations)

    April is Diamond Month. Download the Little Black Book of Diamonds by Brian Gavin.

    April is Diamond Month! That means that the birthstone for April is Diamond. And that means that special savings off of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds (hidden herein like an Easter Egg) for you to find!

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    Whiteflash vs Blue Nile GIA Excellent (shattering glass?)

    Whiteflash vs Blue Nile GIA Excellent cut Diamonds, shattering the glass ceiling

    How do Whiteflash diamonds compare with the GIA Excellent cut diamonds offered by Blue Nile and other vendors? The client who purchased this diamond from Whiteflash indicates that it looks like glass, but why is that?

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    Age of Diamond Amazing Facts (3 Billion Years Old) Really?

    Diamond radioisotope analysis, showing growth history and inclusions. Photo credit Michael Gress

    Which came first, the age of diamond, or the age of dinosaurs? Scientists have just shed light on this ancient chicken or egg type of debate. Discover how researchers determine the age of diamond using state-of-the-art technology. I’m certain you’ll find this illuminating!

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    Big Diamond Rings that Light Up the Room! (8+ carats)

    Big Diamond Rings, 810 Collection by Brian Gavin reviews, cool shots

    Big Diamond Rings! 8+ carats of mind blowing light performance! Discover what proportions and factors to consider when buying big diamond rings. Plus, you get to feast your eyes on some really big diamond rings! And learn a ton about diamonds in the process!

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    Victor Canera Emilya Antique Cushion (Bold, Fiery Bliss)

    Victor Canera Emilya halo setting with Antique Cushion cut diamond center

    How to select the best antique cushion cut diamond for a Victor Canera Emilya halo setting. What are the best proportions for an antique cushion cut diamond? How to interpret and read an ASET Scope image for a cushion cut diamond. Everything you need to do to put together an amazing ring with the Victor Canera Emilya setting!

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